Anyone catch moonbat Amanda Foreman on with Brillo Pad on “This Week” last night? I was impressed by the utter delusionalism of her analysis of the US Mid-terms and one can understand WHY the BBC lined her up. With Jacqui Smith and Portillo lining up to mostly agree with Foreman, we had the BBC view manifest. Obama won, the Tea Party lost. All is well. You couldn’t make it up

"Adored You On Those Politics Shows, Dahling….Nice Fee?"

Brian Cox on QT, Tony Robinson on TW afterwards…..who the blazes wants to hear the views of these pompous, overrated, superannuated lefty luvvies? Actors have to be, by default, self centred, vain, bitchy and ruthless to get on – they make bankers appear furry bunnies in comparison, particularly in the C list division inhabited by the likes of Cox and co.

Robinson speculating about swivel eyed Ed leading us into a new form of economics (Pippa Dreadberg and her Marmite Street Theatre?), Cox informing us with actorly gravitas that he is anti Iraq war, anti nuclear deterrent….I am certain their agents assured them that millions would be hanging on their words with bated breath…

Still I suppose we should be grateful that we weren’t exposed to something even worse – one of those “cutting edge”, “brilliantly gifted” self righteous boors who liked to be described as a “marxist” comedian.


Nice to see a consensus on the contributors on This Week that The Taliban are actually nice guys. Not terrorists, according to Imran Khan. This was another dreadful programme only enlivened by pop-opera diva Katherine Jenkins impressive political insights…,