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  1. Fedup2 says:

    I’m out of the UK/ internet and now got back onto it – I thought I’d look at the mail online for the latest election news – but it seems Glastonbury is the thing – so forget the election – Gaza – Ukraine – it’s whether someone callled. Limpa dua mimes on not ….
    And that the chinkis who make the linaker fashion range make 44p an hour ,,.


  2. StewGreen says:

    10pm Radio4 The usual hourly 4 minute advert against Farage

    .. However local radio 10pm news never showed up ..techbical glitch they said


  3. StewGreen says:

    9:20pm Radio4 Christopher Snowdon was a guest on Mooral Maze
    Topic : “Is subsidising the arts immoral ?”

    He opened by saying the BBC is a farce and that we shouldn’t be forced to subsidise it.

    As ever I checked @BBCradio4 Twitter to see the UK’s response to the show
    Apart from Snowdon’s own tweets there was almost nothing
    In a few minutes I scanned through the entire days tweets to R4
    Seemed about 200
    Has listenership really declined so much ?
    or is Titter hiding tweets ?
    Or are the leftmob hiding their tweets by blocking people or switching to Threads
    R4 Social media used to get hundreds of tweets per hour


  4. JohnC says:

    I’ve been watching Joe’s answers a bit more closely and I’ve come to the conclusion that th reason he turned into a babbling, slurring idiot is that he was trying to repeat pre-rehearsed answers and simply forgot what he was supposed to say.

    Which of course means the entire debate was rigged exactly as predicted and he had all the questions before hand. He disappeared for a week to learn pre-written answers and the poor old duffer just forgot them.

    What is going on here is of massive global significance. It’s blatant cheating. Not a ripple in the media about it.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      I agree with you. Notice how he numbered his answers, 1,2,3. He had obviously tried to remember bullet points, but his brain was not up to it.


  5. Scroblene says:

    How to score an own goal.

    Tips for children wanting to be a cubiclist at the BBC …


    Cut and paste a few pieces of video from a left-wing biased ‘audience’, (chosen by colourful Cubiclissimos), and introduced by another rich leftie ‘autocue-reader’.

    Put said clip under a heading which is blatantly abrasive and breaking the rules of political interference by a state broadcaster.

    Write a rambling and somewhat immature ‘essay’ about all the twaddle which has been cut and pasted from lots of other stuff chucked around during the week.

    Silly kid!

    Nobody reads your twaddle after seeing such a great answer by a proper politician, they don’t need your opinions!


  6. Fedup2 says:

    French election Day

    BBC News is going for the record of saying ‘Far Right ‘ without saying when the “right” get to be “Far” … is there an editorial rule on this ?
    Who – exactly at the BBC decides something is ‘Far’ – with the word ‘Far’ being a bad word. Therefore anyone who votes for a Party the BBC designates as Far Right then those people are bad too ….right ?

    The same applies to another favourite ‘populist ‘ – but if a party is popular – with -say – the majority of people – surely that’s honest democracy – and not something to be denegrated …

    Let’s hope the Right wing parties in France do well tonight – it won’t make a difference to the numbers coming from France to what used to be England because that’s uncontrolled anyway ..
    Vote reform


    • JohnC says:

      ‘Far-right’ is another term the Left have changed the meaning of so they can use it as a label.

      According to Wiki, it used to mean ‘fascists and neo-Nazis’. They’ve changed it now to include ‘those to the right of mainstream right-wing politics.’. Which given what they now class as ‘mainstream right-wing politics’ includes just about everybody on the Right. I’ve seen ‘far-right’ in BBC reports dozens of times recently but can’t recall anybody simply being right wing. Or far-Left. That alone should have OFCOM concerned if they were in any way impartial.

      Just one in a long list of words they have changed the meaning of so they can use them as weapons against the people they don’t agree with.

      They have changed ‘fascist’ be be specifically right-wing, they use the word ‘racist’ against white people who say anything negative at all about non-white people whether it’s about race or not – such as Muslims when in fact the correct phrase is ‘anti-Islam’ and not forgetting the ridiculous ‘Islamphobia’ which they have changed the meaning of the word ‘phobia’ completely so they can use it as a nasty-sounding label.

      It’s all intended to shut-down and suppress people on the Right. Which comes under the proper, original definition of ‘fascists’. Which of course is why they changed it.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Far right not far wrong? HA HA HA!


  7. digg says:

    Sometimes it’s the little things that expose the BBC’s inate bias.

    Take the headline on this front page article this morning.


    Sunak gets a blunt “Sunak” whereas McFadden gets the full descriptor…. “Labour’s Pat McFadden”…..


  8. Guest Who says:

    The head of OFCOM, Melanie Dawes, was appointed by Labour’s Sue Gray, who went on to defenestrate Boris and worked alongside Paul Brand’s husband and Rachel Reeves’ husband. So don’t be surprised when the media, OFCOM and Labour come together to work against Reform. The fact that OFCOM is also where ex BBC staff go to see out their days seems rather pertinent.

    Interesting thread comments.


  9. The Mouse says:

    BBC ‘web’ Headline this morning

    “Biden assures donors he can win election”.

    NO BBC. This should read Biden tries (yes tries) to assure donors he can still win the election. The NYT who have asked him to stand down are sure to be a donor and there will be others.

    “Campaign chairwoman Jennifer O’Malley Dillon said internal post-debate polling showed that “voters’ opinions were not changed”. “It will not be the first time that overblown media narratives have driven temporary dips in the polls,” she said.

    Overblown media narratives? Are they trying to say there’s nothing to see here. The guy is struggling and suffering, his wife, family and those running the democrats are responsible for this!

    Former President Barack Obama, a close friend of Mr Biden, said on social media that “bad debate nights happen”.

    The likelihood is that Obama and the Obama administration are running the whole US government show and are not concerned about Biden’s health. They’ve miscalculated yet again. Obama gets a free pass from much of the media.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I was canvassed as to whether Obama – Biden should stay on . I voted ‘yes’ – now the polling firm will interpret that as me supporting him . But I see it as a tactic to see just how well the us voting system is fixed .
      The huge Obama operation surely must still be in place – even with the now – finally – recognised mental impairment will Biden still get the landslide … ?

      But funny isn’t it ? President trump will win a fair election – and the reds here will be in power – so yet again no trade deal …


  10. Sluff says:

    Toady on Sunday and the Islamic Broadcasting Corporation were in full pro Muslim flow – utterly nauseating.
    First up. ‘Analysis’ of the French election with a female Roper talking ‘impartially’ about the ‘Far Right’, by which I mean dishing the dirt and warning of catastrophe should LePen win.
    Next. A female heavy metal Muslim rock band. Now I could have coped with this if they had been asked questions such as ‘when are you touring Afghanistan’ and ‘how can you possibly square your music with orthodox Imams’ but guess what? The questions were never asked.
    Third. A story about increased conversion rates to Islam in the UK because of Gaza.

    There was one Christian mention, and of course it was a negative one about some schism or other in the CofE but to be honest my brain had switched off by them.and there was a Jewish story about a type of Jew, Hredi is it, who are now going to be conscripted. Not everyone is happy.

    Isn’t it funny how the BBC somehow manage to find nice cuddly stories about Muslims and conflict stories about the other religions?
    A total disgrace.


  11. Guest Who says:

    New BBC Glasto Editor?



  12. Fedup2 says:

    A smug bbc favourite called beard has described Nigel Farage as a modern ‘julius Caesar ‘ . Obviously being a full on Far lefty she despises him . But although I’m interested in Ancient Rome she always gets the off switch treatment from me because ‘the approved message ‘ is never far away …


  13. Fedup2 says:

    No final spoiler revelations by the MSM targeting Reform – and hopefully Reform continuing to avoid the BBC . I hope all accreditation has been removed too …


  14. MarkyMark says:

    “Are we in a summer Covid wave?”




  15. MarkyMark says:


    Glastonbury hosts woke new stage celebrating immigration to the UK
    ** behind closed doors



    COLOUR OF MONEY Glastonbury’s colour co-ordinated tents show price plots costing as much as £995 for FIVE nights


  16. Guest Who says:


    Mandy used to have some credibility as a satirist.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “Armando Iannucci

      Words and Smiles. Also, Patron of Child Poverty Action Group,
      Joined March 2009
      1,271 Following


    • MarkyMark says:

      “Film pitch.. Trump drugged and moved to a replica Whitehouse, where he carries on thinking he’s governing. Millions spent on hiring actors to play his staff, Senators, news anchors, people at rallies.
      There you go. Studios, your highest bid please.”


  17. MarkyMark says:

    Our MPs are elected to represent their constituents’ interests and concerns at a national level. (FREE GAZA)They receive funding to allow them to conduct their work. (PLUS BRIBES)

    To do that effectively they run a local office and employ constituency and parliamentary staff.

    MPs’ staff are crucial to delivering democracy. (IN PALESTINE)

    We allocate specific budgets to MPs to pay for these roles and activities. They account for up to 80% of MPs’ business costs. ”




  18. MarkyMark says:



  19. MarkyMark says:

    ‘When the ITV newsreader Tom Bradby delicately observed that there were not many white, middle-aged men left doing his job, three colleagues wrote to his bosses to express their profound disapproval. You will note that they didn’t challenge the veracity of what he said, merely said they thought he shouldn’t have said it.
    And that is the way the progressive agenda works — by a kind of stealth, dependent upon the complicit silence of those whom it affects.

    Hope you’re looking forward to the next five years.’ Rod Liddle

    Naughty picture .. https://image.vuukle.com/31784614-1312-479e-aadb-e7f84d9472ee-6712c0a6-734e-4bcf-8eeb-4578a509fc9a


    • Fedup2 says:

      Marky – this one stretches the editorial limit – however true it might be …


      • MarkyMark says:

        I’ve removed it – thanks – but left the link – no omission!


        • Fedup2 says:

          Ok marky – the word doesn’t do much to me but I think some here are slightly more … civilised ….😎


          • MarkyMark says:

            We can’t say the n***r word unless we are black.
            We can’t say the c**T word unless we are Trans?


  20. Fedup2 says:

    Being in londonistan i got a leaflet from an independent candidate- one of the mohammed family- big family. On one side of the leaflet mo is campaigning for more religious police – more opportunity for NHS and housing and benefits fraud .

    On the other side are numbers of hamas palestine flags with promises to help the people of gaza .,, and the like ….

    Keep going IDF – whatever it takes


    • MarkyMark says:

      Bins will be emptied – once Gaza is free to vote for Yemen bins to be emptied.


  21. MarkyMark says:

    Glastonbury crowds are mostly white – but is that really a problem?
    Sir Lenny Henry’s comments are undeniably true, but the diversity of the capital can paint a different picture to the rest of the country

    15 June 2022 • 7:00pm


  22. pugnazious says:


  23. MarkyMark says:

    2019 … Jon Snow cleared by Ofcom over ‘white people’ comment
    This article is more than 4 years old
    Channel 4 News presenter was at ‘predominantly white’ pro-Brexit rally on 29 March

    Tom Bradby’s ‘white male’ comments draw complaints from ITN staff
    Furious journalists have written to the company’s chief executive, denouncing the “adverse impact” the chief presenter’s remarks have had

    “There aren’t many white male anchors left, dare I say, so I feel a bit less nervous about that than possibly I should,” he said.


    BAD … “There aren’t many white male anchors left, dare I say, so I feel a bit less nervous about that than possibly I should,” he said.

    GOOD … “Never seen so many white people.”


  24. MarkyMark says:

    “That is where I was directing my comments, because, whether it is Mohammed, who had his office burnt down, or Takura, who had to move, or the trans father who had two small children attacked in the playground, I sometimes fear that there is a tolerance in our society for hate and othering.”


    “first and only minority-ethnic MLA the Assembly”


  25. MarkyMark says:

    It’s all rubbish- just empty words from empty people in empty chambers.

    Lord Dodds of Duncairn DUP
    To ask His Majesty’s Government what representations they have made to the Nigerian authorities about the continuing captivity of the Chibok girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram in 2014.


    Nigeria rejected British offer to rescue seized Chibok schoolgirls {theguardian.com – mar2017}
    In a mission named Operation Turus, the RAF (UK Airforce) conducted air reconnaissance over northern Nigeria for several months, following the kidnapping of 276 girls from the town of Chibok in April 2014 (by Islamist militant group Boko Haram). “The girls were located in the first few weeks of the RAF mission,” a source involved in Operation Turus told the Observer.

    “We offered to rescue them, but the Nigerian government declined.”
    – Guardian UK Online Website / 4 March 2017

    #bringbackourgirls – makes you wonder who Michelle Obama was asking to do this? The wife of the most powerful man in the World, with a special relationship with the Country who could have taken action, reduced to holding a piece of card for the World to read a #hashtag that did NOT bring the girls back.


  26. Guest Who says:

    About sums things up.

    An inept leader of a failed party held to account by the opposition’s pr team using selected propaganda messages.

    Shown a series of emails from BBC viewers about how nothing now works in the country,

    Labour going to enshrine bbc pension guarantees using general taxation into law?


    • MarkyMark says:

      It’s all working fine … “The personal wealth of Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murty rose by £122m last year, according to the Sunday Times Rich List. The couple’s fortune was estimated at £651m in the latest list, up from £529m in 2023.28 May 2024”


    • MarkyMark says:

      “Shown a series of emails from BBC viewers about how nothing now works in the country,” FREE CERVIX FOR ALL MALES ON THE NHS WHEN KIER WINS!


  27. MarkyMark says:


    “People are climbing up scaffolding,” TO ESCAPE?

    “Is there such a thing as a band that’s too big for Glastonbury?

    If so, Coldplay might be it.

    People are climbing up scaffolding, security guards are standing on emergency vehicles, actual Tom Cruise is watching from a viewing platform, accompanied by Gillian Anderson and Simon Pegg.

    Michael J Fox even joins them to play guitar on Fix You.

    At other stages around Worthy Farm, A-list artists floundered, with some fields barely at one-third capacity.

    Everyone, it seems, is straining for a glimpse of rock’s most generous-spirited band.

    And Coldplay don’t disappoint.”


  28. SillyGrandad says:

    It seems that not just us fellow biastards aren’t impressed with the situation in Blighty. My son sent me this video this morning and I just had to share it with you all. Apologies if it’s already been posted but couldn’t resist.

    No matter what the media says they can’t change the truth and they can’t change the way we have been treated. Time for a change is overdue and I thank Mr Farage for giving me a proper alternative to vote for!


    PS. My postal vote for Reform already posted! As is SillyGrandma’s, the father-in-law, my son and daughter in law, and every other person I have spoken to. Regardless of the disgusting anti-Reform bias from the media.


  29. Sluff says:

    My eye was drawn to a BBC webshite article on Covid and a possible uptick in cases recently.
    The item then talked about vaccines and who is entitled to them.
    Now let’s forget for the moment the efficacy or desirability or otherwise of the vaccines because……….

    The very last sentence is this. Quote.
    ‘Vaccinations are also available privately to anyone who can afford to pay for them.’
    End quote


    Afford? See what they have done. Use even the vaccine to generate Politics of Envy stuff. Implication? The vaccine is only available to ‘rich’ people who can ‘afford’ it. Straight out of the cretinous BBCLabour Far Left playbook.

    But how much do you need to ‘afford’? A link is offered showing the cost of a private covid vaccine is in the range £45-90.

    I could of course point out that this is well within the means, by a factor of say 20, of every single right-on woke Palestine-supporting, pro mass immigration Glastonbury attendee. But I won’t.

    As for a proper investigation by the BBC into long term illness caused by the jab and the excess deaths these past two post-covid years, oh look! A flying pig.


  30. Doublethinker says:

    If you are in need of a good laugh I urge you to watch The Rest is Politics Podcast with the charming double act of Stewart and Campbell.
    They have had in their own words ‘ An Emergency Debate’ following on from the US Presidential debate . They are not so much pro Democrat as virulently anti Trump. I’m sure that they see Trump as the anti Christ. They simply lose any perspective, any sense of reality whenever Trump enters their head. For them A second Trump term is the end of the world. They never give any policy reasons why this will be the case but just attack his personality , he is a congenital liar, a vile human being, a convicted felon etc etc.
    Their hysteria is of course repeated widely across the MSM and is great fun to watch. If Trump does overcome all the dirty tricks the globalists are going to throw at him and wins in November , watching folks like this the day after will be an unmissable treat.


    • MarkyMark says:

      20 Stars Who Pledged to Flee the Country If Trump Was Elected: Where Are They Now?
      Will Lena Dunham really move to Canada? Is Amy Schumer packing her bags for Spain? Here, a post-election update.


      Plus Icon
      NOVEMBER 10, 2016 9:44AM
      Modified on January 19, 2017 , Published on November 10, 2016


      Before the election: Cyrus was a Bernie Sanders supporter before backing Hillary Clinton once she became the Democratic Party nominee. In an Instagram post, The Voice judge proclaimed, “My heart is broken into a 100000 pieces…I am moving if [Donald Trump] is my president! I don’t say things I don’t mean!”

      After the election: Instead of fleeing the country, Cyrus said she accepts Trump as the president and called for him to have an open mind in an emotional video she tweeted after the results were announced.


  31. tomo says:

    Traditionally the POTUS debates are held after the Republican and Democratic conventions, which are in July and August.

    = there’s another candidate being prepped…..


    • MarkyMark says:

      MIchelle Obama?


      • Fedup2 says:

        I hope she is the nominee because I win a lot of money (£25) but my smug self satisfaction will be priceless – it would be easier for her husband to cover up the second election theft – although I suspect Michelle is a thick and slow as AOC and karmela and the rest of the tick boxes …


  32. tomo says:


    • MarkyMark says:

      Despite stopping direct imports of Russian natural gas in 2022, significant quantities continue to reach Germany via its neighbors new data show.27 Feb 2024


    • MarkyMark says:

      India, the world’s third-biggest oil importer and consumer, has become the biggest buyer of seaborne Russian crude since the West halted purchases and imposed sanctions against Moscow in the aftermath of Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine. India has also paid for Russian crude in rupees, dirhams and Chinese yuan.28 May 2024


      • pugnazious says:

        Saudi Arabia is ironically importing large quantities of Russian fuel oil…

        ‘Saudi Arabia imported record volumes of discounted Russian fuel oil in June, a near 10-fold annual increase to meet summer power generation demand and maintain crude exports despite OPEC+ production cuts, according to traders, analysts and Kpler data.’

        Saudi Arabia is a very untrustworthy ‘friend’…it has conducted wars against us….using oil as the weapon, it was behind 9/11[more than likely] and is now cosying up to China, Russia and even Iran.

        Lawrence of Arabia has a lot to answer for having being the prime mover and facilitator behind the creation of the Islamic state…just as Cameron and Co have helped create the evil empire that is China now.

        Some irony that Cameron is touring the media studios telling us how Labour will put us all in danger when the Tories neutered the military and then helped empower China.
        The West in one of the stupidest geo-political moves in history sent technology, know-how and vast profits to China which it uses to create its empire and generate a massive sphere of influence that is being used to shut down the West.

        This spectacularly bad line of thinking…be nice to China and it will turn out to be nice to us in the end…is, and always was, foolhardy in the extreme and utterly delusional.

        Unfortunately it’s the same attitude towards Islam and Muslims coming to Europe….they will never, ever, give up Islam and will always, always be working to impose it upon you…and the more you appease them the more they will push….your weakness is their strength.

        Defend your own culture, society, civilisation, history and future…or submit. Unfortunately too many in the media, politics, academia, NGOs and business cringe, cower and collaborate with the ‘enemy within the walls’.

        Take back control.


        • kingkp says:

          Saudi Arabia had nothing to do with 9/11. It was a false flag that enabled the passage of the Patriot Act and other unlawful instruments aimed at restricting our freedoms on the road to Agenda 2030. Think of it as step 1. Step 2 was the Covaids farce. The question is – what comes next? After all, ultimately you will own nothing and you won’t be happy.


          • Fedup2 says:

            King – remind me though – weren’t most of the murderers om 9/11 Saudi nationals ? And didn’t bush allow a load of Saudis fly out of the US without any questioning …?

            Saudi money funds Islamic terrorism and their take over of Christian countries …

            And that money comes to them because of the stuff in the ground …


    • MarkyMark says:

      But a study of trade data by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a think-tank in Washington, DC, suggests that many of the imports lead back to one country (see charts 1 and 2). Firms in China have provided Russia with semiconductors that are crucial for making various weapon systems.29 Apr 2024


    • Fedup2 says:

      I have ‘grave concerns ‘ anyone could give a boost to the blues by voting for them – and is that one still standing ? I don’t know his name but I think he’s the deputy PM …

      Vote Reform


    • MarkyMark says:



      Name of donor: Indian High Commission
      Address of donor: India House, Aldwych, London WC2B 4NA

      Estimate of the probable value (or amount of any donation): flights costing £2,500; accommodation and hospitality valued at £1,500; £4,000 in total

      India, the world’s third-biggest oil importer and consumer, has become the biggest buyer of seaborne Russian crude since the West halted purchases and imposed sanctions against Moscow in the aftermath of Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine. India has also paid for Russian crude in rupees, dirhams and Chinese yuan.28 May 2024


      Changes to the Register of Members’ Interests
      Oliver Dowden


      Name of donor: English National Ballet
      Address of donor: 41 Hopewell Square, London E14 0SY
      Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: Four tickets for the Nutcracker at the London Coliseum, total value £380


    • Sluff says:

      Looking at the polls and the national make up I would have thought the Tories could get some change out of attacking the LibDems. It could swing some seats in the SouthWest where Reform are less likely to be competitive. And getting people to ask themselves what they would be voting FOR might provoke some serious reflections.
      But then again, since when have the useless Blue Labourites had the brains to do anything?


  33. MarkyMark says:


    I AGREE!

    Ahmadis suffer vicious persecution around the world. The main source of fuel for that persecution is in Pakistan, but what happens in Pakistan does not stay in Pakistan.

    I know that from my experience in the Yorkshire market town of Batley. In August 1985, when I was 11 years old, my parents organised an inter-faith meeting in the town hall. It was interrupted and disturbed when, according to West Yorkshire police,

    more than 1,000 extremists, led by Pakistani hate preachers funded by the Pakistani state, were bused in from around the country.

    The mob brutally attacked my English mother and my father, a dermatologist; my eldest brother and I; and a Welsh Ahmadi schoolteacher who was with us. My first cousin, a GP, was by chance driving through the market town that day. He saw the mob and saw his family and friends being attacked, so he stopped. He was recognised, pulled from his vehicle and savagely beaten up.


    In August and September 2022, Leicester, England, saw a period of religious and ethnic tension between predominately British Hindus and British Muslims of South Asian origin. The unrest saw rioting, protest marches, sloganeering and ethnic violence between the two populations.


    What a teacher in hiding can tell us about our failure to tackle intolerance
    This article is more than 2 months oldKenan Malik


  34. MarkyMark says:

    Send all 650 MPS to the front line as red cross activists of all wars ! Come back in 6 months to tell us how it is going – Rishi has a choice of Yemen or Ukraine or French beaches.


  35. MarkyMark says:

    “Malign foreign actors, promoting British political parties, policies and views that fit their agenda is just another example of the challenges in the increasingly volatile cyberspace of the 21st century and is gravely concerning to see during an election campaign.”
    The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) announced Monday that Christopher Cash — who was employed as a researcher by Conservative foreign affairs committee chair Alicia Kearns — has been charged with “providing prejudicial information to a foreign state, China,” alongside another man, Christopher Berry.22 Apr 2024
    Rishi Sunak has backtracked on a pledge to shut down 30 Chinese state-sponsored Confucius Institutes across the UK. The prime minister pledged to close the cultural schools, which are accused of spreading propaganda and spying on students, during his bid to become Conservative leader last year.17 May 2023


  36. Fedup2 says:

    6 000 watching the reform YouTube rally at Birmingham

    Correction its 22000 watching


  37. Althepalerp says:

    I was flicking channels when I came across Nigel Farage live from Birmingham on the BBC news channel – I couldn’t believe it.
    He then started criticizing the BBC, then sure enough they pulled the plug. I had to laugh.
    Switched over to GB News to continue watching.


  38. pugnazious says:

    Not sure Hugh Schofield understands the word ‘impartial’ as he suggests we have forgotten the Nazis and are falling for it again….France, Europe, indeed ‘The West’ is in danger…odd how he’d never ever say that about the Islamisation of Europe and yet it’s a far more legitimate and urgent concern…indeed it is, obviously, the very thing that gives rise to parties that recognise the danger and have solutions…..Schofield & Co make these new parties necessary…they give voice to the majority scorned and silenced by Schofield & Co….and he’s still trying to demonise the parties and indeed the voters who apparently should be ashamed to vote for Le Pen or Reform etc…

    ‘France’s exceptionally high-stakes election has begun’
    The result of this election could mark a historic turning point, not just for France, but for Europe and the so-called West in general.

    The notion that a far-right party with roots in antisemitism and war-time collaboration could end up forming a government in a country as important as France would until very recently have been unthinkable.

    That it is now not just conceivable but likely is proof that we have moved definitively out of the post-World War Two era.

    Words that once were automatic signifiers of praise and blame – Gaullism, fascism, Vichy, the Republican Front – are still thrown out in political discourse. But they have less and less meaning.

    Today, people class the world according to different categories. It explains why the shame attached to voting for a populist far-right party like the National Rally has all but disappeared.’


    • MarkyMark says:

      Brexit is racist
      We are facing the biggest, most overarching, racist attack on immigration in generations. There is a void in politics. We must fight to win.

      Antonia Bright
      29 March 2017




    • MarkyMark says:

      populist is bad, unless it’s a far left populist?



    • Nibor says:

      The notion that a left of central globalist party with roots in antisemitism and peace-time collaboration with Islamic rapists forming a government in a country as important * as Britain until very recently have been thinkable here at the BBC .

      * bit imperialistic , arrogant and old fashioned of the BBC .
      What happened to all men {of whatever country } being equal ?


  39. MarkyMark says:

    I Guess Tony Blair says Iraq was a success?

    “Unlike many slaves Amira’s sisters weren’t raped, she says, because they were already married.

    However, one sister, whose husband had been killed by the militants, was beaten on a daily basis.

    And she received an unspeakably cruel threat.”

    “She had given birth 15 days before she was captured, and they said to her: ‘We will kill your baby and force you to eat his flesh’,” Amira says.

    This article is more than 7 years old
    Tony Blair: I accept full responsibility for Iraq war decision – video



  40. MarkyMark says:

    Biden assures donors he can still win election



  41. MarkyMark says:



  42. Fedup2 says:

    I watched the reform rally on the YouTube – it’s there now – mr farage well and truly lays into the BBC and channel 4 . No neutrality – they are political enemies pretending to be ‘broadcasters ‘ – which we all know …
    But more and more people are seeing it because it is increasingly obvious . It’s a long fight – it will probably take more than the next 5 or 10 years – with the charter due to be renewed in a couple of years ..
    But we must fight them because they are destroying Britain ….


  43. MarkyMark says:

    Residents of affordable housing developments in Edinburgh have said they are “living in a horror story” after being hit with a massive rise in their gas bill as costs are beginning to fall across the rest of the country.


    Labour has confirmed it will not issue new oil and gas licences for the North Sea, as it set out plans to make the UK a “clean energy superpower”.13 Jun 2024


  44. MarkyMark says:

    “WE will campaign for the abolition of the BBC”


    • Scroblene says:

      Brilliant Mark – I’ve just got in, and managed to watch all of your piece, than you!


      • MarkyMark says:

        Don’t get too excited Scroblene – but Farage is a good speaker.

        “Boris Johnson accused of targeting BBC to save his premiership
        This article is more than 2 years old
        Government insider says announcement about abolishing licence fee was not expected this weekend”


  45. pugnazious says:

    ‘The available evidence does not indicate that Famine is currently occurring.’

    Having seen and heard BBC coverage of Gaza you’d be forgiven for thinking that there was a massive famine ongoing and that Gazans were being starved to death as a weapon of war and ‘ethnic cleansing’ by the Israelis.

    Trouble is…it’s not true…there is, the UN says…NO famine in Gaza….

    ‘Following the publication of the second FRC report on 18 March 2024, which projected that a Famine would occur in the most likely scenario, a number of important developments occurred. In contrast with the assumptions made for the projection period (March – July 2024), the amount of food and non-food commodities allowed into the northern governorates increased. Additionally, the response in the nutrition, water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and health sectors was scaled up.

    In this context, the available evidence does not indicate that Famine is currently occurring.’


    • MarkyMark says:

      Aid airdrop kills five people in Gaza after parachute fails
      As famine stalks enclave, aid workarounds criticised as a distraction from Israel’s blocking of aid through land routes.


      Five people were killed and several injured after a parachute landing a humanitarian airdrop failed to open, bringing a pallet crashing down into a crowd of people waiting for food north of Gaza City’s Shati refugee camp.


        • MarkyMark says:

          A Gaza charity distributes fruit privately imported from Israel to Gazans in Bani Suheila, South Gaza Strip. The project is funded by Saudi philanthropists.

          TikTok timestamp: 20 hours ago
          Link in 1st comment


          Prices at al-Afya Restaurant Deir al-Balah, Central Gaza Strip:
          Liver wrap – 8 shekels ($2.15)
          Spleen wrap – 5 shekels ($1.35)
          3kg chicken wings with rice – 100 shekels ($27)
          1kg fresh kebab – 130 shekels ($35)
          TikTok timestamp: 2 days ago
          Link – 1st comment


  46. MarkyMark says:

    UK can fund their net zero project with reparation money from ROME? HA HA HA HA HAHA HAH

    “In AD 43, the Roman emperor Claudius launched an invasion of Britain, and over the next 45 years the Roman army gradually extended its control over much of present-day England and Wales and ventured into territory now in Scotland. Eventually they established a new Roman province, Britannia, which formed part of the empire until the early 5th century AD.”


  47. MarkyMark says:

    No mention of Reform election rally… on BBC

    “Peculiar Outburst!” Green Councillor Shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ During Election Victory Speech


    • Fedup2 says:

      Perhaps the BBC has decided to cancel Reform now – the State Broadcaster indeed – deciding an election – or it thinks it can ..
      Really time to destroy it ,


      • Guest Who says:

        Seems Starmer was not able to bow at the K altar.

        I enjoy Twitter but signed up across many interests. It is now nothing but warring tribes.


  48. Fedup2 says:

    Shame – Glastonbury security breached – stages shut down because of safety fears – now let it rain …


  49. BRISSLES says:

    I’d pay to GET OUT of there !


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      We aren’t missing anything Briss. The music is $h!te nowadays.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Spoiler alert – the imposter England team is already on the beach after the first half of dross…


      • Scroblene says:

        Apparently, my daughter said that Cold Play were pretty good, but apart from the one-hit-wonder Lauper, I didn’t recognise any of the others, although I learned from a chum that Keane were once their kids’ friends from a school a few miles from here!

        Is Jon Snow there this year? He usually sucks up to the kids for some odd reason, or was it a faked image?


        • BRISSLES says:

          On checking confirmation that Snow’s wife was called Tulip or something or other, I found myself reading chapter and verse of the passions of Jon Snow of Game of Thrones !!
          (Precious is the name of the former Mr Snow) off gor a large Scotch now.


          • Scroblene says:

            I’ve just taken the bottle from the ‘bar shaped like a galleon’, (Darling Buds), actually, a shelf behind one of the chairs…

            Join you?


  50. pugnazious says:

    This ‘journalist’ is so BBC…if only more people would stand up to the self-appointed prigs and moralisers that think a media badge is a halo…….