Give THIS  a listen. It’s a great example of the BBC being told what they do not want to hear by a Conservative MP. Evan Davis sounded desperate to cut Mark Reckless off – do listen and draw your own conclusions! I have to say that Reckless did very well in my opinion and refused to go down the road Davis wanted.

As a further point of interest, I was on the BBC (Radio 5 Live) on Saturday Night discussing the suggestion made in a forthcoming book by some of the new intake of Conservatives that the work ethic has gone missing in Britain. I agree – but Stephen Nolan used this to state that the Conservatives were saying that ALL British workers were lazy and idle. His bias and anti-Conservative hectoring were disgraceful, in my view. When I pointed out that if the work ethic here was so great, why did we have to import more than a MILLION foreign workers to do that jobs that “Brits just won’t do”? Silence on that. This was straight Tory bashing. At one point he said to me that he had been trying to get ANY Conservative to come on and defend these views without success. I pointed out that given his bias this was hardly a big surprise.

It is clear to a blind man on a galloping horse that the BBC, along with Labour and The Guardian, is the opposition to any possible Conservative Government. The BBC clearly IS the enemy within, funded at our expense to ensure that our Nation is relentlessly exposed to Leftism.


You have to almost admire the BBC feeds upon itself so it can sustain stories it feels need pursuance. Last night, on the truly execrable Question Time (only made bearable by our most excellent and good humoured liveblog!) pious beyond words Lib-Dem Simon Hughes was invited to give his opinion on the future of Jeremy Hunt. Hunt is squarely in the BBC cross-hairs at the moment and so the fact that Hughes told them what they wanted to hear – namely that there should be an independent inquiry into Labour claims that Hunt broke the ministerial code, was grist for the Today mill this morning.

At every opportunity, the BBC is rowing in behind Labour on this issue. One can understand why. It allows the BBC to seek the scalp of Hunt, damage Cameron and attach Murdoch. It’s a triple whammy and they just can’t resist it. It’s not that I have any time for Hunt or even Murdoch for that matter, but when one listens to the contrived chatter disguised as news, the realisation is that it is the BBC which is the single biggest threat to our liberty and freedom. The more they hound Murdoch the more they show their own lack of self-awareness concerning the massive monopoly they defend. The Press would KILL to have the audience reach of the BBC. The BBC, by contrast prefers to KILL those parts of the Press it does not like.


One of my favourite songs is called “I can’t stand up for falling down” and that certainly seems to be the position that the Coalition holds with at least some sections of the BBC. (I suppose even the very word “Coalition” has a certain significance for the BBC has a disturbing tendency to allege that this is purely a Conservative government, thus giving the Lib-Dem element a degree of helpful cover when it comes to certain policies. Furthermore even if the Lib-Dems DO get dragged into the discussion, Saint Vince is sure to be given an easy ride as that wise sage that people really should listen to!)

Anyway, the topic here is tax. The BBC has been to the fore in suggesting that this is a Government for “the rich” what with that reduction in the 50% top tax rate. Naturally any reduction in tax rates is guaranteed to produce howls of leftist outrage and the BBC has been quite prepared to indulge and advance these. The Government then tries to re-balance this by ensuring that “the rich” can’t hive up some of the income to charities and thus reduce their tax bill. Cue howls of outrage from charities and the BBC rides in. Did anyone catch the 8.10am interview with Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, David Gauke MP? He was given a pretty rough ride by a viscerally hostile Naughtie (a bit like being savaged by a sheep though) and all because the Coalition was trying to close off a tax avoidance loop hole. Zac Goldsmith was deployed as the voice of reason, and of course Saint Vince was given an honourable mention! The Government can’t win. If it reduces tax for the wealthy, that is an outrage. If it closes off tax loopholes for the wealthy, that is an outrage! Is there a way forward?


Earlier @ 7.23am the BBC ran an item on the French Presidential election with a decided nod in favour of the Socialist candidate Francois Hollande. You can tell they are dreaming of a victory for the man who has declared that if elected he will impose a 75% tax rate on those pesky “top earners”. If only the Coalition would follow such a path to fiscal wisdom.

PS I was also intrigued to hear Naughtie declare that a socialist victory in France would be interesting against a background of centre-right European governments? Huh? Since when did the Big State big Spending EU become “centre right”?


It’s been a busy morning attacking the Conservative led Coalition on the BBC Today programme. The focus of attack, of course, is always on the Conservative element of that Coalition.

We were treated to Ed Balls whingeing about changes to welfare which come into effect with the new tax year today. Balls was allowed to bluster and he stuck to his script paying little regard to the gentle questions asked of him. In fairness, Lib-Dem Danny Alexander was permitted to make some replies although James Naughtie seemed determined to leave the impression that the tax and welfare changes can be made without affecting anyone. This is from the Balls school of economics and it is one that the BBC seem at ease with.

However this was merely the warm up act for the main attack of the day. In essence, how dare the Secretary of State for Health Andrew Lansley order spot checks on Abortion clinics? The BBC brought on a Lib Dem (Can’t remember his name) just before 7am to have a ritual sneer at Lansley and this was promptly followed by Andy Burnham joining in the feeding frenzy. The argument pursued was based on the claim by the chair of the Quality Care Commission, Dame Jo Williams, that the request to audit these abortion clinics has cost “one million” pounds (Is that an extra £1m and if so, why?) and may impact of the QCC hitting annual targets. Do you think that Dame Jo might herself be carrying a little political baggage? The reason I ask is that I note the Guardian raises a few concerns about her…

The inference is that Lansley ordered a comprehensive check on mis-practice by Doctors in these abortion clinics to deflect bad headlines he was getting on the NHS Health bill. Burnham agreed that it was suspicious. The fact that 50 out of 300 clinics were found to be breaking procedures was deemed neither here nor there. To other eyes this would be seen as an utter scandal. Not to the BBC.

Then we moved on to a THIRD and prime time interview with some manager from the NHS I think (running order has not been put up at time of me writing, despite the world class technical resources they have at the BBC). This time, Detective Sarah Montague remorselessly pursued the line that the TIMING of the Abortion Clinic inspections was…interesting. She was an echo chamber for what Burnham had said earlier.

Today had one aim this morning – to spear the Conservative Andrew Lansley because he ordered a thorough audit of Abortion Clinics. To my mind, this was the BBC using the guise of the Dame’s report to smear the integrity of Lansley and by extension, the Conservatives. Plus ca change?


I was reading this item by Nick Robinson. In essence, he argues that the Coalition is using the Eurozone crisis to cloak a failure in its own policies for conjuring up “economic growth”. Robinson parrots the ludicrous Labour attack line with delight and I was amused by his suggestion that…

“When I put it to George Osborne last week that the eurozone crisis was politically convenient for him, he replied vigorously to the effect that nothing could be less true. His eyes told a different story. The chancellor knows that were it not for the crisis in Athens and Rome he would now be facing questions about the failure of the private sector to replace the jobs being cut from the public sector and demands for a plan for growth.”

What cuts in the public sector, Nick? And why has the private sector any obligation to provide “growth”? The BBC is constantly repeating the meme that Private enterprise is failing to step up to the plate and create employment. Just listen to THIS interview on Today earlier, again a relentless repetition of theme. Wonder why the BBC never wonders if increased taxation combined with increased red tape bureaucracy on business might be a restraining factor in “growth”? The BBC seems wistful for the golden days when Gordon was in power and all was well with our economy, I understand tractor production was at an all-time high.


So, who would have figured that two days after his resignation, the BBC still considers Liam Fox and his associate Adam Werritty to be the lead story for their news portal. Why it’s almost as if the BBC enthused by getting the scalp of the former Defence Secretary, just want to facilitate Labour and keep the story running.


For the past few weeks the BBC have used the NOTW story to pummel their arch-competitor NI owned by Murdoch with quite a bit of success. Now the Oslo massacre has provided them with the opportunity to run with the meme that “far-right” terrorism constitutes a danger almost equal to Islamic terrorism and that Christianity is as dangerous as Islam. Almost as bad, the likes of William Hague plays along with the suggestion that the UK “may” have a terrorist threat from “the far right”.  It’s all their Christmases (or “Wintervals”) come as one. There was an item on Today providing the author of “New British Fascism” to pontificate. Not sure where the BNP come into this one but with the BBC you can always be sure that they will find links. I am certain that when Jihadists attack next, the BBC will defuse any criticisms by saying that it is no different to “far right Christian” terrorism.


Lovely pouting Sarah Montague doesn’t care much for George Osborne. If you listen to this interview the tone in her voice towards him is positively glacial. It all concerns a concerted leftwing attack on the Coalition’s economic policies and naturally the BBC has been to the fore in promoting their sub-Keynesian nonsense. As the prelude to the interview with Osborne, the BBC rows in with “an increasing number of economists are suggesting the Chancellor should be thinking again about the speed of the cuts” meme that is essentially Labour Party policy. Cue Stephanie “Two Eds” Flanders.  

Osborne does very well, I think, by at several points picking up on what he rightly characterises as BBC misrepresentation. When I hear a senior Conservative tackle the BBC bias head-on I wonder why more do not follow. It’s only when you let them assert their bias unchallenged that they succeed. The BBC just cannot accept that Osborne is doing a much better job than their heroes such as Gordon “We saved the world” Brown and so it seizes on every piece of bad economic news  and ignores any good economic news in order to try and tack behind the Labour narrative that the “cuts” need to be reduced. Note that Nick Robinson is brought in at the end to “comment” on Osborne’s answers and he immediately starts talking about the mythical Plan B.


One of the more colourful attack lines the BBC is running against the Conservatives is that it is out for “revenge” against the good and kindly Police Federation ! The hilarious accusation that this Government is out to be “kind to criminals, kick a cop” is solemnly repeated by the BBC and the implication is made that Conservatives are out to undermine UK Policing. Naturally during the Golden Labour years, all was well and the Police were highly motivated by the “tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime” soundbite which Labour decided was a good substitute for actually doing anything. Of course the BBC is very sympathetic to the Police Federation and never more so when it seeks to confront the Conservative Party. That also explains why the oleaginous Sir Hugh Orde gets such an easy ride when he comes on to propagandise on behalf of ACPO. It’s only when Police talk about policing that the BBC starts to feel uncomfortable.