It never ceases to sicken me the way in which the BBC seems to be besotted with the loathsome Keith Vaz. In this story, note how they use Vaz to try and undermine Boris Johnson. Pathetic stuff – ever since Boris won the BBC have been doing everything possible to try and get their pal Livingstone back into office next time round. That’s one reason why Red Ken is never off the BBC. I know Boris has his frailties, and he says many things I do not agree with, but quite frankly this sort of petty nonsense is just a bit of character assassination.


I see the BBC have been quick to provide those well-known political scientists Annie Lennox, Alexei Sayle, Bianca Jagger and their pals Livingstone and Galloway, with lots of publicity for their impassioned protest on behalf of the savages of Hamastan. You know I remember when Sayle was funny, just as I remember when Lennox release decent songs, but those days are long gone and so these clapped out dhimmified goons do their little act for the British Muslim Initiative and the BBC give them uncritical profile.


Why is the BBC determined to give Red Ken a perma-presence on its programmes? I see that he has been babbling on that Boris had the right to dismiss Sir Ian Blair as if anyone cares what he thinks anymore. Except the BBC that is, of course! I heard Red Ken being interviewed on 5 Live minutes after Blair had resigned and he got stuck into Boris making the predictable character assassinations.