More comparing and contrasting

The news headlines at 3am:

Sky News: President Bush has admitted that American Forces are not winning in Iraq yet.

BBC News 24: President Bush has admitted that American Forces are not winning in Iraq.

I wonder which of these subtly different headlines reflects Bush more accurately. Any guesses?

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12 Responses to More comparing and contrasting

  1. Cockney says:

    Weren’t we indisputably winning a few months ago according to Bush? Either the Beeb is right to treat his pronouncements on the state of play with a slightly raised eyebrow or it’s a bit of a thriller for the neutrals.


  2. Roxana says:

    The bleak fact is that, encouraged by support from the Western media and enlightened elites, the insurgency is likely to get much, much worse.

    Which of course will be used in turn by said media and elites to push their agenda of ignominious defeat.

    Failure in Iraq is *vital* to the Democratic party’s plans to regain power and they and their supporters will do all in their power to secure it.


  3. Wonga says:

    But which reflects reality more accurately?


  4. Rob says:

    The reality of what Bush actually said, or what the BBC wants the reader to assume he said? The Sky quote is accurate, the BBC quote is [deliberately] less accurate.


  5. Allan@Aberdeen says:

    If the BBC quote is incorrect, then the BBC is lying.


  6. Rob says:

    If the BBC quote is incorrect, then the BBC is.


  7. BM says:

    It all depends on how much space the BBC had, not an intentional attempt to be ‘anti-american’. Can I also ask how biased you are?


  8. Andrew says:

    Hi BM, are you saying that the BBC didn’t have room to squeeze in the word ‘yet’? C’mon!

    As to whether I’m biased or not, the facts in this story are correct – that is what was said. I merely pose a question for you to answer for yourself, namely, which headline was the more accurate report of what Bush said?

    Even if you do think I’m biased, I’m not charging you (or anyone else) £130+ every year to further propogate my views – please feel free to read or not read as you wish 🙂


  9. Max Normal says:

    Its all true, but Bush is a cunt and if you support him so are you, so who cares?

    well done BBC, journalistically crap but morally correct.


  10. Max Normal says:

    Er, I mean, yes the BBC is biased.


  11. Fabio P.Barbieri says:

    Max Normal: congratulations on your helpful little contribution to the BBC campaign to normalize the c-word (see further down the blog). What a neat BBC-head you are.


  12. Jon says:

    Max Normal must work for the BBc and see nothing wrong in offensive language – as long it is aimed in the right quarter.