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  1. Susan says:

    Briffa already covered it. See two posts below. Time for a stealth edit?


  2. bob says:


    “The corporation is worried about being criticised by Lord Hutton if it transmits details of his conclusions before they are published. It is possible, however, that senior BBC journalists may learn of the report’s contents from sources outside the BBC: in that instance, the corporation would run the story if the sources were strong.”

    But only if the “external leak” is favourable to the BBC?


  3. bob says:

    above hat tip


  4. Angie Schultz says:

    Eh, this is why I hate cryptic posts that don’t give you any idea what they’re about (e.g. Briffa’s, below). I’m not going to risk the Death of a Thousand Pop-Ups by actually clicking on the link, and most days I won’t aggravate my carpal tunnel by moving the mouse over it, either. Phooey.

    That said, the actual story is less chutzpah-riffic than the Guardian would have you believe. They just bought one of those side ads urging you to go to their site for all your Hutton inquiry needs. It’s not like they bribed google into diverting all relevant inquiries onto the BBC site, which is how the Guardian story read for the first five paragraphs.

    It’s a Guardian vs BBC cage match! Is there a way they can both lose?


  5. Anoymouse says:

    And the problem with this is?


  6. John says:

    Much ado about nothing, methinks?


  7. dan says:

    Latest news on BBC Online News – 3 US soldiers killed in Iraq.
    Latest news in the real world – Sun has leaked copy of Hutton report, BBC heavily criticised.


  8. dan says:

    Sorry, that’s 3 MORE US soldiers killed in Iraq


  9. Bran says:

    But did BBC buy up the Google links to “Corruption in the Media” or “Corruption in the BBC”?