Midweek Thread 31 March 2021

If you read the 69 pages of the ‘BBC Annual Plan 2021 – 2022’ – published this week – you recognise a number of recurring themes .1. That the BBC is ‘London centric ‘ 2. It is worried about viewing figures 3. It knows it cannot compete with online subscription services 4. It is worried about the word ‘impartial – which features a countless number of times 5.It thinks it is British – and fails to mention Brexit or its ‘ EU fan club at all . Reading the Plan – knowing the reality as opposed to the BBC fantasy -that it is unbiased – one plays a game of reading between the lines and seeing that the users of this website ( on behalf of the good British public ) are slowly but surely winning and that the days of the current BBC are numbered .

Weekend Thread 27th of March 2021

So a Parliamentary Committee (DCMS)has determined that the structure of the BBC cannot be changed until the whole country has topJonny broadband . Then – maybe – financing of the BBC can be considered. Politicians can now rely on this to avoid responsibility for change for the BBC – in any form.

The report is freely available on the web but here is a link – https://committees.parliament.uk/publications/5243/documents/52552/default

Don’t forget – for no reason clocks go up or down or back or forward Saturday night