Orlable Heztravaganza

More kudos to the B-BBC commentariat coming up. When they smell a rat there usually is a rat.

John’s comment is a classic, retrospectively:

“I just caught Ola Guerin’s report on Kofi Anan’s visit to Beirut, it was very different from the one I saw beforehand on Sky. She depicted Kofi like a frightened rabbit, with Hezbollah supporters, especially screaming fanatical women, almost about to lynch him in Beirut, and gave the impression that if it wasn’t for his security it would have happened.

The sky report just mentioned his visit, it was devoid of showing a Hezbollah threat or that he was threatened. There must be a BBC agenda here

Well, indeed (highlight mine).

And Archduke said:

“classic Orla Guerin tonight on the 6 o clock news.

scenes of Kofi Annan getting a rather hostile reception in south Beirut, complete with burka clad islamonazis & ranting Hezbollah “supporters”

Orla intones “whether this demonstration was spontaneous or organised it is hard to know…”


Both comments top and tail this instance of Orlaesque reporting, as seen from “our side”, the viewing side.

But the suspicions highlighted here are amply confirmed in this post from the Counterterrorism blog, a “multi-expert blog dedicated solely to counterterrorism issues”, whose correspondent in Beirut describes unauthorised media footage of the arrival of Annan in Beirut:

“Lebanese Army officers and Hezbollah were seen smiling at each other and coordinating the staged demonstration. A camera linked to an international media agency was broadcasting live from behind the Hezbollah’s security lines. It captured the details of the “show.” A group of women and girls, in traditional Muslim dresses and scarves were gathered by Hezbollah bearded security some 15 minutes before the motorcade arrives. The gathering was at about 30 feet away from where Annan’s car was supposed to stop. This indicates that the motorcade security and the Hezbollah operatives knew ahead of time where the spot would be and had the women standing and waiting. Posters of Hassan Nasrallah were then distributed to the women….

As the UN delegation approached the group walking, the women screamed the name of Nasrallah and behind them couple men screamed “down, down, USA” (especially when the international media appeared). As soon as the officials walked farther, and as in a choreographed play, the women dispersed themselves opening the path for the militiamen looking males to rush behind the delegation walking through the ruins. Responding to orders barked form inside the group, the mens’ “demo” got loud and slogans were shouted with greater energy and menace. Interestingly, and since the camera was filming live from behind and feeding it to satellite around the world, observers were able to “see” the whole operation to its most detailed developments”

Now then, a question for the commentariat. Orla- corrupt or incompetent? I know which one I would go for, and it doesn’t begin with ‘i’. Also, if someone can track down this latest Orlrage in the form of a clip, I’d be only too delighted to link to it.

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118 Responses to Orlable Heztravaganza

  1. Dong says:

    jlw troll off to your “Unbiased BBC”


  2. Eustoned says:

    Please excuse me, jlw.

    When you wrote “Israelis…have already started thinking about the long term viability of Israel and their increasing dependancy upon the US”, I (mistakenly, it seems) thought you meant they were thinking about the long-term viability of Israel and their “increasing dependancy upon the US”, not just their “long term interests to pursue a policy that renders it a US client”.


  3. jlw says:

    no offence taken eustoned – very nice to receive an apology !


  4. Jack Bauer says:

    Canada has the second largest known oil reserves.

    Last time I checked. Canada wasn’t in the Middle East.

    Although Canada is the 2nd largest supplier of oil to the US. Imagine that. I guess the evil Bush better hurry along with his invasion plans, seeing he’ll be out of office in Jan 2009.

    The US has 4 times the Saudi Arabia oil reserves locked in Colorado shale. 100 years supply for theUS at present consumption. That’s a fact.

    Your analysis, like much of else of your “arguments” is bogus tripe.

    We aren’t running out of oil this side of the third Millennium, if ever. Get over it.


  5. archduke says:


    Non-military aid (in 2003):

    Egypt: $615 million
    Israel: $600 million

    in terms of military aid, egypt gets $1.4 billion, israel around $2 billion.

    but military aid usually comes with strings attached – such as the requirement to purchase military equipment from U.S. defence contractors – which therefore , benefits the U.S. economy – bascially its “here’s a few billion to buy those F-16 fighters”


  6. archduke says:

    “The US has 4 times the Saudi Arabia oil reserves locked in Colorado shale. 100 years supply for the US at present consumption. That’s a fact.”

    extraction costs around $30 a barrel.

    but then, if oil hits $100 and goes north of that, then it becomes economically viable to extract that shale.


  7. jlw says:

    jack Bauer There is nothing “bogus” about claiming that the middle east has 66% of the worlds proven reserves of crude oil. There is something decidely bogus about claiming that non-conventional oil supplies that can only be extracted at enormous financial and possibly environmental cost if it can be extracted at all, can be regarded as being safe for future use.

    I’m sure that a regular news reader like yourself remembers the trouble that Shell got into over such claims not so long ago. Believe what you like but you’re way out of line with the scientific community and it would appear the pentagon policy makers as well.


  8. archduke says:

    slightly ot, but relevant:

    NY Times photoshop job:

    hint: have a look at the microphone cable.


  9. jlw says:

    archdukeWhat jack is failing to point out is that it requires so much energy to actually mine and recover the alberta oil (for example) that when conventional oil supplies dwindle and force the price up – that expensive oil will be required to fuel the massive extraction process. this is fairly well known and I wouldn’t believe that the world does not face an oil crisis in the near future and certainly in our lifetime


  10. archduke says:

    OPEC might be declaring bogus oil reserve numbers:


    “Since 1982 the Saudis have withheld their well data and any detailed data on their reserves, giving outside experts no way to verify the overall size of Saudi reserves and output”


  11. AntiCitizenOne says:

    Jack Bauer,

    the U.S. is desperatly short of oil refining capacity though. Although the fault of that is due to Melon (green veneer, red core) politics.


  12. archduke says:

    “What jack is failing to point out is that it requires so much energy to actually mine and recover the alberta oil (for example) that when conventional oil supplies dwindle and force the price up”

    which is why they planning to build a nuclear power plant to supply the energy required to extract the oil.

    more on the alberta tar sands here:


  13. AntiCitizenOne says:

    Missing words time.


    Islam, Muslim, Terrorism.

    Islamic Terrorists murdered 160+ children and the BBC describe them as militants.

    Your children are not safe whilst the BBC continues its propaganda broadcasts.


  14. pounce says:

    jlw this will be my last reply to you as all I see from your posts is a means to distract the regular posters from finding fault with the BBC and in doing so prevent the message this board is trying to send about the polarized view that a public funded impartial News organisation has. People who come to this site looking for something different instead find a typical slug fest which can be found on any message board forum.
    If you feel the need to vent at me you will find me here on the Yahoo hate board. I assure you on that board my reply will not be so constraint.

    Oh yes ref your pathetic claim that the US fund the Jew to the amount of 1/3 of foreign aid.
    Here is what the OECD has to say on that matter;
    Any replies to the Yahoo hate board.


  15. Ralph says:

    ‘Then surely they must also desrve it more than the Israelis who aren’t even poor.’

    Possibly it’s more to do with aiding democracies rather than terrorist states.

    You have yet to explain how getting aid means the BBC can lie about you.

    The issue isn’t about how much aid they get, how much oil they don’t have or the colour of their underpants, it is should a state broadcaster allow its reporters to lie about a country they plainly have issues with. The answer is no.


  16. Biodegradable says:

    jlw may feel more at home here:
    Dishonest Reporting
    ‘Honest Reporting’ – Promoting Bias. Effecting Balance. Preventing Change.


  17. archduke says:

    superb graphic pounce!!!

    thanks. useful one for the armoury methinks…


  18. archduke says:

    i would also like the disassociate myself from the orla guerin/”foreskin” comments made above.

    lets tackle the reporting – and not be diverted into mindless tittle tattle bordering on the personal.


  19. mick in the uk says:

    The picture you linked to has the mic cable showing motion blur on the upper part, but it is definately there.


  20. Bijan Daneshmand says:


    one of the best things about blogs is that anyone can put in their opinion. even a biased and uninformed ass like jlw. that stops the place being an echo chamber. its a shame that the BBC doesnt have an inbuilt mechanism where its conventional wisdom based on its radical left bias is challenged. Maybe jlw should explain how “professional” journalists (amongst which Orla would rank pretty high in jlw’s eye) manage to cope with institutional bias.


  21. Bijan Daneshmand says:

    take a look at the first comment made by jlw

    “whether the demonstration was pre organised or not, do you think that the sentiments expressed by the demonstrators were also “staged” ? I doubt it. It’s the sentiment that’s important to western viewers.”

    it gives real insight into the mindset of people like him – liberals who work at the BBC and mainstream UK TV & press.

    what jlw is saying is – the truth no longer matters as long as it represents OUR view of what the truth SHOULD BE.

    thats the type of professional journalism that jlw espouses. he wont find too much of that on Blogs, go to BBC and Channel 4 for that …


  22. phil says:

    BBC Ban’s the word SODOMITE

    A friend of mine works at the beeb and told me she’s been told that the word “sodomite” is now banned from all radio and TV programmes. Apparently the decision was taken by Editorial Policy in London after some complaints from gay organisations. Henceforward, anyone who uses the word will be asked to desist. If they continue to use the word, they will be asked to leave the studios.


  23. will says:

    BBC Ban’s the word SODOMITE

    Hardly surprising, when recently a woman was visited by the police after she had stated on a BBC radio programme that she did not consider it appropriate for same sex couples to adopt children.


  24. disillusioned_german says:

    Will: Can this be true? Do you have a link to that story?


  25. disillusioned_german says:

    P.S.: I don’t consider it to be appropriate either (I’m waiting for the police now).


  26. pounce says:

    Archduke wrote;
    “superb graphic pounce!!!
    thanks. useful one for the armoury methinks…”

    Here is more from that website;

    Have a look how much Aid the Pals get then contrast that with Israel.
    MAkes you wonder where all that money goes?


  27. disillusioned_german says:

    Pounce wrote: MAkes you wonder where all that money goes?

    Maybe they spend it on their BBC license fee?


  28. Peregrine says:

    A small request: Even though jlw, Clive and JR may disagree with both the spirit and emphasis of the site, please don’t be so rude to them.

    This site offers up a continual flow of evidence of BBC bias and I have, through it, persuaded quite a few people that the organisation has some serious questions to answer.

    Personal attacks do not help and leave some with the impression that this is a wingnut site rather than the rational investigative blog that makes us come back for more everyday.


  29. Bryan says:

    jlw and recent antagonist Clive Williams are one and the same:


    And I’m sure it has more identities.

    It’s an underhand tactic. It should try to expand its knowledge and debating abilities rather than attracting more attention by pretending to be fresh and new.


  30. Bryan says:


    I echo those sentiments.


  31. disillusioned_german says:

    Bryan wrote: I echo these sentiments.

    Same ‘ere. I don’t even read what people like “jlw” have to say. Lefties can’t be helped unless you’re a psychiatrist and that’s why any discussion is nothing more than a waste of energy.

    “He who believes what Al Beeb reports also believes that pigs can fly.”


  32. will says:

    Will: Can this be true? Do you have a link to that story?

    See here


    Police warn author over gay comments
    By Sally Pook
    (Filed: 10/12/2005)

    An author and broadcaster condemned as “sinister” yesterday an inquiry conducted by police over comments she made about homosexuals on a live radio programme.

    Lynette Burrows, an author on children’s rights and a family campaigner, took part in a discussion on the Victoria Derbyshire show on Radio Five Live about the new civil partnerships act.

    During the programme, she said she did not believe that homosexuals should be allowed to adopt. She added that placing boys with two homosexuals for adoption was as obvious a risk as placing a girl with two heterosexual men who offered themselves as parents. “It is a risk,” she said. “You would not give a small girl to two men.”

    A member of the public complained to the police and an officer contacted Mrs Burrows the following day to say a “homophobic incident” had been reported against her.


  33. disillusioned_german says:

    Thanks, Will… I usually check the Telegraph website once a day but missed that one.

    So you’re bound to be visited by the Old Bill if you’re speaking out against gay people adopting children but if you shout “Death to America, death to the UK” and “We will kill Tony Blair and blow up your airplanes” you get away with it? Nice… I can’t believe I was planning to spend the rest of my life in the UK when I was in my mid-20s.



  34. disillusioned_german says:

    I’m currently watching Greta van Susteren’s one hour interview with Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig… very interesting.

    To any Beeboids lurking: if you want us to believe that you’re not biased make sure Orla Guerin gets kidnapped by militants.


  35. Bryan says:

    disillusioned_german | 29.08.06 – 11:34 pm,

    Same ‘ere. I don’t even read what people like “jlw” have to say.

    However, I have to admit I got involved in a “debate” with him a few days ago in his former incarnation as Clive Wiliams.

    The dilemma of course is, do we let the jlws of this world punctuate the threads with ignorant, factually incorrect and biased comments against the US or Israel or whatever their obsession happens to be? In a way, letting the comments stand implies acceptance of the points of view expressed therein. Maybe a one-off rebuttal is the way to go – but then of course it’s easy to get dragged into senseless communication from then on.


  36. Big Mouth says:

    Well said Prodicus. I too wonder why “Foreskin” (Orla happens to be a Hebrew word for that part of the anatomy) is employed by anybody, much less sucking on the bbc’s licence fee.
    As for “the saintly Muslim population”, it must be understood by readers of these notes that since the 7th century there has been a long list of Muslims killing eachother in appalling massacres and battles that have had nothing to do with Jews, Israel, or the West. Just take a look at Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Why aren’t the moonbat British lefties and “disadvantaged” Muslims here screaming about that on al-beeb? Would al-beeb let it air?


  37. Dong says:

    …make sure Orla Guerin gets kidnapped by militants…

    Thery are not stupid and will have to be paid to spend time in the company of this woman…


  38. dennisthemenace says:

    Re: Orla topics and bias, following is extract from –

    Clinical Pediatrics, Vol 33 No 12, December 1994

    “The word for foreskin in Hebrew is orla, which has come to mean improper functioning or implying a disgraceful situation.”

    A pretty apt definition of the lady and may have something to do with her POV re: Jewish culture.

    Maybe some early years ridicule, name-calling etc. – there’s something driving that visceral hatred !!!


  39. jlw says:

    Bijan Daneshmand:

    All demonstrations are staged in the fact that they are organised and there can be little doubt that this one was organised to conincide with Anan’s arrival. Why Orla would think it was “spontaneous” I do not understand anymore than you do, as if the group would say “oh – is that kofi anan, quick get the placards”.

    However, I stand by the point that whether the demonstration was pre-planned or not, the people involved do harbour anti-US anti-Israel feelings. There is nothing misleading about that and I fail to see how you can disagree with that, please “educate” me as all I hear is the same blinkered nonsense about me being a “leftie” and of lesser intellectual capacity than usual commenters on here.


  40. Egbert Nobacon says:

    Surely if Orla was to be kidnapped by militants, it would have to be the IDF otherwise it would be friendly fire

    Is jlw John Reith with Tourrettes?

    Finally, when I was up the Gulf in 1979 I was told the following :-

    An old arab was quoted as saying
    “I had a camel,my son had a cadillac,his son has a learjet,his son may have a camel!

    Speed the day.


  41. AntiCitizenOne says:

    So Orla means the same as something that is pretty useless and removed for cleanliness reasons?


  42. AntiCitizenOne says:

    Egbert Nobacon,

    No culture has tied harder to deserve that fate.


  43. jlw says:


    I am not “Clive Williams” nor have I met anyone of that name. If you present me with evidence of the factual inaccuracies I’m more than happy to go and check them.

    To state that it is not IMO in the long term interests of Israel to remain what is effectively a US dependancy is not lunacy nor extreme bias and I fail to see how it can be perceived as so. You haven’t convinced me why it is in it’s interests or why it is not to do with oil, which is even a view point some Israelis take, that’s those who worry about what Israel will be in 100 years from now.

    I have tried to put my case with facts I have gathered from own research on the topic and present them here. So far I have been called an “ass” and been called a “dolt” for not stating that the US has more oil in Colorado than the whole of saudi arabia a claim which though technically true anyone with the most basic understanding of the geopolitics of oil realises is largely irrelavant as it doesn’t even count as a “proven” reserve, may not even be extractable and companies have gone bust trying to extract in the past.

    Effectively you need to all ask yourself whether it is the workings of the mind of a “dolt” to say that the US will be heavily dependant on cheap middle east crude oil for the next 50 years, and ask who truly is extreme in their viewpoint and bias.


  44. Biodegradable says:


    I have tried to put my case with facts I have gathered from own research on the topic and present them here.

    What are your sources? Links to them and factual references please.


  45. jlw says:

    Info about oil reserves and their strategic signficance :


    US aid to Israel :

    Washington report on Middle East affairs :


    Note everyone that the later source had was dismissed by the world expert on the middle east and the US that is “pounce”, as ‘pathetic’. hmmmm…Pounce or WRMEA….who to believe !


  46. Biodegradable says:

    However, I stand by the point that whether the demonstration was pre-planned or not, the people involved do harbour anti-US anti-Israel feelings. There is nothing misleading about that and I fail to see how you can disagree with that, please “educate” me as all I hear is the same blinkered nonsense about me being a “leftie” and of lesser intellectual capacity than usual commenters on here.
    jlw | 30.08.06 – 10:43 am

    What you say is remarkably similar to this:


    In defence of the media, if it can be considered thus, one can only postulate that staging scenes such as these is so common a practice, and so deeply embedded in the whole fabric of photo-journalism (and not just locally in the Middle East), that no one at the incident saw anything wrong with what transpired. Either that or, so familiar were they with the techniques used that they simply did not register what was happening. As for the others, in their air-conditioned offices, hundreds and thousands of miles away from the action, did they care one way or the other? After all, Shane Richmond of The Daily Telegraph implied, the greater truth was being served. ‘Is the child dead?’, he asked. ‘Was the child killed by Israeli bombs?’ Thus, did he say: ‘If so, the picture illustrates the story. If the picture does not alter the truth of the story, we’re not being disingenuous. And the truth of the story is this: Israeli bombs killed several civilians in Qana, many of whom were children.’ That is the nearest to an admission we have that it is acceptable to stage photographs.


  47. Biodegradable says:

    Pounce or WRMEA….who to believe !



  48. jlw says:

    I haven’t seen that article, in fact I don’t even know who melanie philps is.

    Do you also believe Jack Bauer over the Institute for Analysis of Global Security ?


  49. dennisthemenace says:

    What has all this to do with MSM bias and bias at the BBC in particular?

    Who cares about all the other irrelevant stuff being trolled here, its all (yawn, yawn ) old stuff which has been gone over again and again in various guises – in the 60’s 70’s 80’s 90′. The characters change but the script remains depressingly familiar; its all road kill! as some of us older ‘bods’ know and remember.

    jlw (and others of the same ilk:

    I suggest you take your hobby horses somewhere else for excercise.

    We’re not interested in your sad attempts at a pissing contest.

    GO AWAY!


  50. AntiCitizenOne says: