Springtime For Arabs/Happy Independence Day Israel

What is the Arab Spring? People think the uprisings in the Arab world denote a kind of dawning of the age of Aquarius.

“Harmony and understanding,
Sympathy and trust abounding”

they chirrup delusionally.

But the Arab Spring is….. a spring. Coiled, tense, and poised to uncoil in an explosion of hatred for Israel, and perhaps the West as well.
The BBC have lost interest in Egypt, but the Muslim Brotherhood is in the ascendant, and Jupiter Aligns with Mars, Diplomatic relations have been re-established with Iran.

Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars.


The BBC’s Kevin Connolly acknowledges that if democracy emerges from the Arab Spring it will be the kind of democracy that grants the people, by popular vote, the one thing that unites them. The freedom to give full vent to their anti Israel sentiment.

Popular sentiment in Egypt appears to run strongly against Israel and sooner or later if the largest country in the Arab world is to become a democracy, then it seems reasonable to assume that will be reflected in the attitudes of future parliaments and governments.

Connolly appears to find nothing wrong with that, and I gather he’s saying that the Arab uprisings will empower the ill informed, uneducated masses to scapegoat Israel for all their very own failings, corruptions and incompetences, and it’s up to Mr. Netanyahu, the instinctive prevaricator, to deal with it as best he can.

Tunisia. Egypt. Libya. Bahrain. Yemen. Syria. Iraq.

Dissonance not understanding
Death and violence abounding
Only falsehoods and delusions
Darkly dying dreams of visions
Cryptic twisted revolution
Stifling true liberation.
Aquarius! Aquarius.

I wonder if Kevin Connolly has the faintest idea of the value of Israel as a staunch, vital and enormously useful ally of its fellow Western countries – of the U.S. as well as the UK, not to the mention the entire NATO alliance.
The BBC marks Israel’s 63rd birthday with a report about the protest against the government by Gilad Schalit’s relations because it ‘mars Independence day event.’
The Palestinians attack Israel. Israel imposes sanctions. Hamas syphons off aid leaving poverty and deprivation in Gaza. The Palestinians blame Israel. The Palestinians attack Israel. Israel retaliates. The Palestinians still blame Israel. Gilad Schalit is kidnapped by Hamas. Hamas demands the release of hundreds of Palestinian criminals in exchange for his release and denies him access to the Red Cross. Everyone blames Israel.

I can’t wait to see how the BBC will report the forthcoming Nakba Day.

Letter to the Arab World

Is The Arab World another world? Separate from the ordinary one?
I thought the world was just the world, inhabited, but not owned, by various groups, creatures and vegetation. But if I was wrong, and the Arabs own a world, or part of the world I occupy, who owns my bit? Should we call it the Infidel World?
Or is the Arab World like the World of Leather, not a world at all, just a place where a helluva lot of Arabs reside?
Can anyone write a letter to this Arab world?

Dear Arab World,
Sorry for not writing sooner, but your beliefs are so profoundly disturbing that I’ve been putting it off.

Looking at your forays into the 21st century by way of Youtube, it seems to me that not only is your religion incompatible with the infidel world, it is incompatible with the adult world. You behave like a bunch of infants acting out some make-believe self-aggrandising fantasy. I suspect you’re putting more effort into convincing yourselves than into trying to persuade others to take you seriously.

The BBC is your biggest and best useful idiot. You’ve got them hooked, lined and sinkered! Who’d have thought the British Broadcasting Corpse would have fallen for it!

This morning’s letter to the Arab World was cunning. Posing as a letter to Syria’s famous political dissident Riyad al-Turk, it contained all the elements of the righteous railing against evil.
Syria’s secret police, walls have ears; they come and get you in the middle of the night. They incarcerate you in a tiny cell and feed you grit.
Who could not be sympathetic to the glorious uprising against a regime bristling with restrictions and repressions? We’re with you all the way.

But wait, what’s this you’re complaining about? They bombed the last stronghold of the Muslim Brotherhood squandering arms that were intended for exterminating Israel? Our struggle? Freedom? The Supposedly malign influence of Islam? Courageous act of prayer? Feisty young Lebanese Palestinian-supporting kaffiyeh-wearing heroine?
Your slip is showing. Your seductive pleas for freedom and democracy are barely concealing your antisemitic zeal. Too soon to spell it out, but bide your time and you’ll be able to shout it loud and clear, facilitated by your compatriots at the BBC. Why, you’re half way there already!
Must dash to catch the post.

Pressing Matters

Honest Reporting poses a significant question in its latest lament about Israel’s coverage in the media.
Why does Israel’s every move get scrutinised, magnified, exaggerated and endlessly regurgitated through a filter of disapproval, while seriously reprehensible events that occur in the surrounding Arab countries, namely Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, pass unnoticed by the tunnel-visioned press pack?
Honest Reporting answers its own question, putting this bashfulness down to fear of having their access withdrawn, but I’m afraid it’s simply down to pure you-know-what.
At any one time there are some 450 foreign journalists permanently resident in Israel,” they say, plus copious support staff, but all of a sudden, due to present circumstances, most of them decamped to Cairo.

Apparently there was a bit of a media fuss when an Al-Jazeera journo was made to take her bra off at a security check before attending an event with PM Netanyahu, but virtual silence over “many stories of foreign journalists inconvenienced, detained, threatened and sometimes worse.” in neighbouring Arab states.

Pardon me, then, for being mildly amused at this. After the eulogistic praise we’ve had all week for the uprising in Egypt from the BBC’s reverential reporters, how about this from Tom Gross:

BBC’s Jerome Boehm also targeted by protesters

BBC also reported their correspondent Rupert Wingfield-Hayes’ car was forced off the road in Cairo “by a group of angry men.” He was detained by the men, who handed him off to secret police agents who handcuffed and blindfolded him and an unnamed colleague and took them to an interrogation room. They were released after three hours.

BBC reporter Wyre Davies in Alexandria – Attacked and driven off by locals several times in the past few days

BBC foreign editor Jon Williams said via Twitter that security forces seized the network’s equipment in a Cairo Hilton hotel in an attempt to stop it broadcasting.

I don’t know how many times they’ve been attacked by Israeli Jews.

Storm in Teacup

My post Self-Fulfilling Backlash suggested the press was trying to whip up an artificial storm over a comment by Shimon Peres, which was taken out of context and sensationalised by the Telegraph and Haartetz. Now it seems they have succeeded in doing so. A damp squib, anyway. Who’s surprised?
The Express and the Mail have jumped aboard, with the help of Andrew Rosindell who the Express quotes as saying:

“It is inappropriate for the president of Israel to make a comment like that. Maybe he should spend more time here, get to know the British people and realise we defeated the Nazis in the war. I and many other politicians are fighting groups like the BNP, whose views are not representative of the country as a whole.”

which is odd if there’s any truth in this article about Mr. Rosindell’s “form” in politics, which accuses him of “climbing into the gutter” with the BNP.

Robin Shepherd has written:

“What no reasonable person can deny is that there is a massive problem in Britain, that Israel is singled out like no other country in the world in the British press, that rising Muslim populations are bringing a new anti-Israeli dynamic into the equation, that the foreign office tends to support the Arabs against Israel — it imposes a Royal boycott on Israel, for example, while there have been several Royal visits to Arab countries — and that in some cases there is a problem with anti-Semitism.”

For a detailed examination of the long inglorious record of British anti Israel and anti Jewish behaviour read Daniel Greenfield, aka Sultan Knish.

Shimon Peres understands Britain’s historical relationship with Israel and the Arabs far better than David Cameron evidently understands what’s happening in Gaza. Yet Cameron’s ignorance has been given a free pass, while Peres is accused of “getting it wrong.”

For anyone who doubts that the foreign office is pro-Arab, look at who has been appointed big chief. Simon Fraser, formerly sacked (or not, depending on who you listen to) for cohabiting with the PLO official he is now married to.

Britain’s attitude to Israel today, and the press interest stirred up by David Cameron’s nonsense about prison camps is widely attributable to the BBC, which has reported, nurtured, created and re-reported matters concerning Israel in an ever increasing delegitimising exercise. Who knows who and what David Cameron is pandering to with his gaffe-ridden trip, but it certainly isn’t the all powerful media-controlling Jewish lobby.

An egregious spin

So, the Arab League have a plan, according to the BBC. According to the BBC it’s to “defuse the crisis between Sudan and the International Criminal Court (ICC)*” over its decision to indict President Omar al-Bashir.

And what does “defuse” mean: in fact, we learn, it means firstly a statement of outright opposition to the ICC decision and secondly a resolution through the UN with Russian and Chinese support suspending the ICC warrant for Sudan’s leader for 12 months. So contrary to the BBC headline that the Arab League agrees Sudan action- actually the Arab league agrees to oppose ICC/UN action. If I were PR agent for the Arab League I must say I’d be delighted that the BBC ran my press release without even editing.

Of course I would check whether the press release was the same as the BBC’s report, but the Arab League’s English site is under construction. Just can’t find enough English speakers in the world today, can you?

*would just like to add I don’t approve of organisations like the ICC, personally, but that’s not the question here.