Start the Week 7 June 2021

Less than a week before the BBC gets some new competition – the first in a very long time . How will it react ? The usual arrogant superiority that comes with guaranteed taxpayers ‘ money ? Or will we see a little less ‘woke ‘? It certainly couldn’t get more woke could it ?

Midweek Thread 2June 2021 Bashir2?

As the Biased Far Left Anti British BBC hoped everyone would look away from their corrupt prodigy – Martin Bashir – it will now be publishing a report trying to explain why he was re hired as ‘Religious Editor ‘.
Maybe someone wanted to put a fox in the chicken coop .On the downside – expect a whitewash . On the upside -it will do even more damage to the BBC ..

Start the Week Thread 24 May 2021

Fortunately for those of us who see the BBC as a monster the Bashir Affair is continuing to fester. However there is little sign of the current government being willing to do anything about it at all – even with the outright condemnation of the future King . But public pressure is building . It won’t take much to force reform or better still – destruction.

Weekend Thread 22 May 2021

Will the fall out from the Bashir Fraud continue ? Will Prince Charles speak ? Or Tony Hall ? Or anyone from the BBC ? And will the papers follow up on other cases where the BBC has used deceit to ‘get a story ‘. After all – if they’d do it to a member of the Royal Family – isn’t everyone else fair game ?