One in 20 Hispanics ‘goes hungry’

BBC Views Online informs us that: One in 20 Hispanics ‘goes hungry’:

Five per cent of Hispanics in the US regularly go hungry and as many as 20% do not have sufficient access to nutritious food, a US report says.

Poverty and lack of awareness about state entitlements are the causes, says the study by Hispanic civil rights group the National Council of La Raza.

Hmmm, do we think that, possibly, maybe, the “Hispanic civil rights group the National Council of La Raza”, might just have the teensiest of agendas? Wouldn’t it be good to be told the origins of these claims up front, in the first paragraph, the one in bold, instead of the official sounding ‘a US report’ says?

Immigrants also face a series of linguistic, legal and cultural obstacles in accessing enough food.

Really! That’s shocking. Do you think they’d have realised that before they became immigrants? While we’re at it, compare and contrast this BBC concern for the welfare of Hispanic immigrants to the US with the BBC’s concern for British immigrants to Spain, as spotted by my colleague Laban the other day:

“It would be helpful if they could integrate a little more – why can’t they learn the language? It’s just lazy, isn’t it? Why don’t they bother to integrate more?”

To be fair to the BBC and their unvarnished reporting of this typically tedious ‘A report says…’style space-filler, I have heard that things are so bad in the US that large numbers of Hispanics apparently run, jump and swim across the border with Mexico every day. Oh no, wait, can someone remind me which way they’re heading?

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17 Responses to One in 20 Hispanics ‘goes hungry’

  1. Socialism is Necrotizing says:

    are they not swimming to Cuba?


  2. gordon-bennett says:

    Of course they are. These people will do anything to reach that Paradise on Earth.

    I understand the main attraction is the high standard of the cuban health service, as endorsed by the beeb.


  3. pounce says:

    I mentioned this story elsewhere and here is one of the replies;

    “Interesting that the article bewails the plight of Mexicans in the United States, who are immeasurably better off than they were in Mexico, but has not a word about the plight of millions of similar Mexicans in Mexico. But that is what we have come to expect from the LIBERAL Media.

    Fact is, Mexico prefers to export its social problems to the United States rather than deal with them at home. Mexico has HUGE social problems they don’t want to deal with. Dealing with them might upset the apple cart for the privileged ruling class there. Mexico has huge natural resources in the form of Oil. And they are handling that wealth in the same manner as the Arab Oil Sheikhs. Unfortunately, the only way that will ever change would probably be by way of another Hugo Chávez.”


  4. amimissingsomething says:

    dear bbc,

    please point me to your article where you point out how many residents in the uk go hungry, and what their ethnicity or national origins are.

    thank you.


  5. amimissingsomething says:

    oh!, and,

    dear bbc,

    please point me to your article(s)discussing how many hispanics (or other!) there are hungry in mexico, colombia, chile, paraguay, uruguay, brazil, argentina…


  6. amimissingsomething says:

    oh,and while you are at it,
    dear bbc,

    please tell us where you last trumpeted:

    the % of blacks forbidden to vote in the usa (racism) contrasted with the % of women forbidden to vote in iran (sexism and misogyny);

    the number of roads closed to muslims in the usa vis-a-vis the % of roads closed to non-muslims in the land of mecca;

    the % of non-muslim churches vis-a-vis nom-muslim in iran, that example of a kind of democracy (read, freedom of religion) within simpleteon’s narrow limits, vs the % of muslim churches vs non-muslim in the usa;

    the number of citizens from non-muslim countries flocking to muslim countries vs the number of citizens from muslim countries flocking to, shall we say, the decadent, immoral west? (for this last, feel free to include or exclude radical implants and missionaries locking to said decadent west with the intention of converting it)

    the % of…but then again you know what…maybe more later


  7. amimissingsomething says:

    amimissingsomething | 22.12.06 – 12:48 am |

    “the % of non-muslim churches vis-a-vis nom-muslim in iran”

    sorry, that should be, “the % of non-muslimn churches vis-a-vis muslim”


  8. amimissingsomething says:

    the bbc: ay, yes, “impartiality in our time”


  9. robert says:

    muslim persecution is driving the infidal from many countries at this moment. we now have muslims here in Ireland using this counrty, my country as a spring-board to attack other nations. islam is a dangerous false religion and imigirants must seek to better where they live and learn from there.


  10. B's Freak says:

    Dear BBC,

    Would this also be the same La Raza whose slogan is “For the Race everything for the Others nothing”? Would this be the same La Raza that seeks the return of the American Southwest (Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada) to Mexico?


  11. Susan says:

    Most of the “hungry” Hispanics cited in this article are illegal immigrants who are not wanted in the US by the vast majority of citizens. I see nothing about that mentioned in al-Beeb’s report. The Beeb makes it sound like they are American citizens who are being neglected by all of us selfish, money-grubbing Yanks.

    Sorry, but I’m not going to hang my head in shame because a bunch of foreigners who are in my country illegally are doing without.


  12. speedy says:

    .. maybe they could cadge some food off the 73% of Hispanics who are overweight or obese?


  13. Market Participant says:

    NCLR is mildly radical chicano civil rights group, but it cross fertilses with MEChA whose slogan is “For the Race everything for the Others nothing”.

    “Por La Raza todo, Fuera de La Raza nada,”

    The Wikipedia entires suffer from Wikiality whereby the concensus (including all fruits and nuts) becomes the truth. The NCLR has been heavily buffed. But you get a general sense of these groups


  14. Bryan says:


    Thanks for the chuckle. So often the truth is best delivered in a coating of humour.


  15. Voyager says:

    The BBC is staffed with White Cultural Supremacists who innately believe the world is The White Man’s Burden………they expect so much of White Men because they were brought up to admire them and deep down they know they are inadequates


  16. Infection says:

    You’ve got to laugh! The bbc daring to comment on the USA. Just the facts will do nicely. After the execution of So-Damn Insane, that source of wisdom on all things American, one Justin Webb, was having a conversation with the Today Programme presenter. They were talking about America’s notions of “execute your way to democracy”. Personally I would prefer a Beavis and Butthead analysis of the subject.


  17. JimBob says:

    Thank you so much for pointing this out. You see I am an idiot that is not able to read beyond the first paragraph. You do such a service on behalf of all those poor lobotomised fools that dont have a brain.
    To amimissingsomething: The answer is yes, you are missing something, a brain