Comrade Len McClusky of the Unite trade union must love the BBC. Having set in motion the threat of a nationwide strike of the fuel tankers that could wreck our economy, the BBC angle on it is to take the words of Francis Maude and parse them in a way that suggests it is the Government causing all the stress for the British motorist. Had Maude and Cameron said nothing, the BBC/Unite axis would suggest they were being negligent; when they say something we are told that they are fueling (sic) the panic for fuel. Labour, funded by Unite, are getting away with pious murder on this one. Unite are being allowed to shelter behind entirely bogus “‘elfnsafety” allegations. It is the Government that is being attacked by the Labour/Union axis of hypocrisy and the BBC news channel (as heard on PM this afternoon) is giving every assistance!


None of us, I suspect, enjoys paying high prices for our petrol, but the announcement by Shell and BP of record profits this morning has been met by official dismay at the BBC. All morning there has been studied rumination over just how greedy these oil companies really are and why it is that with such large profits they cannot lower the price of the petrol that they sell on the forecourt. There has been precious little discussion on the fact that 60% of the forecourt price of petrol goes to Mr Broon and his grasping greedy government. I wonder why it is that the BBC does not question why government has failed to give us a break by taking a smaller cut of what the motorist is asked to pay?