Site URL Change

If you’re here you’ve probably figured this already. We had to change the site URL from to  This cock-up was due to a combination of errors – mainly due to the domain registrar being bought out and and transferring the domain to the parent company without telling us.  They also didn’t keep the correct domain settings, so the site became unreachable.  Due to them being overwhelmed by not-so-happy … Continue reading

Midweek Thread 31 March 2021

If you read the 69 pages of the ‘BBC Annual Plan 2021 – 2022’ – published this week – you recognise a number of recurring themes .1. That the BBC is ‘London centric ‘ 2. It is worried about viewing figures 3. It knows it cannot compete with online subscription services 4. It is worried about the word ‘impartial – which features a countless number of times 5.It thinks it … Continue reading