A Couple of Items

First, Rottweiler Puppy has taken up the story of the Beeb’s failings over Iran, and produced a very good post on the subject on his new site. It’s ironic in the light of this that the BBC is reporting experiencing Persian censorship. Why, when they’re doing such a good job (for the Mullahs)? Maybe it’s a case of treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen (just like the women).

The second notable thing I have to mention is the Beeb’s surprise that people are actually optimistic in Iraq and Afghanistan– much more so than those in, say, France, for example, which is only topped in the pessimism stakes by Bob Mugabe’s unhappy citizens (those still around to give their opinions). As Zooblogger says, the explanation is that ‘Them Beebs are out of touch with reality’ (link supplied by jim-jams media)

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  1. Rob White says:

    Sorry, new post – OT

    Just listened to 5Live news and the story of “G Bush refuses to give details of Katrina documents”

    I cant find this in the Google News catch or Yahoo.

    What the *uck is going on?


  2. Sandy P says:

    Maybe he can’t and Congress can. There’s testimony going on.


  3. Grumpy Troll says:

    I shall once again post my e-mail exchange related to coverage of Nazanin’s hanging given that it is now on topic (the original message is under the reply).


    I don’t think we have covered this story and to be honest, there’s no
    one reason why that’s the case. For one thing it became known on a
    weekend, and might not not have got picked up as quickly as it might
    have done during the week. Also, try as we might, it is impossible to
    cover every story, and we try to avoid running items simply because they
    have already been covered widely elsewhere.

    To be fair, this particular story seems to have been covered largely on
    blogs and specialists websites, so may never have made it into
    mainstream media. However, the fact it isn’t running shouldn’t be seen
    as an act of censorship – we have covered the issue of Iran’s human
    rights in the past:

    I hope that goes some way to answering your question. I’ll pass your
    e-mail on to our Middle East editor so he can check what the latest
    situation is.

    Kind regards,

    Ian Jolly

    —–Original Message—–

    Sent: 24 January 2006 16:06
    To: News General Feedback
    Subject: Feedback [NewsWatch]

    COMMENTS: I am writing to ask why the story of a 17-year-old Iranian
    girl sentenced to death by hanging for having caused the death of one of
    her three rapists has seemingly not been covered by BBC News, at least
    not on the BBC News website.

    (Story reported at the following URL:

    I would appreciate an answer and do excuse myself should the story have
    been covered and missed by my searches.


  4. Bob says:

    The BBC webpage is critical of Google ‘agreeing to censor itself’ for the Chinese authorities. That wdn’t be the self-righteous BBC that censors ITSELF 24 hrs a day on Islamic ‘extremism’ wd it?


  5. Cockney says:

    Re: second point, there’s a strong argument that Iraqi and Afghani results are pretty poor given that respondents are effectively being asked whether their economies are improving from a war/sanctions/Saddam/Taliban ravaged wreck and significant minorities apparently think not.

    Surely the bigger story though is the pessimism of US respondents given the importance of US consumer confidence on the global opinion. The Beeb seems to have completely ignored this point.


  6. archduke says:

    the nazanin case seems to be spreading on google news. there’s a lot more sites reporting it than a few days ago



  7. archduke says:

    iranian authorities have started to block access to the BBC Persian website:


  8. Rick says:

    Saudi Arabia has a pretty firewall too – no doubt someone can by-pass it by tunnelling but I suppose they have been busy selling them filters as in China and Saudi Arabia to keep them in the dark


  9. anon says:

    Cockney — You know better that that. Lots of dataseries monitor consumer confidence in the US, many more than you’ll ever hear about on the BBC.

    The main issue, the great big elephant in the living room, is when will the next recession arrive? Americans, being realists, are well aware that it will.

    Only G Brown and kin, evidently including yourself, are happier mired in denial, hoping it will all go away. It won’t.

    As usual, the realists are best prepared and will come out best after it all hits the fan. You can be sure the British left will flail around in search of the next scapegoat. Beats looking into the mirror. Thet would never do, would it?


  10. archduke says:

    “The main issue, the great big elephant in the living room, is when will the next recession arrive”

    when the iran war breaks out?

    “Iranian official: UN sanctions may lead us to seal off Persian Gulf”



  11. ed says:

    Thanks Thomas- got to run, so I’ll update the post later. Good work!


  12. Cockney says:

    Anon, you’ve got more confidence in US economic policy than I have but I certainly share your concern about ours.