Complaints About Complaints

“Hundreds, if not thousands of people think the BBC is pro Israel. And an equal number think the opposite. How on earth do you adjudicate on matters as complicated as that?” asks BBC Newswatch’s Raymond Snoddy.

BBC Trust’s Richard Ayres has been brought in specially to help tell us that on balance the BBC gets it about right.

“It’s extremely difficult! It’s almost impossible for the BBC to do a news report on the M.E. without someone alleging that we are partial on one side or the other,” answers Mr Ayres,
“ sometimes on both” he adds, bafflingly.

(“Dear Sir,” someone has obviously written, “I am outraged by the BBC’s blatant bias against Israel and its blatant bias against the Palestinians” )

If they get complaints like that, no wonder it takes the BBC such a long time to reply.

Enjoy! Can’t wait for the new, speeded up complaints system!