We have heard a LOT from the BBC concerning the SWP and the alleged success of some of their campaign tactics in recent times. Biased BBC contributor Alan picks up on this raises a number of points;

“The Socialist Worker’s Party….a Marxist revolutionary group intent on destroying democracy. Let’s not beat around the bush…these people are fronting an ideology that is prepared to kill those who do not march to their tune. The romantic image of Marx so beloved of many in the corridors of the BBC is betrayed by his own writings…

‘The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. they openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communist revolution.’Communism called for the arming of every worker….and as put into practise in Russia these arms were put to good use….killing anyone who tried to improve their lot in life.

Given all that you might think it strange to hear a BBC senior economics reporter, Evan Davis, on the BBC’s flagship political news programme advocating the Unions join up with the SWP and adopt their tactics in battling capitalism.

Strange that a responsible senior BBC journalist should tie his flag to the mast of such a motley revolutionary crew and openly champion acts of public disorder, intimidation, blackmail and civil disobedience.

Strange that the BBC who apparently believe that democracy is a ‘sacred’ thing…or did when Nelson Mandela was fighting for it in South Africa….should now allow a senior journalist to suggest that rather than have a democratic engagement of the people we will allow those who are prepared to shout the loudest and use the most violence to decide government policy.

Of course that has long been the BBC policy when it comes to Muslims….giving them a platform to air their supposed grievances unchallenged by frightened BBC presenters who lack the knowledge, the will and the nerve to question any statement by these ‘community’ spokesmen.

All this is not new…though the BBC woiuld like you to think ‘Occupy’ and the SWP were the first people in the world to challenge Capitalism….see how sucha challenge turned out:


The BBC narrative is clear. Bankers were solely responsible for the global financial crisis. Go a little deeper and the narrative refines itself even more alarmingly; Capitalism was solely responsible for the global financial crisis. If only the State could control things. Next, seize on every opportunity to nail this in the public psyche. Take this current onslaught against RBS Chairman Stephen Hester. His crime has been to abide by his contract – a contract put in place under the gaze of a Labour Government. Now, the BBC allows Labour spokesman Chuka Umunna to rage against the sheer iniquity of what HIS party facilitated in the first place! Mike Cunningham, one of my fellow writers over on A Tangled Web, tackles the issue here.


I did a recorded interview on BBC5 live last night concerning the issue of Conservative plans to potentially imprison bankers who take what is deemed “excessive risk”. I was more than happy to debate the Conservative MP Matthew Hancock but what irritated me was Stephen Nolan’s dismissal of my suggestion that politicians who create “systemic damage” to our economy be subject to criminal prosecution. That was deemed “unserious”yet creating legislation that criminalises risk-taking in part of the Financial sector is considered serious? That said, I got my say so am not complaining, just pointing out that the Presenter was taking an editorial line that seems in line with the “hang the bankers” meme.

Then, this morning, I had been invited onto Nolan’s BBC NI programme to cover same topic. The item was bumped so I didn’t make it on but I wanted to explain WHY the item was bumped. Last night, Nolan did an interview with a lady suffering from Tourettes. This was in the context of David Cameron’s remark about Ed Balls. Naturally, the Tourettes lady attacked Cameron and it was a nice little character assassination job BUT I cannot find evidence of the BBC affording Abbott’s “divide and rule” tweet the same detailed analysed. This item was then run AGAIN on BBC NI and lots of people phoned in to say how awful Cameron was. I have no time for David Cameron but I though that this was little more than Nolan whipping up mob frenzy against Cameron, and all under the pretext of “caring” about Tourettes.


The BBC’s love of the EU is blind and knows no bounds. Here, Richard Black – showing crass ignorance of the laws of supply and demand – bellyaches that the nasty Chinks (his spitefulness makes Diane Abbott look tame, but this is a greenie item, so no holds are barred) are daring to complain about Brussels’ puntive new aviation tax. His breathtakingly naive argument is that Chinky airlines make obscene, nasty capitalist profits so why worry – and in any case it only amounts to a few dollars a ticket – so who gives a stuff? Actually Mr Black, US airlines – never mind China for a second – say it will cost them billions of dollars. But in Mr Black’s lavish never-never land of cash-from-the licence fee will buy my air ticket to Durban or wherever I please, such trifles clearly do not matter.

In the real world of competition and tight margins,a dollar remains a dollar – no matter how devalued it has become under Obama – and this new tax is a pointless, nasty piece of legislation that is one more nail in the coffin of European competitiveness. The BBC should be highlighting its likely negative impact rather than offering such repression an unqualified puff.


Biased BBC contributor Alan observes…

“Interesting to hear Nicky Campbell on 5Live this morning keep telling us that Capitalism is in crisis.

Is it? Capitalism is thriving…..China, India, Brazil, Poland, Canada, Mexico…..all seemingly booming.

Capitalism is working because it follows the profit…when the West made itself too expensive for manufacturers they went looking for cheaper labour forces and less red tape.

What is in crisis is Socialism.READ MORE

“It is Socialism that demanded ever higher wages, better work conditions, endless maternity leave and now paternity leave, health and safety requirements that prevent anything being done, and massive welfare for non-workers which drained the capital to provide further investment to create more jobs.

Socialism destroyed the Western economies, Capitalism just moved on to greener pastures.

It was Socialism that bailed out the banks, capitalism would have let them fail.

It was Socialism that borrowed massive amounts of money and employed millions in the Public Sector without a plan to pay them and left generations of British workers a massive debt legacy that will crush the economy for decades.

Socialism means that children in school now will be paying for their parents wages (now paid by borrowed money) and their pensions.

The shallow and rabble rousing comments from Campbell illustrate perfectly all that is wrong with the BBC.

The BBC has a malign influence on Race, Politics and Religion….it is sowing the seeds of social and political unrest…creating anger, discontent and fear in order to ferment trouble for the Coalition government that will allow in the BBC’s favoured political party….Labour.”


Oh those BAD capitalists. A Biased BBC reader observes with regard to this item on the BBC ;

Traditionalregurgitation of agitprop press release from “The Oakland Institute”which five seconds googling reveals to be an activist lefty pressure groupdevoted to the usual stuff and established to counter “conservative”influence. All unmentioned in the BBC’s “think tank” description. Thelink from the front page refers to a hedge fund “grab” of”Africa’s land” – ie the land belongs to Africa not to the people whosold it, and it’s a grab not a sale. The “hedge funds” who aregrabbing the land are, en passant, awarded the blame for the 2008 financialcrisis. All capitalists are equal I suppose. To be fair one of the guilty menis allowed to claim he’s innocent, and the commentary mentions that theAfricans get paid better for working on the properties than they get elsewhere,so it’s not uninterrupted propaganda. Just nearly uninterrupted.

A nearly truth one might say, what the BBC does best!


Another interesting insight into the biased mind of the BBC here. Justin Webb evidently has a problem with “Big Pharma” in true comradely fashion so when some of the world’s major producers of important drugs announce plans to supply at cost an anti-diarrhoea drug for African children, he is immediately suspicious and accuses them of seeking to curry our favour by “taxing” the NHS more in order that this can engage in such commercial magnanimity. The GSK spokesman is pretty sensible in what he says but you can sense the smouldering hostility from Webb. Through the prism of the left, personified by Webb, there is something inherently wrong in the profit motive and so all vendors of capitalism must be challenged even when,as in this case, they choose to save millions of lives.


Was away yesterday so hence lack of posts but having got back I see the BBC are still running with their meme that the private sector and the “profit” motive are deleterious to our good health. They have been combining  the issues of Southern Cross and Bristol Nursing Home  to weave the narrative that only the well run financially responsible always-caring NHS can provide us with good healthcare. I believe they betray their own inherently Statist mentality in the way they portray this meme. The BBC seems to believe that the State is morally virtuous because it never has financial issues since it can thieve from the taxpayer. I can think of £3 billion reasons why they hold such an opinion.


The right to own one’s own property is a mark of a democratic country and was one of the great achievements of Lady Thatcher when she was in power. Now, the Welsh Assembly seeks to ban the sale of Council houses in certain areas. Nothing strange there – what else one would expect from a left-wing institution? However what surprised me was that the BBC angle on this was “Is it already too late?” to make such a legislative move. Now I accept that is one perspective but what about the view that says “Is this totally unacceptable?”. No evidence of that on display from the BBC – only ONE point of view permitted.  Everything Thatcher ever did they oppose and use their rancid little programmes to seek to re-write history.


Evidently the BBC shares the same view as the Greek government that Pharmaceutical companies must be obliged to sell drugs at below cost, even if this means making a loss. That is what I take from the tone of this report. I suppose it’s tough for Socialists to understand the commercial mindset but haven’t they a duty to at least try? As someone who suffers from Diabetes myself, I am sympathetic with those affected by the decision to withdraw the insulin from the market BUT the responsibility lies with the absolute recklessness of the Greek government. The BBC skips over that pesky detail.