On Saturday BBC Views Online’s News Ticker trumpeted:


BBC: “Labour peers visit UK teacher Gillian Gibbons in custody in Sudan” – Doh!

As you can see, the two peers (and there were only two) on the diplomatic mission seeking Gillian Gibbons release from Sudanese ‘justice’, are the Labour peer Lord Ahmed and the Conservative peer, Baroness Warsi, yet for some reason, our Beeboid friends natural assumption is that both are Labour peers. Why is that?

This lazy assumption on the part of the Beeboids responsible smacks of the patronising leftie presumption that Muslim must equal Labour – there can be no other explanation for cocking up such a basic and easily checkable fact – but did the Beeboids bother? (And would anyone who is interested in current affairs, let alone a supposedly professional BBC journalist, really not know that Baroness Warsi is a Conservative?). No, they got straight on with bigging up the supposedly Labour credentials of the two peers in the delegation.

This stupidity wasn’t limited to BBC Views Online – according to Biased BBC readers it also featured in reports on Radio 4 and Radio 5 Live on Saturday afternoon… surely someone at the BBC should have noticed this huge smacking error before such nonsense made it on air?

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18 Responses to On Saturday BBC Views Online’s News Ticker trumpeted:

  1. Englander says:

    According to the BBC London radio news today, Gillian gibbons was released from custody after having been convicted of “insulting religion”.

    I have no access to the Sudan criminal code, but I somehow doubt that that is an accurate translation.


  2. Anonymous says:

    On BBC Breakfast reporting the Gillian Gibbons story, the clueless reporter said how the angry crowds were protesting in Khartoum for a “harsher sentence”.

    So, they wanted 20 days instead of 15?

    Nope, I think the “harsher” sentence they wanted was the firing squad, wasn’t it al-Beeb?

    al-Beeb downplaying muslim savagery as per usual.


  3. George R says:

    In its uncritical portrayal of the role of the two Muslim peers, the BBC report merely says that Brown “praised the efforts of Baroness Warsi and Lord Ahmed in securing her release”.

    ‘Freed teacher arrives back in UK’


    There is no suggestion from the BBC that these two peers may be part of the problem for the 96% of the UK’s non-Islamic and anti-Islamic people. There is such a suggestion here:

    ‘Seeking Gibbons’ Release’ (by Hugh Fitzgerald):-



  4. Richy says:

    I think you’re asking too much of the BBC really. This sort of fact checking is very difficult on a budget of 3.2b pa.


  5. glj says:

    I see that the “Labour Peers” are now “Muslim Peers” – what on earth is wrong with simply using the word “Peers”


  6. John A says:

    What about a proper headline of “Unelected sectarians grovel to Sudan in order to humiliate UK”?


  7. jimbob says:

    john A – you just about sum it up. just listened to five live at 8.30 am – nicky campbell giving ahmed the full bbc dhimmi grovel.

    he then went on to very gently challenge him about sudan’s human rights record.

    cue Ahmed launching into a big hissy fit and accuse the bbc of “wanting war with sudan” and equating the genocidal bashir with bush /blair.

    campbell then tried a bit more grovelling but ahmed said thank you and hung up leaving campbell looking like an idiot !


  8. George R says:

    Perhaps the BBC can pursue this (from eureferendum site):

    ” Now all we need to know is what the two Muslim peers (Ahmed and Warsi, neither of whom can exactly be described as moderate) promised the appalling General al-Bashir and how much it will all cost us in ‘aid'”.


  9. will says:

    A late report. BBC News footage at the weekend had Ahmed repeating Alan Johnston’s famous line about prisoners of the Arabs being overwhelmed with hospitality. Can’t find a BBC link, but this is in the same vein

    “She’s doing well, she’s in good spirits considering the last seven days… She said that she has access to anything that she wants to eat. She said she had enough mineral water to have a bath in,” Warsi added.



  10. Abandon Ship! says:

    Here are details of the traitor:

    “Sayeeda Warsi became the first Muslim woman to sit on the front bench of a British political party in July 2007 at the age of 36.”

    …and that straight from the BBC’s own political site describing the Conservative shadow cabinet:


    No excuses Beeboids.

    “Don’t these people know their place or what?”, as I imagine the average numbskull Beeboid thinking.

    Still, though wrong, it no doubt depicted a wider truth.


  11. Abandon Ship! says:

    Or perhaps the Beeboids assumed she must be Labour, since her role as spokesmuslimess for “Community cohesion” cannot be Conservative since the Tories “don’t believe in society”:



  12. Dr R says:

    Now be fair. The BBC got it 50% right, which ain’t bad.

    On another matter (if I am allowed), did anyone catch the Today Programme’s campaigning item on the :”lyrical terrorist” (you know, the sweet gal who penned poems about sawing kaffir heads off in the name of Islam etc). I found the timing rather odd. She is to be sentenced soon (possibly this week?) and the reporter was suggesting that this prosecution was a “Thought Crime” rather than a terrorist offence.

    Hmm. Now imagine if we had some white guys penning poems about sawing ther heads of Muslims or n*ggers? Think Al Beeb would be quite so, err, lyrical?


  13. Martin says:

    Yes I heard Mr Andrex (Niki Campbell) doing his usual bum hole licking on Lord whatever his name.

    It was quite funny when Lord whaever his name is hung up on the pint sized muppet.


  14. Gibby Haynes says:

    Now be fair. The BBC got it 50% right, which ain’t bad.

    I prefer to think of it as 100% wrong.


  15. George R says:

    Yes ,apparently Lord Ahmed puts the phone down on people, non-Muslims at least, when they criticise his political judgement, as here with Stephen Pollard:



  16. Matthew says:

    The very reason Lord Ahmed went to Sudan was because of his close links with various figures in the Sudanese government. I can understand that it would have been impolitic to question him on these links before Gillian Gibbons was released, but there are legitimate questions to ask about his support for a regime which is engaging in a campaign of genocide in Darfur. Whatever happened to the BBC’s rigorous questioning all of a sudden? Campbell on Radio 5 was pathetic.

    And the BBC has never mentioned that Ahmed actually believes in punishing those who criticise Islam, like Salman Rushdie.


  17. Allan@Oslo says:

    From what I’ve read about Baroness Warsi and her views, the BBC is not necessarily wrong when they assume that she is not a Conservative.


  18. Newshour says:

    Dr R | 04.12.07 – 1:09 pm

    I am not sure you have got the lyrical terrorist piece right, I heard it this morning.

    Iain Watson’s piece raised the question not that she was innocent, but that perhaps she should have been prosecuted under an Incitement to Religious Hatred charge rather than a terrorism offence. There was an interview in the piece with Patrick Mercer, Gordon Brown’s onetime security adviser and former Conservative Shadow Homeland Security Minister (still a Tory MP) who was saying in fact that the prosecution had got it about right and she was a real menace.