Webb of Witlessness

Justin Webb may be an intelligent person, it’s just that he carefully hides it in his work for the BBC. Today the latest in the BBC’s “elect Obama- The One” coverage features a prominent diary entry from Webb none too subtly entitled “palling with Pinochet”. Reading Webb in recent times I have been struck by the force of his dislike for Sarah Palin. I suspect it comes from his intense atheist’s disdain for her religious background. Anyhow, today Webb borrows Palin’s successful slogan about Obama “palling around with terrorists” and uses it against McCain. Webb has clearly convinced himself that Palin unfairly attacked Obama and he takes it upon himself to hit back. You will notice if you follow Webb’s link to hyper-partisan pro-Democrat Huffington Post that the idea of presenting the alleged McCain link to Pinochet in the same terms as Obama’s proven link to Ayers is not there. It’s Webb’s own little twist. But maybe if Webb thought for a second he would realise the comparison is painfully inapt. McCain allegedly visited Pinochet’s regime once in the 80’s, while he was on the Senate Foreign Affairs committee. It was apparently known to the US Government, and, if disputed documents are to be believed, included one 30 minute meeting with Pinochet, which McCain joked was like meeting the head of the John Birch society.

To put it politely, Webb’s comparison is ridiculous. It is a known fact that Obama has had many meetings with William Ayers, convicted and unrepentant terrorist who believes America to be the world’s leading problem. There is a great rundown of Ayers’ beliefs and actions at Zombie’s blog. Ayers has worked alongside Barack Obama, Obama reviewed favourably an Ayers’ book which itself referred to “writer Barack Obama”, and Obama launched his first election campaign at a fundraiser at Ayers’ home. They lived in the same neighbourhood. Some visitors here will know more than I about this stuff, some less. But I think that Justin Webb either knows less than any of us, or is simply so infatuated he simply must retaliate on Obama’s behalf against those nasty Republicans.



Classic case of BBC bias in this woven report on the US election. It commences with an attack on Sarah Palin’s “alleged abuse of power” before (cue strings..) informing us that Obama’s beloved grandma may not live to election day and then segueing into the statement that McCain is “taking advantage” of Obama’s enforced absence. Aren’t those Republicans bastards?


As we approach the end of the US Presidential campaign, Justine Webb becomes ever more outrageous in his shilling for Obama. This time round he manages to firstly quote from the far left blog The Huffington Post (again) and then he digs up a comment from John McCain back in 1999 praising Colin Powell. Apparently the defection of RINO Colin Powell to the Obama camp was ” a psychological blow” Let’s face it – Justin has given up on reporting – he is now collaborating with the Obama campaign in full breach of every BBC guidance. The thing is, the BBC does nor care. It is obsessed with getting The One is the White House and having a socialised USA and so all notion of professional neutrality is out the window. I bet the champagne bottles WILL be popping once again in Broadcasting House should Americans place their faith in the Obamessiah next month. Now in this regard, most of the rest of the UK media is equally pro-Obama, witness Boris Johnson’s witless article in the Telegraph yesterday (seized on the Beeb) but the difference is that I get to choose whether or not I pay out to read or listen to such opinion – the BBC forces me to do so and that is the real point of grievance here.

Toa Kitu Kidogo + Icon Management ( BBC PrObamaganda roundup)

For those non-Swahilli speakers who visit this site (there must be at least a few), the first part of the title above means “give a little something”- and is a common expression in Kenya, used in particular when a policeman wants a little bribe. Well, I should imagine the inhabitants of Kisumu, West Kenya, could be using the expression once the One has won as is clearly the wont of the BBC. We’re had the centenarian nun, voting messiah; now comes the airport request. Oh, and meanwhile, while the Obama-Kenya story is filed in Africa (as though the BBC normally concern themselves with regional African airport proposals), back in their “election coverage” we find out the effects a One victory would have on dancers in Harlem.

The incessant drip, drip, drip of PrObamaganda continues with the BBC showcasingthe One to illustrate his (purportedly) self-deprecating humour, as he refuted suggestions that he was born in a manger by saying he was actually born on Krypton. It was excerpted from a slightly stilted, acceptably witty speech Obama gave to a charity dinner audience on Thursday, which McCain also addressed- only McCain actually got the lion’s share of the laughs (he was frankly quite unleashed and hilarious- recommended viewing). Yet the BBC offered us a three minute segment of Obama’s speech which loads automatically when the frontpage-featured link is clicked. McCain’s very funny speech was freighted with uproarious stuff, yet is reduced by the BBC to two very short segments. In total, Obama gets 5 minutes plus direct frontpage access. McCain gets 2 minutes, split into two parts, hidden below the One’s contribution. The ratio 5:2 with frontpage versus fourth-page treatment seems about right as a summary of the BBC’s partiality for Obama over McCain.

You can see the whole McCain speech here. Obama’s is here.


More pro-Obama doodling from the BBC. Once again, on the main news portal, is the earth-shattering and election clinching story that a 106-year-old American nun living in a convent in Rome is… going to vote for Obama. The faux cutesy angle on it is that she could well be the oldest person to vote in the 2008 US Presidential election. Sister Cecilia Gaudette, who last voted for President Eisenhower in 1952, has registered to vote and says she will vote for The One. Well God bless the Sister and her aged opinion but isn’t it stunning to see the BBC shamelessly spinning these pro-Obama stories one after another as if they were news? The coverage of the US election WILL be a full chapter in the Biased BBC book as I am almost (but not quite) left speechless by the hatred shown towards McCain-Palin and the fawning propagandising for Obama-Biden.


I was reading over on Drudge that whilst US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama may be struggling to nudge ahead of his Republican rival John McCain in polls at home, people across the world want him in the White House, a BBC poll said! Naturally. All 22 countries covered in the BBC poll would prefer to see Senator Obama elected US president ahead of Republican John McCain. In 17 of the 22 nations, people expect relations between the US and the rest of the world to improve if Senator Obama wins. Looks like the rest of the world could be in a for a big disappointment if all those polls the BBC isn’t so keen on are right.


…OK, I know I have focused on the BBC coverage of the RNC a lot this week but that’s because I think it has shown BBC bias in all its repulsive glory. So I wanted to finish this week with the coverage of John McCain’s speech last night on Today this morning and contrast it with that of Obama last week on the same programme. You’ll not be surprised to discover that when Obama spoke last week the BBC drooled over it, to the point of hysteria, giving it lead story significance. Today, ah well that’s a different story. Yes, they DO cover McCain, just after we got to hear from a trade unionist urging Labour to punish big business and just after we heard an update on that all critical Angolan general election. And when we DID first get to hear, Naughtie chose to ask two young republicans about Obama. Wonderful stuff from the BBC. They must have nightmares that the McCain/Palin ticket is going to beat their boy Obama and we can be certain that between now and November they wil use every opportunity to dampen down any enthusiasm for the GOP candidates. Last night, on Newsnight, I caught a vox pop they set up asking if Sarah Palin’s fantastic speech had swayed swing voters/Hillary voters to consider voting Republican. Unsurprisingly the overwhelming majority said NO – they were with Obama. So at EVERY turn, the BBC will be there to undermine one party and support another and THAT, my friends, is the sickening bias that we are asked to fund.


Sarah Palin(Did I mention she has a pregnant unmarried 17 year old daughter?) has given a wonderful speech at the RNC and the BBC are most unhappy about it. I caught James Naughtie being interviewed about it at 6.35am this morning on Today and all he could observe was that by Palin (Did I mention she has a pregnant unmarried 17 year old daughter?) going for Obama – the Chosen One – she now left herself open to attack by Obama. Seriously!! As if the orchestrated and frenzied attacks on Sarah Palin and her famly by the Dem attack dogs and their media chattels since last Friday were just political foreplay. Oh – and whilst she may have covered ethics reform, energy policy, chief executive policy AND exposed the Chosen One’s lack of experience, James wrily noted she had not covered global warming. There you go then – Palin’s speech – just typical conference fare which plays into Obama’s hands. Unbelievable. There is NO WAY that the BBC is prepared to let go of its narrative that Obama is going into the White House and and so even when the GOP base is energised by Palin and American women have a real role model for vote for, it is relentlessly downplayed to the point of being almost muted by the rotten biased despicable BBC. (Oh, and don’t forget, Palin has a pregnant unmarried 17 year old daughter)