Weekend Thread 27th of March 2021

So a Parliamentary Committee (DCMS)has determined that the structure of the BBC cannot be changed until the whole country has topJonny broadband . Then – maybe – financing of the BBC can be considered. Politicians can now rely on this to avoid responsibility for change for the BBC – in any form. The report is freely available on the web but here is a link – https://committees.parliament.uk/publications/5243/documents/52552/default Don’t forget – … Continue reading

Weekend Thread 20th March 2021

In one small incident on BBC Breakfast TV on Thursday the British taxpayer was given direct evidence of the true views of BBC staff. The lie of an ‘unbiased ‘ ‘neutral ‘ BBC was lifted as two presenters sneered at the Union Flag . Maybe it’s time for a makeover – and remove the ‘British ‘ from the BBC. One incident to remember .

Weekend Thread 13th March 2021

The Far left BBC has cancelled a Left wing propaganda programme called ‘the mash report ‘ – but is allowing the SNP leader to run daily party political broadcasts ( also know as covid briefings ) in the run up to Scottish elections . The BBC fixation with race has now been joined by an anti – male strand following the death of a woman in London . To describe … Continue reading