“The Badly in Need of a Humorous Re-Write, Department”

If the American expat can be sarcy, so can I. Or am I just being mean in seeing this as both prurient and irrelevant? Against Islam, indeed. Like, duh! Surely they’re just trawling for Google hits with titles like ‘Malaysian Naked Squats Condemned’. Ooh er missus. Now we know the secret of those millions of daily hits… Or, er, maybe I am…

Oh well, at least they’re not guilty of ingrained witlessness like Fox News. (thanks comments- yes, I puked too)

Actually, Mr Mosey seems a bit of a prat for another reason entirely (aside from his absurd generalisation that the entire elite of the British media – C4, Paxman, the entire BBC blah blah … anyone he missed out?… can be said to be anti-herd- dummy, they are the herd, of course they are. It’s all so Greg Dyke). At the moment where I am it’s -13 degrees and dropping* (outside, I can assure you I’m nice and cosy with my slippers on in here. No pajamas though), while Mr Mosey, playing to disgruntled of Tunbridge Wells, is suggesting that talk of a cold winter was nonsense (I speak as a Grantham boy, so Mr Mosey’s anecdote roused some thoughts from me). Well, for a slice off the coast of Europe, maybe (fantastic and delicious slice though it is). For much of Central-Eastern Europe the scenery’s been like something from Dr Zhivago, with occasional thaws just to bring home the general frozenness abounding.

*weather figures courtesy of ever-changing BBConline weather, with commonsense added.

Rapid Update: It’s all clear to me now: the Malaysia story must be part of what Tessa Jowell calls a “strong and distinctive schedule” (justifying a strong and distinctive tax). Can’t wait for the documentary…

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71 Responses to “The Badly in Need of a Humorous Re-Write, Department”

  1. TAoL says:

    A pedant writes:

    “Mosely” = ‘Mosey’

    “Tonbridge Wells” = ‘Tunbridge Wells’*.

    *There is a Tonbridge Wells but Disgruntled doesn’t live there. 🙂

    Yep, you can all give me a slap for being a smartarse. Like Mosely, I almost certainly deserve it.


  2. Rob says:

    Puff piece about the exhorbitant rise in the TV extortion racket:


    No criticism reported at all, no counter argument stated. To add insult to injury, it was posted under the ‘Entertainment’ section. I’m not particularly entertained, by the way. They might as well have stuck two fingers up to us and say “we’ll jail you anyway if you don’t cough up”.


  3. ed says:

    No, no, post in haste, repent at leisure- or sneakily edit. Sneak, sneak. Edits coming up. Thanks TAoL.


  4. Rob Read says:

    Lets compare how many people the bBBC interview and say NDP and liebral with the voting figures.


    I forsee the bBC crying again as another country turns away from neo-slavery and it’s preisthood of beurocrazy.


  5. idontunderstandyou says:

    ‘Against Islam, indeed. Like, duh! Surely they’re just trawling for Google hits with titles like ‘Malaysian Naked Squats Condemned’. Ooh er missus. Now we know the secret of those millions of daily hits… Or, er, maybe I am…’

    Utter nonsense. I have re-read this whole post a few times – I have no idea what you mean. The spelling didn’t help either.

    ‘For much of Central-Eastern Europe the scenery’s been like something from Dr Zhivago, with occasional thaws just to bring home the general frozenness abounding.’



  6. archduke says:

    i have no clue what this post is about either.


  7. Grimer says:

    I’m afraid that I have no idea what you’re talking about either. Is it a parody of the BBC? Because a lot of the time, I don’t understand them either.


  8. TAoL says:

    O/T. Hmmm, the Malaysian police video story is just a sideshow. This…


    …provides more of a context (another pint to jihadwatch.org).

    Indeed, Messrs Spencer and Fitzgerald have discussed the gradual Islamification of that country, giving particular attention to the emergence of a quasi-religious police force and, it seems, a now-diminished status for non-Muslims.

    None of which seems to interest the BBC’s news department.


  9. disillusioned_german says:

    Archduke: Was that you who suggested the “Islam Exhibition” article on Dhimmi Watch? Good job. It got quite a reaction as well.


  10. Susan says:

    The BBC is airbrushing a certain Islamic aspect out of the Malaysian “squat” story. Most other coverage of this story I read details how the naked women were forced to squat while being forced to listen to Koran verses.

    I can’t help but suspect that the BBC deliberately excised this small detail out of their own version of the story.


  11. Hugh says:

    Did anyone notice this actually making it to the BBC’s DHYS on the should we listen to Murdoch thread?
    Added: Monday, 23 January, 2006, 19:56 GMT 19:56 UK

    Brian Gilligan

    Since when did you consider the BBC News site a “serious news site”. You have got to be kidding. It is a loony-left pit of despair, ignorance and stupid political correctness!!!!!

    [TangoMike], Sydney, Australia

    Got 6 recommendations so far.


  12. disillusioned_german says:

    Sadly this “masterpiece” has been recommended by 12 (idiots) so far:

    “Murdoch also attacked the BBC today, suggesting they were trying to stifle small businesses because they operate local websites. This is hypocrisy of the highest order from a shameless monopolist who will stop at nothing to increase his grip on the world’s media. The BBC provides impartial balanced reporting and programming. Murdoch’s organs represent his warped world view.

    phil b, United Kingdom”


  13. disillusioned_german says:

    I wonder what the “b” stands for!


  14. disillusioned_german says:

    Oh, yes… I almost forgot to congratulate Stephen Harper and the Canadian Conservatives on winning the elections!


  15. disillusioned_german says:

    I don’t want to get on anyone’s nerves so that’s my last post before I head to bed but there’s a (D)HYS on the Canadian election where I’ve unearthed this particular gem:

    “I voted today. NOT for Harper. My main reason is his confusing stance on the same sex issue. He wants to change the same sex marriage law back to “preserve” the defination of marriage to include only man to woman. HOWEVER, on the other side of the coin Mr.Harper is suggesting he will give money for same sex child care…..
    So it’s okay for gay people to have children just as long as it’s out of wed lock. We can raise the next generation but we can’t walk down the aisle…. NO sense

    Jacqie, Toronto”

    Erm, Jacqie Darling, gay people can’t “have” children – that’s not biologically possible yet.


  16. Fran says:


    That story about the German hostage having thousands of dollars of the cash paid for her “ransom” is a huge one – deserves much more publicity than the BBC wants to give it! It destroys all of the glamour they like to invest in such people….



  17. Rob Read says:


    True. Islamic hostage = Terrorist.

    I hope she is extradicted to Iraq to face charges and justice.


  18. Rob Read says:

    Doing some more research on the BBCs very dubious Canadian election Panel.

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/s…otes/html/ 1.stm

    25% Conservative.
    37.5% NDP (Loony left)
    37.5% Liberal

    and the actual voting..

    40% Conservative
    33% Liberal
    16% Bloq (Probably align with C)
    9% NDP

    The BBC is Loony left ALL the time.


  19. archduke says:

    disillusion German : yes it was me.

    i wonder if the BBC will give any prominence to this iranian case…

    teenage girl sentenced to hang , because she resisted a rapist attack by three men:


    amnesty international have taken up the case. i suggest that biased bbc readers email/write in to the bbc to get this the prominence it deserves.

    sharia law in action. it needs to be shown.


  20. TAoL says:

    “disillusion German : yes it was me.”

    Yes, that Expo thread has elicited quite a response.

    In my dreams, I see thousands of people demonstrating Ally Pally and no one – bar the ‘exhibitors’ – inside.

    The latter is quite likely, though I imagine lots of public sector workers will be sent to the Expo as part of their ‘Diversity Awareness’ training. They, and the media, will form the bulk of the Expo’s customers. The rest of the UK will yawn and ignore it.

    We can no doubt expect a comprehensive guide to the Expo on the BBC, complete with uncritical and sycophantic RoP fluff, regurgitated press releases, plenty of Have-Your-Says and other assorted ballcocks we have come to expect from that organisation.

    If I am feeling belligerent I might buy an Israel football shirt and wear it to the Expo.


  21. Simon says:

    Erm, Jacqie Darling, gay people can’t “have” children – that’s not biologically possible yet.

    Erm, disillusioned_german “Darling”, yes they can. They either have children from previous relationships or there is a third party involved. I don’t think Jacqie was suggesting that limitations to human biology have been overcome by legislation. I think you know this too. Your comment was patronising and not very amusing.


  22. archduke says:

    “If I am feeling belligerent I might buy an Israel football shirt and wear it to the Expo.”

    PC Plod might arrest you for “breach of the peace”.


  23. TAoL says:

    I wonder if there will be an Apostates’ Display at the Expo?


  24. Ritter says:

    Gay rights group attacks Cowell

    I hope the Met is sending a team of highly trained officers to ‘check’ Simon Cowells comments.

    The BBC should also immediately dispatch Matt Frei to the scene. I suspect Bush is behind this.


  25. Ritter says:

    TV show ‘anti-Welsh’ complaint

    “If I was black, Muslim or gay, I don’t think the comments would have been made.”

    Can you submit an online complaint to the Met re anti-American racism on most nights 6.30pm BBC R4 comedy slot?


  26. Rob Read says:


    Alun need to get some spine. But it’s true the comments wouldn’t be made to a officially more-equal minority.


  27. Rob Read says:

    Apart from LLL “journalists” who’d be suprised?


    Journalists are supposed to bring the world to you, all the bBC can do is bring you what the left wing closet is thinking.


  28. Cockney says:


    Looks like George has failed to appreciate the irony in stressing Tony’s independence by revealing that he gave him permission to leave the coalition!


    I’m slightly bemused by the fact that the BBC have completely ignored the majority pessimist and worsening view in the US??!!


  29. Grimer says:

    Dave T

    My flatmate doesn’t believe that the BBC stealth edit articles. He thinks that any article that is edited, shows the time and date of the last edit.

    A couple of days ago, you said that Nick Robinson’s blog had been stealth edited. Do you have any proof available? E.g. screenshots of the before and after?

    Does anybody have any evidence of BBC stealth editing, in which the ‘date of last edit’ remains unchanged?

    Any help much appreciated.


  30. Rick says:

    I thought the whole purpose of the crackdown on Disability Benefit was to get Prescott off the public payroll


  31. ming the merciless says:

    iranian bomb blasts were not mentioned on the bbc lunchtime news:



  32. ming the merciless says:

    Iranian official : UN sanctions may lead us to seal off the Persian Gulf


    again, not mentioned on the BBC lunchtime news.

    instead they covered something called extraordinary rend..zzzzzz…zzzz. yawwwn…


  33. Ashley Pomeroy says:

    Continuing with the typos, I’ve always spelled it “sarky” (with a hard K sound) rather that “sarcy”. Given that it’s slang, I could be wrong. According to the internet Sarcy is a place in France. The French word for “sarcasm” is “sarcasme”.


  34. Allan@Aberdeen says:

    There was an incident of stealth editing concerning a BBC report on how the sanctions on Iraqi oil exports during Saddam’s regime were being policed. The beeboid reporter blamed the failure to prevent exports through a pipeline into Syria on the US Navy. I sent an e:mail to the BBC pointing out that the US Navy doesn’t yet have naval forces in that region of desert. Within the hour, the sentence relating to the US navy had disappeared but the change was not reflected in the latest date/time of the article. I’m not in the UK at the moment but the pre- and post-amendment pages sit on my desk as a reminder of the BBC’s mendacity.


  35. Grimer says:


    I’d love a copy of those webpages. When are you back in the UK?



  36. Ritter says:

    OT – The BBC is getting a bit of an ear-bashing on it’s boards re the Fat Comptroller of Al-Beeb Radio4’s decision to scrap the Fritz Speigl music (drawing together tunes from England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland).

    Someone has even set up a website:

    Save the Radio4 Theme

    From the boards:

    “Although I never listen to the radio this early, I would like to make two points.

    “Firstly, this seems typical of the BBC’s constant desire to disassociate itself from anything that could be construed as nationalism. I’m no flag-waving patriot, but the BBC does seem to have a problem identifying itself with a ‘British’ identity. Recently, the controversy over not using terms such as ‘terrorist’ derived in part from the BBC claiming it broadcasts internationally and doesn’t want to offend those outside the UK. And the BBC is often accused of being PC over issues of nationality and ethnicity. Yet, it is funded by the British people through the licence fee, and it trades on its status as ‘national broadcaster’ when it wants to.”


    “The BBC news in any case has become merely a forum for minority and focus groups to bore us all with their opinions and is totally unlistenable-to.”



  37. Ritter says:

    link to BBC message boards re above

    BBC Message Board


  38. Rick says:

    I am tired of reference to “UK” instead of British. It is used inappropriately as if it was equivalent to “US” which it is not.

    “Great Britain” would be a nice phrase


  39. archduke says:

    “The BBC news in any case has become merely a forum for minority and focus groups to bore us all with their opinions and is totally unlistenable-to.”

    today’s 1’o clock news on BBC 1 has to be one of the most boring bits of news i have watched in a long long time.

    welfare scroungers on incapacity benefit, euthanasia and “rendition” (i mean – does anyone really give a shit about 100 islamic nutters?)

    oh – that bit of bother in Iran, you know – the explosions that went off today NEAR THE IRAQI BORDER IN SOUTHWEST IRAN – ooh… that’s not interesting, according to the BBC.

    Iranians threatening to block off the Persian gulf, using military force? Nope. not on the beeb radar.

    George Dubya backing up the Israelis , and making clear that he wont tolerate Iranian nukes… not a whisper…

    The BBC needs a radical injection of some geopolitical reality here.


  40. Ian Barnes says:


    hang on a minute no mention of Bush giving Blair the chance not to go to war anywhere on the bbc???

    why ever not?


    This is major news and yet again The BBC “independent” from the Govt doesnt report it?

    Why not? And they want a 4.5% increase in licence fee?

    i think the words go to hell ring a bell.


  41. Ritter says:

    OT stuff

    PM ‘is not a yes man’, says Bush

    Bit of a non story that “sun shines out of Blairs arse” says Bush. The real story is that Bush suggested Blair save himself the domestic bother and pull out of the coalition. Imagine that…. no war in Iraq….. but the BBC seem to gloss over that bit.

    Ian Blarnes posted this link earlier to the Telegraph that headlines what is arguably they story here:

    Bush offered Blair chance to pull out of Iraq

    I am sensing that the BBC are slightly tiring of the ‘war in ira zzzzzzzzz zz zz’. Could it be true? Well know tomorrow depending on whether Sir Ming(er) makes an appearance to bore us all to death on the war in iraq and rendition flights…aaaaaargh!

    Maybe a deal has been done with the Beeb & Labour re going easy on Blair? he BBC got what they asked for vis a vis the licence fee settlement, didn’t they? Ooooh conspracy theories – doncha just love em?

    BBC full of jews – so says Hamza

    FO ‘controlled by Jews’ – Hamza

    “Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri has claimed the Foreign Office and the media are controlled by Jews.”

    Hamza obviousy is not a morning person or he would have heard those well known jews Naughtie & Quinn on R4 ‘Today’ spouting their zionist filth at the tv taxpayers expense….


  42. Ian Barnes says:

    The BBC are tired when it suits them.

    This isnt about Iraq, its about Blair’s credibility (i can just about say the word without smirking, does it exist a bit like the WMD?)

    Anyhow, what happened to all the news on Child Abusers in Schools and Prescott not paying his council tax?

    Has Prescott been investigated by the Police yet?

    Not likely, this is almost a Soviet state, where the “Leaders” get away with anything..whilst law abiding citizens are regularly punished..


  43. archduke says:

    a small bit of non-bias

    Fergal Keane interviews Ayaan Hirsi Ali – the Somali Dutch MP who made “Submission” with Theo Van Gogh


    seriously interesting interview folks – i cant recommend it highly enough.


  44. Cockney says:

    In all seriousness the Bush thing is a total non issue – Blair would have looked completely ridicuous backing out of Iraq after all the rhetoric about it being the right thing to do.

    As for Bush ‘offering’ the opportunity to pull out, the Telegraph headline is extraordinarily unfair to him as it appears he merely suggested it as an option. Given the way its been written there will be a deluge of complaint and anti-Bush abuse along the lines that we’re a sovreign country that doesn’t need the US’ permission to do anything.


  45. Rick says:

    welfare scroungers on incapacity benefit,…………..aka Abu Hamza

    Talking of which he lives about three doors away from John Hutton the former Poly Law Lecturer who is out to drive those on Disability Benefit back to work just as the DWP proposes moving call-centres to India !

    Still, I wonder if Hutton and his wife – a Partner at Citigate (?) PR lobbyists will leave their £700k house to visit the Abu Hamzas and persuade them to go off benefits and go work in one of the call-centres moving to India ?

    John Matthew Patrick Hutton

    John Hutton is to marry his long time partner, Heather Rogers


    A cabinet minister has bought a house next door to Abu Hamza, the radical Muslim cleric.

    John Hutton, who recently replaced David Blunkett as Work and Pensions Secretary, paid £730,000 for the semi-detached home in west London.

    Work and Pensions Secretary
    John Hutton, the Work and Pensions Secretary

    His new neighbour is in Belmarsh maximum security prison in south London awaiting trial on charges of incitement to murder and racial hatred. His wife Nagat shares the council home with their eight children.

    he means of Mr Hutton, 50, and his new neighbour differ widely. The minister, a former law lecturer with three children from his first marriage, earns £134,000 a year and his second wife, Heather Rogers, a former senior civil servant, earns around £100,000 as a lobbyist for Citigate Public Affairs.


  46. Socialism is Necrotizing says:

    indeed, many of the sentiments expressed in the video echo those of the BBC and its comedy writers. Except that when the BBC do it aint funny.