A Biased BBC reader writes;

Palestinian writer Raja Shehadeh (natch, you know what’s coming) uses this platform affordedo him by the BBC on Radio 4’s Book of the Week slot to promote war, the Caliphate and death to Israel.

It is written seductively in a quiet manner, poetic and lyrical…but listen to the words and there is no mistaking the intent…to incite the Arab world to attack Israel and to do away with borders and nationalities…in other words create a Muslim caliphate. He tells us that Israel and the Arab dictators like Mubarak were in a ‘deadly embrace’ that allowed Israel to stay in existence and flourish for 30 years. What was the alternative? The Muslims had tried destroying Israel 3 times….The only conclusion is that he wishes that Israel had not been able to sign peace treaties with the likes of Egypt and that wars had continued with the aim of annihilating Israel and the Jews. 

Good of the BBC to allow the vioce of terrorism onto the airwaves whilst banishing that of people like Geert Wilders who is condemned for suggesting that a religion that has homophobia, misogyny, religious apartheid and evangelism at the point of a sword, may not be a fit and proper partner in creating a free and liberal world.