BBC sycophancy towards Vince Cable has reached new levels of nausea this morning. A headline on the  Today programme was that Cable agreed that he would make a good Chancellor! You don’t say? This is of course also being used by the BBC as a not so coded attack on Osborne but it’s remarkable how the BBC grovels to Cable. I wonder if Cable’s self declared “war on Murdoch” is the thread that has earned Cable such respect from the BBC. To attack Saint Vince is to attract the opprobrium of the  Beeb yet his record on the big economic issues is abysmal, but he is the man who is always right- in hindsight. What next from the BBC? Mr Miliband – would you accept you would make a great Prime Minister?


It’s been a busy morning for the thoroughly impartial Justin Webb. Just after 7.18am he was “breaking the traditional “mood of the conference” at the Liberal Democrat Party Conference in Birmingham, by taking in A4 sized close-up photos of some senior Conservative cabinet ministers and seeing what reaction it would cause”. Nice one. Then @7.55, he was back to interview the “great” Vince Cable. Justin has evidently decided that Vince is back again and is prepared to cut him some slack but ONLY if he keeps serving up BBC-approved policies such as “limiting” what “executives” can earn. Vince wiggled his way around the totalitarianism implicit in his policy, trotting out his dodgy statistics to support it, without retort from Justin. It’s clear that so long as Cable seeks to bash the Private Sector, he will get a largely favourable response from the BBC and obviously a Lib-Dem conference is not exactly a friendly environment for those who create the wealth that keeps the bloated State sector afloat. Webb makes little effort to disguise his anti-Coalition impulses and if this is what it is like for the Lib-Dems conference, just WAIT until Labour host their conference. Will the BBC play the Red Flag?  (Sorry there are no links to the items quoted but despite their £££billions the BBC cannot apparently provide something so simple as of time of writing @ 9.23am)