Bot or not: Are fake accounts swaying voters towards Labour?

There are many articles about bots influencing elections on the BBC News website. This has been a constant theme for several years now, and a genuine concern which the BBC rightly highlights. Bot or not: Are fake accounts swaying voters towards Reform UK? The bias and cherrypicking in this most recent article is obvious and barely worth mentioning, given that such nonsense is what we all expect of the BBC. No … Continue reading

BBC’s Lucy Ashton silent on Labour candidate Abtisam Mohamed’s links to severe human rights abuse

Abtisam Mohamed is the Labour candidate for Sheffield Central. She is a lawyer alongside partner Saleh Ali Alnoud, a spokesman for the Southern Transitional Council, a Yemeni separatist group. She has shared a platform with Abdul Galil Shaif, chairman of the Friends of South Yemen which backs the STC, and she has spoken at an event of the South Yemen Women’s Forum organised by Shatha Yasin, who provides diplomatic support to the STC. Why does it matter that … Continue reading

Start the Week 10th June 2024

Looks like the BBC will be in full mourning on Monday as across Europe the Far Left is being beaten by partys more interested in caring for their people than those imported from the Third World . And a comment too – about corrupt Green policies imposing unnecessary burdens on us all . Enjoy .

Midweek 5th June 2024

The 5th of June – the original D Day – but held up because of the weather . During the BBC coverage of the 80th anniversary on the 6th – will there be a reference to ‘climate change ‘? How much will the BBC devalue such a sacred anniversary ? Rest in Peace all those boys whose lives were taken from them to free Europe ..

Midweek 29th May 2024

Tuesday saw the first obvious Far Left attitude of the BBC in the General Election . A speech by Nigel Farage was censored – cut off – with the presenter describing him as ‘inflammatory ‘ . Hours later she – Guru Murphy – was forced to apologise on air . A clear breach of the balance the BBC espouses by the hour and a sign of things to come in … Continue reading