BBC Analyst: Muammar must’ve outsmarted W.

Hello? Even the NY Times credits Bush with success. To admit that Bush has had success on any level (whether hunting down Saddam, a strengthening economy or scaring Col Gaddafi into cooperation) must be harder for the Beeb to swallow than cod liver oil. Hardliners in Beebland must shudder to read Bush-loathing Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank own up to Bush success.

It has been a week of sweet vindication for those who promulgated what they call the Bush Doctrine. Beginning with the capture of Saddam Hussein a week ago and ending Friday with an agreement by Libya’s Moammar Gaddafi to surrender his unconventional weapons, one after another international problem has eased.

So what does the BBC’s ‘expert’ , George Joffe, have to say about these developments? Gaddafi got what he wanted all along and Bush is just fending off his “many domestic critics”. Take your medicine, George.

Thanks to Power Line for NY Times and WaPo links.

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8 Responses to BBC Analyst: Muammar must’ve outsmarted W.

  1. Barry Meislin says:

    The BBC may have a point here, actually, though it’s not the one they think they’re making—since there’s really no reason to trust Libya on this, or any issue, and therefore Bush/Blair self-congratulations may prove pre-mature (though I hope this is not the case).

    For things are oft not what they seem, etc…. Though regarding this last tendency, the BBC ought be most self-congratulatory.


  2. Paul says:

    Off topic:

    How’s this for an example of BBC Bias?

    In big bold letters at the side, one of the first things that draws your attention when viewing the article: “Liam Fox really ought to engage his brain before he opens his mouth”

    So to all intents and purposes, he has been discredited before you even start reading the article.


  3. Barry Meislin says:

    Here’s something for those thirsting for a more sober assessment of Qaddafi’s victory.


  4. Ohad says:

    This is interesting (from )

    BBC For Israeli Temple Mount
    Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher was attacked about an hour ago by a Muslim mob in the Al-Aqsa mosque. The BBC reports Egypt Minister Attacked in Israel.
    Ah, so they admit that the Al-Aqsa mosque is a part of Israel!
    UPDATE: The BBC have now changed the headline to read Egyptian Minister Attacked at Mosque.


  5. moshe says:

    “Egypt Minister Attacked in Israel.”

    that was also the ceefax index headline. A casual reader would probably be left with the impression that the attackers were Jewish


  6. John Hensley says:

    Surely you didn’t expect BBC to alter its own Bush Doctrine, the one that says Bush is an idiot no matter what he does (even if the British government comes along).


  7. JohninLondon says:

    This morning the BBC Today programme dredged up Hanx Blix to argue that Libya’s change of heart is due to UN style diplomacy, which should have been continued with Saddam. Now what does Blix know about what changed Gaddafi’s mind ?

    And last night’s Neswnight programme had a long report on the Guantanomo prisoners – everyone interviewed expressed criticism of the US position. Not a single person interviewed to put the US case.

    I really despise BBC news management these days. In spite of Hutton, they carry on spinning, forever trying to justify their world-view.


  8. matt says:

    reference to the Today programme above

    I note Blix presses the right buttons for the BBC – its all Israel’s fault.

    From Blix I listened to the Columbian story, wondering why the BBC interest in the government aspect.
    It would appear that the BBC wants to highlight that Bush’s aid ain’t working. Aid programme will expire in 2005 & Democrats against it. So what will you do then, Columbian minister?
    Minister says that European countries should help Columbia deal with the drug barons (Europeans are users, after all).
    To which answer the BBC interviewer states enigmatically, “Well that raises the question of decriminalisation.”
    Has the BBC now adopted a policy to support the legalisation of cocaine & heroin? (a policy I would not oppose, but it seems a remarkable line for the BBC)