Weekend Thread 28 August 2021

The Main Stream Media ( BBC) continues to avoid criticism of the Biden Disaster – by diverting attention to the human misery that he has caused . But – after all – it has backed him against President Trump for over a year so cannot turn on him – however much death and misery he has caused . Let’s hope our military gets out safely .

Weekend Thread 21 August 2021

How will the Far Left anti British BBC greet the birth of a new State – The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan ? As the BBC is largely supportive of all things Muslim – or ignores – at best – crimes committed in the name of Islam – it may welcome it as a new friend .
Current affairs programmes will greet taliban spokesmen with due regard – unlike – of course – anyone from a disapproved political view . Further – will the BBC continue to give overwhelming support to Joe Biden – who is responsible for the current turmoil ?