Knockabout liberalism

The liberal assumptions that govern the BBC’s output can be seen in the following two articles here and here.

In the first Robert Piggot begins his article on Anglicans and their splits:

“Word has got about that traditionalist Anglicans have something against gay people – and that is what is driving the Communion towards disintegration.

Of course some of them might not like homosexual people, but, as they never tire of pointing out, that is not what this historic rift is about.”

So, in an ironic sort of way, he concedes that there may be more to the Anglican conservatve position than pure bigotry- as they “never tire of saying”.

Matt Frei meanwhile is one of those whose inability to overcome his innate prejudices is almost comically obvious. America, he says while reporting the mourning for Tim Russert “likes a good yarn and here they still appreciate good journalists as master story tellers.”

This fondness for a good yarn (as opposed to the more adult and rigorous reality that Frei deals in) sets them apart from the rest of the world who are more firmly “weary of “the media””. All well and good, but did Frei ever ask himself just how it is that the only major media networks that have a modicum of independence are all Western? People in China, in Africa, in South America haven’t really had the time to become weary of the media. Having some to speak of might be a novelty in some cases.


I became aware of this story a bit earlier but thought it too parochial for this site, but it has just popped up again on BBC Five Live and so I wanted to make a few comments. It concerns the view of a Northern Ireland politician, Iris Robinson, on homosexuals. Now let me first say that I can think of little good to say about Mrs Robinson, and have been a vehement critic of her Party, the DUP. But yesterday, on the Nolan Show, she stated that in her view good counselling could help homosexuals change their lifestyle. She went further and called homosexuality “an abomination” – I believe this word was actually bleeped out by the Beeb. I’ve just caught Steven Nolan open up this subject again on Five Live, playing back Robinson’s opinions and then inviting comment. You can just IMAGINE the hostility she has attracted from late night BBC 5 live listeners. I fail to see why Robinson is not entitled to her view without being then exposed to the pro-Gay Jihad that the BBC has been indulging in today. In BBC world, being gay or at least being gay friendly is de rigeur and Allah help those who take a traditional – even Biblical view (gasp) – on homosexuality. I welcome what this politician has had to say even though I do not care for her. I also note the implied threats that have come her way from militant gay groups with mutterings of hate crime. There is NOTHING wrong with suggesting sodomy is sinful and the BBC should be ashamed of its jihad against Mrs Robinson during the past 48 hours. Where’s the bias? The bias lies in the BBC’s relentless pro-Gay agenda.


This story appeared on The Today programme (8.20am) and I was amused to find that the BBC managed to locate Eamon McCann, a local marxist Irish republican, who is also an atheist, to provide balanced comment. Us wicked Christians must be put in our place and the BBC delights in doing so. Why were McCann’s predictable Bible bashing comments not balanced by someone else who is supportive of the idea that homosexuality is not normal? Or is it gay rights uber alles?