Interesting article here in the Guardian of all places suggesting that recent “apocalyptic predictions” about Arctic ice melt and soaring temperatures are as bad as claims that global warming does not exist. (I’m not sure anyone says global warming does not exist, some of us query the factors driving it!) The reason I bring this up is that I just watched part of the new David Attenborough series “Nature’s Great Events” on BBC1 and was struck by his constant evangelising on behalf of AGW. Anyone else see it? Great imagery but lots of scaremongery!


I see the BBC have been generous with the amount of publicity they have given to a US academic who believes that two search requests on the internet website Google produces as much carbon dioxide as boiling a kettle. There is no discussion on the science that has led to this conclusion but that’s not important since the BBC objective in pushing this story is to further crank up the hysteria about man made carbon emissions. That’s why all this little quirky stories have a danger, they are all part of the mega-narrative that pushes AGW.

WHY NOT 101%?

The BBC has given great prominence to Ed Miliband’s declaration that the UK must meet an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050. (In for a penny, in for a Euro, why not make it 101% Ed) As with all BBC coverage of AGW, there is only ever one-side to the argument. There will be many people who will view this political and legal “commitment” as more of an imposition on future generations, a scorched earth policy by a spectacularly ignorant Labour government. However they are given no voice. BBC orthodoxy requires total subservience to the AGW creed and no dissent must be allowed.


. Well, you all seemed to have plenty to say about BBC1’s absolutely ridiculous “Christkickers” sorry I mean “Bonekickers” so I bet you just can’t wait to tune in to BBC2’s forthcoming “Burn Up”! It’s a “two-part, provocative drama set in the real-life context of climate change”. It gets better! This ..ahem…”topical thriller sees oil company executives, environmental activists and politicians collide in the battle between economic success and ecological responsibility”.

Penry-Jones stars as Tom, who, having been named the new head of Arrow Oil, finds his life unravelling as he’s pulled into a high-stakes game of power and international intrigue. Campbell plays his colleague Holly, whose covert collaboration with environmentalists puts her in great jeopardy, and Whitford plays Tom’s best friend Mack, a charismatic yet unscrupulous oil industry lobbyist. This sounds like a classic. I wonder did Greenpeace approve? BBC propaganda comes in many guises – this new drama is just the continuation of AGW by other means..


Interesting to read the BBC report on the G8 pledge to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2050. It lasts for two sentences before the USA gets a rhetorical slap from the State Broadcaster, with the word “pathetic” inserted for maximum effect! As with much of the BBC’s coverage on this issue, it is presented as cuts for the sake of cuts. There is little if any discussion on the actual climate and economic impacts this 50% carbon reduction would have over the next 100 years and I guess that suits the alarmists for whom the BBC does such a sterling service propagandising. For those who prefer to consider the issue in a balanced way, I do recommend Bjorn Lomborg’s “Cool It”


You know it wouldn’t be a normal day in Beeboid land without a smattering of AGW stories. This is the new religion of the Left and the BBC always lives up to low expectations on the topic. This morning it’s been running this story about the US Government “finally” recognising that the Polar Bear is a “threatened species”. It quotes the Environ-mentalists partially approving of this decision whilst still lashing the Bush administration for not going even further. The thing that I find odd in this report, and so true of much BBC reporting, is the missing statistic that the Polar bear population in Canada is actually INCREASING. This must be the first time in natural history that the increase in numbers of a species is indicative that it’s population is in danger. Then again, don’t those bears like so cute? Let us consider the cold facts concerning the Polar bear but that means showing all sides to the story – the BBC shows but one.


You just KNEW it was coming. The BBC ran an item on the “Today” programme this morning just before the 7am headlines about the fact that we are entering into a period where England will suffer more from flooding than it has in the past several decades. Wonder if you caught it? At the start of this three minute item, it was made clear that “global warming” was not the cause of this anticipated future flooding and yet, to my amazement, the item finished with the bizarre claim that it “could” be global warming working in a way which no one had considered. So, to summarise, when we experience weather conditions that fit in with the alleged AGW theory it is flagged up as proof positive and when we experience weather conditions that do NOT fit in with alleged AGW, that is still retailed to the public as proof of AGW!!! Th BBC seems incapable of covering any weather story without sensationalising it up as more proof that the end is nigh. It seems a shame that interesting changes in our weather can no longer be discussed without the assertion of AGW being behind it all.


Interesting to note that the BBC is running a story here informing us that Polar bears are “at risk” in Canada. It’s all very carefully worded but the impression given is that the “climate change” which “may” be threatening these animals in the Canadian wilderness is anthropogenic in origin and thus requires “a plan” from the Canadian government. Just one slight problem – contrary to the content of this report – the Polar bear population in Canada is INCREASING! Do we need “a plan” to stop that as well – maybe a bear cull? Who knows – the BBC doesn’t report such inconvenient details since they rather melt away the whole AGW agenda at play here.


I am sure that many readers will share my view that the Butterflies which frequent our British countryside are an attractive adornment and we should do what we can to ensure that they flourish. However the population of UK butterflies fell last year as a result of a wet summer. It happens and of course it is regrettable but the one thing that we can ALL be clear about is that the wet summer of 2007 had NOTHING to do with AGW. And so, I read the BBC’s report on this and sure enough – the “Biodiversity Minister” (Turn in your grave, George Orwell) Joan Ruddock gets to assert that “Butterfly populations also indicate the speed and extent of climate change.” It’s remarkable the way in which the AGW agenda is promoted at every opportunity and no rebuttal is permitted. We may seek biodiversity but assuredly when to comes to the topic of “climate change” diversity of opinion is not required.


Had to laugh at the BBC’s propaganda, sorry I mean news reports today flagging up the looming apocalypse that global warming will bring. Using the latest UN report that glaciers are melting at a greater rate in recent history (ie since 1980!) the BBC then hypes this up with the usual images of glaciers crashing into the sea whilst a deadly serious v/o intones just how awful it all is. Just one thing; the latest satellite data shows record ice. Not only record ice but a third more ice than average for this time of the year. The Arctic is also doing well!In fact the Arctic has greater ice concentration in January 2008 than it did in January 1980. Not that you’d guess any of this from the shills for chills at the BBC.