Midweek 17 August 2022

Unpleasantness at the BBC . Staff are threatening to strike over the merger of 1 BBC propaganda News channel with another .There’s a petition to save it. At the time of posting this it has 2700 signatures in 48 hours .( There is also a petition to save Channel 4 from being sold – there millions of signatures – actually 9300… with 5800 in 4 months on the parliament site .).Any dissent within the BBC must be welcomed and encouraged – it’s a long battle to kill it – but we will .

Midweek 10 August 2022

Trivia – but important to many . The BBC has decided to stop doing the football results on Saturday evenings – a ‘tradition ‘ going back to the 1950s . A ritual for many – but something too big for the schedule ‘according to BBC sport . For those of us looking for any way to diminish and destroy the Far Left Anti British BBC – it is good news . Keep up that self destruction please BBC….