10 Responses to Oh dear. It seems that Andrew Marr

  1. A Lurker says:

    So what? A self styled gossip website (with no source given)alleges that Marr bombed. How in any way is this news, or an example of BBC bias?

    Mind you, the jokes quoted are bad – but does that give the full picture. And who cares?


  2. Andrew says:

    Ingrates who don’t like what we do in our spare time on our own blog can take a full refund of their subscription fee and take their custom elsewhere.


  3. Infection says:

    I don’t know where to put this; sorry if it’s not in the right place. But it is a mega-major misue of our licence and tax money.


  4. JohnofScribbleSheet says:

    I am not sure who is worse/better

    Andre Marr or Nick Robinson


  5. Rob Clark says:

    In any case, The First Post isn’t a gossip website, it’s a highly respected online newspaper which is run by experienced publisher/editors and employs some of the best journalists in the business.

    No newspaper has a by-line on every story and it’s a matter of record that Andrew Marr was the keynote speaker at this year’s CBI annual conference, so exactly which bit of the story are you objecting to?


  6. A Lurker says:

    I guess what I’m objecting to is the dig at Andrew Marr for allegedly being a crap after dinner speaker as it has nowt to do with bias.

    Although I’m a woolly liberal leftie I can recognise that most of the blog posts try to be objective and stick to the issue of BBC bias. Of course many of the comments on this blog are of the “foaming at the mouth reactionary right wing paranoid” type – but hey I’m a woolly liberal so I’m bound to see things that way.

    But this piece just seemed to be a dig at Marr that had nowt to do with a biassed BBC and to be frank I thought it was a post that was beneath the author cos normally the blog posts are more objective and stick to the issue of bias.


  7. Andrew says:

    So, you happen to dislike one post out of many. Take a full refund and take your whinging somewhere else.

    The Biased BBC blog is about whatever the authors of Biased BBC wish to blog about – usually BBC bias, but also anything else that takes our fancy, including, but not limited to, BBC stupidity, waste, ignorance, etc., sometimes praising the BBC, and even, occasionally, matters unrelated to the BBC.


  8. Rob Clark says:

    OK, fair enough. You have a point about its relevance (or lack of it) to a website about bias on the BBC.

    I think there’s a question-mark over whether someone gainfully employed by the BBC should be moonlighting elsewhere, but that’s a separate issue.

    You have to bear in mind that Marr isn’t popular here because he claims to be politically neutral and he really isn’t…


  9. Reg Hammer says:

    A Lurker:

    A friend of Marr’s perhaps?

    BBC bias has gone off topic many a time throughout some of it’s longer threads – as you would expect from any discussion – why stick your oar into this one Lurker and none of the others?


  10. Lurker in a Burqua says:

    Marr has the luxury of sounding off all over the place. His wife, Jackie Ashley sounds off in The Guardian and on Sunday Morning talk shows to which we have no right of reply.

    The Marrs must be most ghastly media couple in all of Christendom and are fair game for anybody interested in setting back the Marr familys Socialist agenda.

    Watching Marr prostrate himself before the likes of Joan Baez & Joni Mitchell is truly sickening and ought to be broadcast with a health warning.