Fun With Immigration Figures

From the Let’s Compare Headlines Dept, we have another example of counter-spin in action. Via Channel4s FactCheck we hear that:

“Gordon Brown has done it again. The statistics he used for 2009 are an under-estimate, because they don’t include all migrants. The figures he used for 2007 and 2008, however, do. So he’s misled the public by comparing the most flattering data for the latest year with the most unflattering data in the previous years.”

That gives us a stark insight into the subject of a surprisingly wide spread of headlines:

“How Gordon Brown’s podcast turned an immigration rise into a fall” – Daily Mail

“Gordon Brown accused of fiddling immigration figures” – Daily Telegraph

…a wide spread, because BBC doesn’t seem to think it’s that big a deal…

“Row over Gordon Brown immigration figures podcast”

A “row” sounds so much less interesting, eh? Move along, nothing to see.

Hat-tip to GeorgeR in the Comments

Compare And Contrast

From the new site for spoof Labour posters.
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Compare and contrast the following headlines today:

Daily Telegraph: Long-term unemployment highest since 1997

The Times: Number of people on the dole hits 13-year high

Guardian: Unemployment claimant count rises again

ITN: Long-term jobless total soars

BBC: UK unemployment falls for second month in a row

Saving Gordoom….it’s what we do.
Hat-tip: Regular Biased-BBC contributor Robin Greer


You can’t beat the Today programme for sheer pro-Labour entertainment value. I caught Shaun “Where’s my Butler?” Woodward being interviewed by James Naughtie this morning on the issue of Gordon’s leadership (or lack of) and yesterday’s fun and games with Hewitt and Hoon. Woodward naturally dismissed this all as a distraction from the real issue (Cameron’s dithering) and declared (hand on heart, scout’s honour?) that he sat in “a happy cabinet.” This surreal statement was not challenged in any way by Naughtie and so a line in drawn through the winter revolution in Labour. As an add-on, Woodward was also gifted an easy question concerning Northern Ireland’s First Minister Peter Robinson which was designed to allow him to wax lyrical on the wonderful relationship between the DUP leader and the IRA in the form of butcher boy Martin McGuinness. All one big set-up, and a complete disinterest in asking hard questions.