How the BBC reports

good news from Iraq.

Ham-fisted editorialising of the news: “Reporting from Baghdad, the BBC’s Jonny Dymond says the IMF and UN statements amount to a coincidental chorus of approval that tops off what have been, by Iraq’s dismal standards, a good few weeks.”

False attribution of progress: “The change in the political mood is largely down to the passing of a law on Saturday, enabling some members of the Baath Party of Saddam Hussain to re-enter the military and bureaucracy, our correspondent says.

No mention of the real cause of progress:

see here

Ends with a flourish: “Violence continued in Iraq on Wednesday as a woman suicide bomber killed eight people in Diyala Province, and three US soldiers were shot dead in Salahaddin Province.”

Violence continued (news-wise)after a four day gap during which no US or coalition soldier perished. source.

(hat-tip to David Vance)

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