Was entertained by this and all on the same BBC web page today..

An additional £10m ($15m) will be provided by the UK for countries in West Africa facing the threat of drought, the government has announced.


The Department for International Development (DfID) said action was needed before the rainy season made large areas of West Africa inaccessible for aid workers in as little as four weeks’ time.

Hap tip to Biased BBC reader Gary.


As John Anderson has already pointed out in comments, Christopher Booker has written a report for the Global Warming Policy Foundation about the BBC’s reporting of climate change and it’s due out tomorrow. Not sure what he will reveal that has not already been reported here or on other blogs like Bishop Hill or Harmless Sky – but Booker is always sharp and to the point and I’m looking forward to it. Hugely.

Meanwhile, liked a stuck vinyl record – and underlining that BBC relentless bias – Richard Black continues his dire refrain from the carbon-guzzling fest in Durban. Today’s homily is about the need to protect nations vulnerable to climate change from the impacts of nasty CO2, including “rising sea levels” and “droughts”. Er, But Mr Black, the rising seal level threat has been exaggerated by a factor of 10. And droughts happen, irrespective of rising CO2. Actually, Africa and the developing world is far more at risk from tranzis and government aid – especially when they focus on the climate – than such alleged impacts, but that doesn’t fit the hate-the-capitalist creed.