6 Responses to The Power of Bad Television

  1. Roxana Cooper says:

    I think the Liberals are projecting here, since they routinely use lies and fear to manipulate their base, (at least here in America) they naturally assume ‘neocons’ do the same.

    I am happy to see, from the item after the item on ‘Power of Nightmare’ that the Guardian has given up its illconcieved letter writing campaign on Kerry’s behalf. A newspaper in the targeted county pretty much summed up the American reaction ‘Butt out Brits’. Though I hear many of the answering letters used language unfit for print.

    I have no doubt that Britons would react just as negatively to Americans telling them who they should vote for – and quite rightly too.


  2. Rob Read says:

    That’s why I get annoyed at the “click here to thank Tony” blog ads, Americans don’t have to live under this socialist!


  3. Joe says:

    When I read Le Monde, Figaro, Liberation, and listen to the Beeb WS, I often wonder if the America that they talk about is the one that I live in.


  4. Susan says:

    Americans don’t know about Tony’s dreadful socialist and statist policies. All they see is that he is the only big power in Europe who is standing by us as a loyal ally.

    Britain IS receiving some benefit from this perception. British (and Australian)are selling extremely well here (LandRovers, MiniCoopers, British films are all very popular), while French and German products are sinking. So Tony did guess right on that score.


  5. Korenwolf says:

    Britain’s most batty blogger thought the programme “excellent”. He is a gimp.


  6. Martin says:

    Yep listening to Bill O’Reilly on the radio today he reckons that the French are really suffering over Bills’s stuff the French campaign. He’s really been pushing it and I heard that tourism to France is down by some 30% (ouch!) and the French Ambassedor came to see O’Reilly about putting a stop to it. no chance. Go Bill!