A Biased BBC reader observes;

“Sean Coughlan,BBC education correspondent, reporting here on the BBC web page today about a Twitter-linked session of the Education Select Committee: “… when Mr Gove was asked about a campaign against turning Downhills Primary School in north London into an academy, he accused the protesters of being linked to the Socialist Workers Party – and described them as the “enemies of promise”.

Mr Coughlan interposes his own opinion about this exchange. He writes: “But when #AskGove responded, it was in the old-fashioned language of right and left, haranguing the Haringey campaigners.”

On the BBC, Socialist Workers party argues; Mr Gove harangues; Gove acts like old-fashioned rightist when he argues back. SWP are just running a campaign.

Condemnation of Gove, but zero investigation by Mr Coughlan of the crux of this story, which any newsman should go after: is Mr Gove’s complaint that the discussion, and genuine parents’ views have been hi-jacked by the extreme left SWP, justifiable? “


In Michael Gove, the BBC have a new hate figure to fixate upon. I notice the BBC “comedians” now have a go at him but that was as nothing compared to the not so fragrant Sarah Montague at 8.10am this morning on Today. (No link up yet). She was bristling with hostility towards “Mr Gove” and I thought he did rather well even though she continually cut across him and refused to debate his points. I was pleased that Gove actually fought back, criticising the BBC for how it is portraying the entire Academies Bill issue. But in this interview, Sarah was essentially acting as a cipher for Ed Balls. BBC = the voice of the Labour Party/