Anyone else catch Miliband on with Humphyrs this morning? To be fair to Humphrys, he did challenge Miliband but then again Miliband is so abysmal that even the BBC struggle to make him look good. The interesting bit for me is when Humphrys starts talking about the late Robin Cook who “brilliant” and “everybody” recognised as leader material? (Around 17mins) Really? Isn’t this an instance of John Humphrys admitting that at that time, he was a fan of a senior Labour politician? Is this what passes for studied impartiality?


I listened to the BBC “What the Papers say” on Today this morning. The Miliband speech was given due prominence but for some reason The Guardian coverage was omitted. I wonder why? Meanwhile, Red Ed turned up in the prime 8.10am slot on Today and despite the softballs lobbed his way by Naughtie, it was a car crash. Miliband will set up a body to determine which are “good” and “bad” business models, for example, a sort of star chamber to determine the wickedness of the Corporation. This is a real tough one for the BBC – they so want Labour back but in Miliband we have a Michael Foot in a smarter suit – and he comes across REALLY badly.