Hi All. Can I ask for you to please ensure that your strong and passionate views of BBC bias are expressed in civil terms. There is too much inappropriate language and it only takes away from so many good points. Thank for your understanding and support.


Guys – we need to keep the comments as clean as possible and there is an increasing amount of vulgarity creeping in. So, please respect the blog and watch your language. If I don’t see an improvement I will take firm action. It only gives our enemies ammunition. I can set up the comment thread to select certain words but would rather you just edited what is posted.


I wanted to thank you all for your feedback and update you on where things are going. It is obvious to me that the blogger commenting system is limited and I want to be able to do three things here for you;

1. Ensure good and instant communications
2. Keep trolls away if they are becoming disruptive
3. Make this site better all the time

Thanks to my good friend, The All Seeing Eye, I think we may be able to do all of the above and very shortly. So please bear with us and we work to make B-BBC an even better place for you to visit and contribute to. All will be revealed anon, if you’ll pardon the pun!


With more and more people following this blog everyday I have been thinking about the commenting policy and in particular the being able to comment as “anonymous” feature of blogger. I am naturally libertarian minded – which is why some trolls have not been banned – but I think threads where one “Anon” debates with another “Anon” is a bit confusing. So I have three options and I want to put them to you in the form of a poll so that YOU can decide what we do! Hope that sounds fair enough.

The options are;
To leave it as it is with people being able to leave comments as “anonymous”
To require registered users including live ID
To require users with google account
To require only members of this blog
If we have any tech experts, perhaps they can elaborate on what this all means. There are no other options so it is one of the above, folks
My preference is to tighten up on all the anons. I don’t need to know your actual name but it is helpful if we all have a name unique to us, invented or otherwise. How I achieve this is another matter but the choice should be yours…