Pro(sperous) Palestinians

Melanie Phillips links to a report in the Wall Street Journal by Tom Gross. It’s about life in the West Bank and Gaza. No, it’s not the usual tale of hardship and deprivation.
She ends by asking “When we will get to hear about this on the BBC?” Well, probably never. All we’ll get is endless stories about settlers, olive trees and illegally occupied land.
With the BBC for an educator is it surprising that a virulent streak of anti-Semitism prevails?
I see Rowan Laxton is back at his desk at the FCO.
And this clip is all over the web.
If it weren’t so shocking you’d have to laugh. The man bears an uncanny resemblance to Brian Murphy.
“Everybody in Britain can see what a nasty unpleasant type of people Jewish people are in English.”

(Breaks into song.) ”It’s in-dic-ative that the Jews are vin-dic-ative, so if you’re living in English…. You can….. fuck off back to Israel!”” Tap dances off stage, right. Not really.