The BBC are really milking the Daniel Hannan comments on the NHS. I see that this is the LEAD story this evening on the BBC with the risible Health Secretary Andy Burnham declaring Hannan “unpatriotic” for his “attack” on the NHS. The BBC keep repeating the lie that Hannan has “attacked” our wonderful socialised health care system when in fact all he did was point out the all too obvious failings it has. The BBC meme is simple – any criticism of the NHS is unacceptable and when an intelligent man like Hannan steps out of this sickening consensus on Health he is deemed a traitor to his country. I also notice that the BBC comedians are also on Conservative attack mode this evening, I caught a little of the Now Show and they were getting stuck in. The BBC is happiest when it is damning the Conservatives in general and forcing them to come out with pro-socialist statements.


OK, stick with me on this one please.

BBC bias is often sophisticated and nowhere is there more obvious than on any discussion of State monoliths such as the NHS.

One of the few Conservatives that impress me is Daniel Hannan. He is courageous, independent-minded and best of all, an actual conservative. That’s why I am not that shocked to read that he has been rebuked by his party leadership for endorsing American criticisms of the National Health Service. Thou must not criticise the NHS is the 1st commandment of British politics. It doesn’t matter how useless it is, it doesn’t matter how many it kills through poor hygiene and sloppy standards, it doesn’t matter how many bureaucrats it piles onto the payroll each year, it doesn’t even matter that it offers shocking value to patients for the £££ billions it receives. All that matters is politicians control it – lots of votes in it, you see.

Hannan has broken the golden rule and so the BBC delights in putting up Andrew Lansley – that political giant – to slap down young Daniel. The easy consensus – between all the political elite and the likes of the BBC – is that the NHS is a good thing and those who criticise it are bad. In this way, the NHS gets away with being the National Death Service and grins all round.

There are plenty of us who have real doubts about the NHS, and there are some of us who would like to see it de-linked from political control. Of course that then creates a rather unfortunate template that the BBC does not like. We no more need a National Health Service than we do a National Broadcaster. They are both creations from another age, they are both anchored in socialism, and the sooner they both go the better. Such a view as that which I have just expressed brings convulsions to the BBC and is rarely given media time. And so when Daniel Hannan dares to go on…gulp..Fox News, and speaks honestly of the failures in the NHS, he is pilloried by the smug elite who then use the State Broadcaster to stick the knife in, surgically. In this way, the BBC acts in conjunction with the politicians to maintain the status quo even thought it is, literally, killing us.

The hours go by.

Stewart Fleming, a 37 year old signalman and father of two, was photographed by his wife as he waited for six hours in Medway Maritime Hospital’s A&E department. He is shown clutching a note from his doctor saying that he must be seen immediately. The photo can be seen at the head of this story in the Sun. It has a certain poignancy now, given that during the wait Mr Fleming’s organs failed one by one and he is now dead.

Squander Two writes:

Secondly, this is being reported all over the place, of course, and every report I’ve seen mentions the six-hour wait, what with it being the whole point of the story. Except the BBC’s:

An inquiry is under way into the death of a man after a two-hour delay in him being seen by an A&E unit in Kent.

I’ll print the rest, what with the BBC’s well-established reputation for stealthily editing their reports after criticism without changing the “Page last updated” bit — for lying, in other words.

Squander Two then does so, and adds some considered commentary on how the BBC could possibly have ended up describing a six hour wait as a two hour wait. His remarks are all the more damning in that they strive so hard to be fair.

Perhaps the BBC read it, as there is something rather shamefaced about the follow-up story concerning the statement on the case by the Chief Executive of the Medway NHS Foundation Trust, which does manage to mention the unadjusted times involved.


OK then, let me be clear about this from the start. I am all in favour of incompetent business being punished since that is the essence of the free market, as the strong and efficient prosper and the weak and unprofessional fall away. So in that regard I welcome the investigation the BBC has conducted into the private ambulance operator in Birmingham uncovering totally unacceptable practices.

But there is something about this that bothers me and it lies in the almost malicious glee with which the BBC “uncovers” this failure in the private sector. If you read through this you will come to the curious line from Sam Oestreicher, of the militant health union Unison, who says that privatising services was “always going to cause problems. Private sector providers, their priority is profit not the patient. We are seeing the growth of an uncontrolled and unregulated industry as far as the NHS is concerned.” My question is given the horrendous numbers of patients who die in our NHS wards across the UK, having acquired infection in the filthy wards, why does the BBC not investigate how public sector standards kill more than even Islamic terrorists could dream? I’ll tell you why; the BBC shows an underlying contempt for private enterprise and instead likes to prop up thoroughly discredited NHS standards such as those extolled by Mr Oestreicher.

A certain lack of clarity

Consider the following introduction from a BBC report of hospital infestations:

“The cleanliness of most NHS hospitals in England is threatened by frequent invasions of rats, fleas, bedbugs, flies and cockroaches, a report claims.”

Yeah right- bugs first, dirt afterwards.

Consider also the way the information is presented as “by the Conservatives ” when it is said later in the article that the figures were obtained “under the Freedom of Information Act”- and thus by inference we can say are official figures; but only by inference.

You certainly need to check under the carpets when the BBC are tidying the newsroom.


It’s only a few weeks since the BBC was cheer-leading for the National Health Service on the occasion of it’s 60th Birthday. As B-BBC readers know, to criticise the neo-Stalinist NHS is frowned upon by the BBC which is why when one reads about this horrific instance of NHS bungling incompetence in which seventeen patients who were told they did not have cancer were later informed they had the disease after a mix-up does not cause more than a mild media ripple. I would have thought that any good journalist would want to take up the comment by Hereford Hospitals NHS Trust chief executive Martin Woodford that “No patients that we have been able to identify have died as a result of a misdiagnosis.” Not Yet, he means.

But what about the unimaginable anguish these patients and their families have been plunged into by the NHS? The BBC has a duty to challenge the NHS, to pursue these cases of gross incompetence, to ask tough questions about the State Health Provider, but of course it won’t. The NHS and the BBC are spiritually linked; both outdated, both characterised by gross inefficiency, both funded without our consent by our taxes.


Did you see that the BBC’s specially commissioned poll to mark 60 years of the NHS has come up with the …ahem…. “surprising” revelation that the majority of people here in the UK want to see more State interference and greater State spending in the health service? You have to admire the BBC’s brassneck – using this anniversary to push for more Statism and enhanced taxation all to be poured down the gaping maw of the Stalinist NHS. Not much of a mention of the thousands that DIE each year in this vast filthy monolith. Like the BBC, the NHS is politically driven, overstaffed with bureaucrats removed from reality, and in need of demolition.


. Just watched the BBC Ten O’Clock News and was intrigued by the breaking news that there has been a fall out between the NHS and one of its primary IT suppliers Fujitsu. What really stunned me was the BBC assertion that “The estimated final overall cost of computerising the NHS in England is currently £12.7bn. While the NHS’s Connecting for Health programme has overrun, tough contracts have so far kept it broadly within budget. What? The alleged “tough contracts” have seen the cost of this IT farce jump from £2.3 billion to £6 billion, then £9 billion and currently £12.4 billion – it is by any standards MASSIVELY over-budget anfd with little prospect of attaining the time-scales promised by the NHS. I find it staggering that the BBC thinks it can get away with such unmitigated propagandising on behalf of the NHS. This is not just bias, it is lies.


I was reading the BBC’s report on the progress of the NHS IT programme this morning and to be honest all seems well. We are informed that this I.T. programme has already delivered £208 million in savings and by 2014 it is on course to deliver £1.4bn savings. This is truly pathetic stuff – the BBC is merely regurgitating NHS propaganda. The FACTS of the matter is that this NHS I.T. fiasco has spiralled in cost from an initial estimated £2.3 billion to £6 billion then to £9 billion and most recently it has been moved up to £12.4 billion. Even this figure is no longer secure and the date of implementation also keeps moving out. The NHS is one of the articles of faith held by the BBC and so any hint that things are calamitously wrong is neatly shielded from public consumption by the State broadcaster. It makes you sick, but not so sick that you would trust the NHS. Or the BBC.