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  1. Ultraviolence says:

    So the hot-topic is this : The BBC, is it BIASED?

    I would say it is.

    Look on the front page; they’re still hammering global warming and renewable energy.


  2. curzon says:

    The BBC’s John Simpson has been favouring the readers of today’s Daily Mail with his current reading matter. Simpo especially recommends a new book of essays, “Point to Point Navigation”, by Gore Vidal. This is the same Gore Vidal who published an essay claiming that the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington were part of a conspiracy instigated by the Bush Junta.
    Simpo says: “I like Vidal’s world view: he has a fierce, uncontaminated sense of what’s right and wrong.”
    Perhaps this may help us to understand what’s wrong with the type of people who run the BBC.


  3. Socialism is Necrotizing says:

    Gore Vidal does not say that Bush did 9/11
    watch here

    and here


  4. Biodegradable says:

    More stupid use of ‘quotes’.

    Insurgent leader ‘held’ in Iraq
    A key leader of an al-Qaeda linked insurgent group has been arrested in Iraq, according to media reports.

    So, if he’s been arrested he’s held, not ‘held’.

    You’re such a pendant!
    I think you mean pedant
    See what i mean!


  5. will says:

    Gore Vidal does not say that Bush did 9/11

    Earlier than the YouTube clips, Vidal was paving the way for the Michael Meacher stance, i.e. the US deliberately(?) failed to prevent the attacks.

    Gore Vidal claims ‘Bush junta’ complicit in 9/11
    Sunday October 27, 2002,6903,819931,00.html


  6. Michael says:

    Thanks so much guys for what you’re doing, especially about the Anti-American stance.

    I’ve written the Editors about bias against the Iraqi war several days ago regarding reporting only the attrocities of the terrorist against innocents.

    For several days I watched as they did not report one positive story about American and British forces in Iraq either capturing or killing terrorist, insurgents, or Al Qaeda.

    They finally added the story about the ‘insurgents’ captured as they put it in quotes.

    I asked them what did the BBC report on WWII against the Nazi’s? The only way people can be fully informed is to have the entire truth about the war.

    I’d recommend reading for a look at two Iraqi brothers hoping for a new, free and democratic Iraq. They report a balanced look from an Iraqi perspective and are pro-victory for America, Britain and Coalition forces.

    I sent the Military link to BBC as well showing them that daily our troops capture and kill anywhere from 20-100 terrorist, militia, criminals, Al Qaeda a day.

    But that is not all they’re doing. Our country has poured in up to 22 billion dollars for reconstruction efforts to supply clean water, electricity, thousands of schools, hospitals, medic emergency units around the country, and vaccines for every single child in the country.

    Over 300,000 Iraqis have been trained for military, police, medics, nurses, civilian and government conract jobs.

    Our country has done everything from building parks and recreation to installing sewage treatment plants and cleaning garbage off of streets. They’ve sponsored Civilian leadership councils in all the Iraqi provinces and leading cities, even down to the smallest of towns.

    Many Iraqis even in the most hotly contested areas are now joining Americans in the fight against Al Qaeda and old Baathist regime holdouts.

    Plus, the gloves were finally taken off on all sides. Forces now go after Shia and Sunni. This has made a huge difference and now sectarian violence is dropping, as a result so to are the daily kills in Baghdad.

    Here is the US Multi-National Forces in Iraq page, that help shine light on what is truly happening.

    Just a few days ago they had reports of you Brits helping us out!

    Now here are the Press Releases:
    In the last three days there have been 123 terrorist captured and killed.

    Now imagine if the BBC were reporting this balanced information?

    Look at all the pictures to from the Military side. Notice they’re helping children, women, civilians get their lives back together. They’re rushing to save lives of infants and Iraqis.

    But this does not fit into the Biased BBC’s anti-war position. Therefore they do not acknowledge we’re winning hearts and minds of Iraqis. And we’re also freeing a people long oppressed by Tyrants.

    I asked the BBC do they think only Europeans have a right to freedom?

    The BBC has only reported One single story that I’ve seen from our progress the entire week. That story is posted on the MNF-I press release above.

    I am not sure if they posted it due to my nagging or not. But I hope they do more of it. Because people need to hear the whole truth.

    Americans are not hateful, bloodthirsty and we surely do not want to rule the world.

    Thank God Tony Blair has stood by us along with the Aussies and now the Canadians who recently elected a Conservative PM.



  7. Ten Wasted Years says:

    More Nonsense from a Dreadful Government

    “Don’t like ID cards? Hand over your passport”

    Anybody who objects to their personal details going on the new “Big Brother” ID cards database will be banned from having a passport.


  8. nbc says:

    On the subject of Global Warming, this is interesting:


  9. Fred says:

    Throwing money around like confetti, Loaning money on ridiculously overvalued houses, values that have been only sustained by reckless lending..(same applies in the UK)

    “New Century set to fail, analysts warn”

    America’s second-largest sub-prime mortgage lender New Century Financial has been thrown a $1bn (£520m) lifeline but its shares still slumped a further 20pc after analysts said bankruptcy was almost inevitable.


  10. will says:

    A letter from those nice people at the TV Licensing bureau says

    Without a licence it is illegal to use equipment such as TV sets, ….., PCs or mobile phones at this address to watch or record television programmes as they’re being shown on TV.

    So if you don’t have a TV, it seems you will have to be careful about the facilities available from your PC & mobile, as no doubt it will be assumed that you do watch TV programmes using those devices.


  11. UK Daily Pundit says:

    Pompous Patten Tipped as next BBC Chairman


  12. Biodegradable says:

    Crowd miraculously doubles in size while listening to Chavez – next, water into wine!

    Version 1

    Chavez attacks Bush ‘domination’
    Sat Mar 10 01:30:34 GMT 2007


    Mr Bush arrived in the capital of neighbouring Uruguay, Montevideo, as Mr Chavez addressed the crowd of 20,000.

    Version 2

    Chavez attacks Bush ‘domination’
    Sat Mar 10 04:40:20 GMT 2007


    Mr Bush arrived in the capital of neighbouring Uruguay, Montevideo, as Mr Chavez addressed the crowd of 40,000.


  13. The Fat Contractor says:

    will | 10.03.07 – 10:21 am |

    I think it has always been the case that if you have equipment that is capable of receiving and displaying tv broadcasts then you are required by law to have a licence.

    You can own a video/DVD recorder without a licence as long as you can’t display the broadcast. There is a grey are over monitors attached to video recorders used just for displaying VHS video streams if they are also capable of receiving broadcasts. A friend of mine had some hassle years ago with the LA over this but ‘got away’ with it because he had no arial and the video was not plugged into anything but the monitor.

    A PC that can receive broadcast signals and display, i.e through a tv card, them needs a licence. IIRC a PC that downloads content and displays them does not. Won’t be long before it does though.

    How exactly they plan to collect the licence fee from mobile phone holders is anyones guess. Hopefully the impossiblity of collecting these fees will cause the end of the licence. Yes, I know, it’s a nice dream only.


  14. archduke says:

    “Michael | 10.03.07 – 6:40 am |”

    thanks for posting that Michael.

    we get nothing but bad news from the BBC – nothing about the reconstruction or the elimination of terrorists.

    just love the no-nonsense straightforward reporting of that mnf-iraq site.

    have a look at this:

    you would *never* see the BBC reporting that way.


  15. archduke says:

    “Do some murderers spend too long in jail?”

    oh dear. “bring back hanging” seems to be the overwhelming opinion.

    therefore , why is the reintroduction of capital punishment not on the agenda of any major political party?


  16. Biodegradable says:


    Insurgent leader ‘held’ in Iraq has now been changed to:

    Insurgent ‘leader’ held in Iraq

    Standby for Insurgent leader held in ‘Iraq’


  17. archduke says:

    “US troops hold Iraq ‘insurgents'”

    they cant bring themselves to say “capture” , as that would imply some sort of American victory.

    and they do it again here:
    “Insurgent leader held in Iraq”

    not captured or arrested. just “held”.

    “Fresh attacks hit shia pilgrims”

    not only do that “attacks” self detonate all by themseles, they’re “fresh” too!

    “Many die in Iraq cafe bomb attack”
    well, they do mention a suicide bomber in the first sentence – why not in the headline?

    “Man dies in Gaza crossing chaos”

    the first two paragraphs refer to the “police”. so one would suspect that it might be the Israeli police?

    its not until the final sentence in the article that you find out who the “Police” are:

    “The Rafah border crossing began operating in November 2005 under Palestinian control with EU monitors”



  18. GCcooper says:

    UK Daily Pundit writes:

    “Pompous Patten Tipped as next BBC Chairman”

    Well they were never going to pick a conservative, were they?

    ‘Fat Pang’ would fit the wannabe patrician mould to perfection.


  19. Biodegradable says:

    Well they were never going to pick a conservative, were they?

    Patten is a Conservative!
    Christopher Francis Patten, Baron Patten of Barnes, CH, PC (born 12 May 1944) is a prominent British Conservative politician and a Patron of the Tory Reform Group.


  20. Anonymous says:

    yeah…..and Blair is a “CND loving Union Man”….lol.


  21. Lee Moore says:

    Yes Patten is a Conservative. Not a conservative.


  22. archduke says:

    Patten is also an uber europhile and transnazi.

    he’ll fit right in.


  23. Bryan says:

    Standby for Insurgent leader held in ‘Iraq’
    Biodegradable | 10.03.07 – 1:47 pm

    Yes, that’s the way it’s going. They’ll justify the quotation marks by moaning about Iraq’s borders being artificially drawn up by Westerners.


  24. Jon says:

    “why is the reintroduction of capital punishment not on the agenda of any major political party?”

    Because no party could bring back the death penalty under the European Convention of Human Rights. All the main political parties are not advocating leaving the EU and without full withdrawel, the British parliment cannot pass anything. 80% of all laws come from Brussels not London.


  25. Biodegradable says:

    Bryan | 10.03.07 – 3:55 pm

    Things are getting pretty whacky at the BBC Department of Funny Quotes:

    US troops hold Iraq ‘insurgents’

    Insurgent ‘leader’ held in Iraq


  26. Biodegradable says:

    I can hear the sound of yawning, or maybe snoring, in the BBC News Room.


    Palestinian infighting breaks out, despite unity talks
    Infighting between Hamas and Fatah continued Saturday afternoon when gunmen stormed the campus of the pro-Fatah Al Quds University, and shot and wounded a student council member from Fatah, a Palestinian security source said.

    There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the Gaza shooting.

    A few hours earlier, in the West Bank, Fatah gunmen had shot at the convoy of a Hamas minister, the first factional violence since Palestinian unity talks began a month ago.

    Officials from both sides said Wasfi Kibha, minister of prisoner affairs, was unharmed in the shooting near Tubas, a town near Nablus. The incident sparked a gun battle in the area between Hamas and Fatah members in which one person was lightly wounded, Hamas sources said.

    Meanwhile the BBC tells us how Olmert planned the war against Hezballah months ago, and how the IDF is using ‘human’ shields…


  27. GCcooper says:

    Biodegradable rites:

    “Patten is a Conservative!”

    Oh dear. Irony is a bit lost in this medium, isn’t it?

    That was why I spelt ‘conservative’ with a lower case C.

    Believe me, I am well aware of Chris Patten’s miserable waste of space.


  28. Ultraviolence says:

    If everybody pays their TV licence that means 100% approval!

    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it’s vapourized essence.


  29. Biodegradable says:

    Oh dear. Irony is a bit lost in this medium, isn’t it?

    GCcooper | 10.03.07 – 6:48 pm

    I’m not doing very well lately am I?

    What with my ovine, bovine, pocine confusion, and all…


  30. argent says:

    Everybody pays their TV licence because otherwise they would be fined or put in jail. However, the money raised from the TV licence only goes to the BBC, and not to any other TV company. Odd, isn’t it?

    By the way, your second sentence should read “its (not it’s) vapourized essence”. Whatever that may mean.


  31. Little Black Sambo says:

    Insurgent leader held “in” Iraq.


  32. Robin says:

    I listened to the Now Show again yesterday (the anger I get from it helps me drive when Im tired )
    The main group that the sneering pinkos wanted to try to poke fun at were old people.
    Actually it was rather boring.It didn`t irritate me much and of course it`s not funny.


  33. Anonanon says:

    “In 2004 the BBC did a whole week of programmes on ‘climate change is a greater threat than terrorism” by the UKs Chief Scientist. I contacted them, told them I was the original author, the BBC read the original work, agreed that I was the original author not Sir David. As I was not a media personality or celebrity they did not feel it was appropriate for me to take part. The BBC did a weeks programming on the work but did not have the original author.

    What was not done was to read the other 200 articles I had produced. I did not think climate change was entirely man made neither do I think it is a problem, it is a symptom. Neither do I think it is the greatest environmental challenge. I just wanted to deflect some of the lunacy of the war against Iraq and try and get some focus on the environment.”


  34. Anonanon says:

    The film version of Frank Miller’s graphic novel 300 will be out in the UK at the end of March (can’t wait). Miller is just the sort of guy the Today programme loves to interview nowadays – except he thinks terrorists, not right-wing Americans, are the real threat to world freedom. It’ll be interesting to see if his film gets a mention amdist all the usual anti-war stuff.


  35. Anonymous says:

    Tories new campaign to Loose the next election:

    Limp wristed Cameron panders to any minority:

    “2,000 green air miles then you pay, say Tories”

    “Radical moves to levy huge air taxes on anyone who takes more than one foreign holiday a year are planned by the Tories as part of a new campaign to save the planet from global warming”.

    “Greenhouse effect is a myth, say scientists”


  36. Jon says:

    “Tories new campaign to Loose the next election:”

    The problem with all political parties these days is that their policies are based on BBC news output.

    Watching Robin Aitkin on 18 Doughty Street last night left me in no doubt that the BBC hold such power that they can destroy any politician that does not see their world view. David Cameron is another spineless leader, who does not listen to the public but prefers to take aboard any half witted control freakery policy which may get him sypmathetic headlines from the BBC.

    Because of this “fawning” he cannot see that the public at large are begining to doubt all this “manmade” global warming hysteria. And most of all if the “middle classes” begin to suffer through high green taxes they will turn on him in droves.

    What the “Conservatives” need is a leader who has the guts to have principles and stick by them. The writing is on the wall – but the politicians in their cosy world are blind. It will come back to haunt them.


  37. Biodegradable says:

    Life in BBC La-La-La Land:

    Ever since Hamas came to power, some Palestinians have been concerned that the Islamic movement would enforce a strictly Islamic interpretation on the society.

    However most people say there has been little discernable change.

    Analysts say Hamas has been too busy dealing with the international community’s economic embargo, imposed because of Hamas’s refusal to recognise Israel, to impose an Islamic agenda such as banning alcohol sales.

    But there are now fears that the book ban could be the beginning of a more radical programme.


    Contrast and Compare with The Real World:

    About 45 Internet outlets have been bombed since Dec. 1, according to figures from Gaza’s Central Police Office. The attacks are occurring against a backdrop of intense infighting between Fatah, the main faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization, and Hamas, the Islamist party and militia that has grown into the Palestinians’ dominant political force. The street clashes have led to general lawlessness.

    “Gaza society tends toward conservatism, and some people are suspicious of the Internet, but the attacks on Internet cafes come in the context of general chaos,” said Isam Younis, director of Gaza’s independent Al-Mizan Center for Human Rights. “Simply, there’s an absence of law.”

    A group called the Swords of Islamic Righteousness has claimed responsibility for the attacks. In a leaflet distributed at Al-Azhar University last month, it said it attacked Internet cafes “which are trying to make a whole generation preoccupied with matters other than jihad and worship.”

    The group also claimed to have blown up the car of someone who played his stereo loudly. And it has firebombed pharmacies it suspects of peddling narcotics and recreational drugs, police say.


    Advice from the BBC:

    “Put you fingers in you ears and sing ‘La-La-La, I can’t hear you'”


  38. Ultraviolence says:

    [Taken from a BBC front page article caption]


    “1985: Gorbachev is new Soviet leader
    All change at the Kremlin

    All change at the KremlinAll change at the KremlinAll change at the KremlinAll change at the KremlinAll change at the KremlinAll change at the KremlinAll change at the Kremlin



  39. garypowell says:

    Please all be so kind if you will to reference my comments on the below post if you have not done so already.

    Thank you

    best wishes
    Gary Powell


  40. Anonymous says:

    Green tax won’t help the planet or Tories

    “Some of those dissenting voices were on display in The Great Global Warming Swindle, a powerful programme broadcast last week. Channel 4 is to be congratulated for not being intimidated or bullied out of transmitting the documentary: it is difficult to imagine today’s BBC having the courage to assault a doctrine so entrenched in politically correct opinion”.

    Mr Cameron deserves more than the benefit of the doubt for his attempts to widen the appeal of his party and change perceptions of its motives. But he is running risks with these proposals: Labour may portray him as wanting to increase taxes on hard-working people by penalising those who spend their money on holidays for their families. Furthermore, there are now signs that the so-called “unanimous consensus” on climate change is disintegrating. Mr Cameron may be about to learn that the danger inherent in following political fashions is that they can change very quickly.


  41. Fred says:

    “Islamic extremists ‘infiltrate Oxbridge’

    “Leading universities including Oxford and Cambridge have been targeted by Islamic extremists who remain widely active on campuses, a prominent academic is warning”.


  42. Peter Pryor says:

    Heading up the “other News” on the BBC website is the story “Chavez launches biting US attack”. Quite why this story is news completely eludes me. It seems it is just another opportunity to produce some anti US propoganda and praise Chavez to the skies. Even the pretence of balance is completely half -hearted. The BBC is really starting to sicken me.


  43. argus says:

    “It is difficult to imagine today’s BBC… challenging politically-correct opinion.”
    That is because today’s BBC is the main mouthpiece for politically-correct opinion. The term means “correct by the standards of leftists and feminists.” The current global-warming racket is just another means of promoting the leftist agenda. The fact that Cameron has decided to join in — at the moment when the whole fad is becoming increasingly exposed — is an indication of how weak the Tory leadership has become.


  44. Alan says:

    Least we forget: Madrid, 11 March 2004.

    “Three years after bombs ripped through four Madrid train stations, killing 191 people and injuring nearly 2,000, Spanish officials and experts say the country is probably in more danger now than ever as extremist groups re-organise just beyond Spain’s southern coast.

    “Even as the trial began here in February, more arrests and prosecutions were being announced, and senior officials believe that radicals in Morocco and other parts of northern Africa, many with ties to Spain, increasingly take their cues from al-Qaeda.”

    ( Tracy Wilkinson, Los Angeles Times, 11 March).


  45. will says:

    Can’t manage to spend all the licence fee income on broadcasting? Never mind throw some money at a US film maker –

    Allen, who claims that he pays no attention to reviews or box office grosses, is running out of audiences and financial backing. He once scored regular critical hits with films such as Annie Hall, Manhattan and Hannah and Her Sisters, but in the past decade his movies have lost their cachet.

    When Allen looked abroad for help the BBC came to his rescue and funded most of Match Point. The corporation also put up £500,000 towards the £2m needed for Scoop, but instead of a hoped for cinematic release last year it went straight to DVD.


  46. max says:

    Peter Pryor,
    Quite why this story is news completely eludes me.
    Exactly. It’s the leading story on the international front page. Chavez throws a temper tantrum after Bush ignores him, as is expected from a grown-up, and the Beeb is all over the “firebrand lefty” moron.
    Take a look at the ridiculous map they provide on the right hand side – “Latin America tours: Bush vs Chavez”, the point of which is what exactly? It appears that Bush won’t lower himself to the level of Chavez’s childish rants. The BBC, however, try as hard as they can to elevate his position and to give space to his vacuous message.

    Also, it seems that Bush is responsible for “losing” South America.

    It is one of the most important and yet largely untold stories of our world in 2006. George W Bush has lost Latin America.


    For his part, President Bush even suggested that the United States had no more important ally than… wait for it… Mexico.

    Maybe he has a point, but think of a BBC story about, say, global warming that contains the sneer levels reserved only to Boosh:
    For their part, climate scientists even suggested that the global warming felt around the world is caused by… wait for it… CO2 emmisions.
    Can you tell the difference between the Beeb and Liberal Larry anymore?


  47. max says:

    emissions even. pimf.


  48. Ten Wasted Years says:

    More Nonsense from a Dreadful Government:

    “Government proposals to charge households according to the weight of rubbish they generate could cost families more than £1,000 a year, a senior council chief has warned.

    Labour has drawn up plans for a pay-as-you-throw system in a bid to meet new recycling targets”.


  49. . says:

    Youtube Video

    Channel 4 The Great Global Warming Swindle



  50. GCcooper says:

    TWY writes:

    “Labour has drawn up plans for a pay-as-you-throw system in a bid to meet new recycling targets”.”

    No doubt we can now expect a string of hard-hitting, investigative programmes from the BBC, delving into the murky business of recycling, exposing the lies, corruption and incompetence that runs through the programme, like letters in a stick of rock?

    This to be followed by a detailed examination of how ‘Green’ measures are used by politicians as stealth taxes?

    No, I thought not.