A Nation Weeps…”Celebrities/”Stars” Won’t Go Up To Salford For BBC Breakfast Show…..

Will BBC Breakfast move back to London? Salford base ‘can’t attract enough stars on to the show’

Thus cheeps the celebrity obsessed Daily Mail with a story that “stars” and “celebrities” have to be interviewed via (shock,horror) videolink. The Mail claims the situation is so grave that the beeb is considering taking the whole show back to London. Naturally the beeboids deny this saying that everyone who is anyone is simply stoked to travel north, dahling, because the north is so, like, authentic…

Considering the amount of taxpayers money spent in relocating to Salford on what was, essentially, a PR stunt I doubt not even the arrogant spendthrift that is the BBC would dare, at this moment, to go into reverse on this delicate matter. What it does highlight, however, is that they are willing to ‘fess up on something that has been obvious for years – that BBC Breakfast is a platform for PR hucksters and lobbying parasites (I won’t call these “industries” for the same reason I don’t call shoplifting an “industry”)

Do not take my word for it – force yourself to watch one whole edition of the show. At least 80% of the time will be taken up by the presenters pretending to be “interviewing” either some pilchard about their latest book/film/tv series/reality show/therapy etc etc or a lobby hack, replete with furrowed brow and earnest simpering , peddling a sob story based on a dodgy “survey” (never queried by those eagle eyed BBC interrogators) and, naturally, demanding more taxpayers money to solve the “problem”.

Here’s an idea that would clear these bloodsucking nonentities from our screens and save the BBC money at the same time. Between 7am and 9am just have an updated ten minute bulletin every half hour with real news headlines read by just one person sitting behind a chest high desk interspersed with twenty minutes of “the Potter’s Wheel” so much more interesting than some spray tanned mediocrity from “Strictly Come Dancing”…..