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  1. DB says:

    The BBC reporter Hannah Goff is herself a union activist.
    The teacher she quotes at length is a SWP/Respect activist.
    No mention is made of the NUT vote proposing the use of “education packs” from the Stop the War Coalition, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and CND.


  2. George R says:

    While the BBC bends over backwards to interpret Rowan Williams sypathetically on sharia law, a Libyan Muslim, Al-Houni, has a very different interpretation:-

    ‘Libyan thinker on Archdhimmi of Canterbury: “Such statements by some Anglican clergy are nothing less than support for the ideas of Islamist extremism”‘.


  3. DB says:

    Oops, wrong thread.


  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t wish to sound unsympathetic but why is this story 3rd most important on BBC Online?

    We have single fatality crashes in the UK every few hours, so why the prominence here for this event? Has some Beeboid’s Easter skiing holiday been buggered up?


  5. backwoodsman says:

    I had R4 on on Saturday morning, and the thought occurred to me, what is the collective noun for a group of beeboids. My guess would be ‘a smug’ of beeboids.


  6. DB says:

    I had R4 on on Saturday morning, and the thought occurred to me, what is the collective noun for a group of beeboids. My guess would be ‘a smug’ of beeboids.
    backwoodsman | 25.03.08 – 5:26 pm

    Let me guess – were you listening to that unique combination of supreme self-satisfaction and gag-inducing mawkishness that is Saturday Live?


  7. backwoodsman says:

    correct ! It must be tough (well, apart from the public sector index linked pension and undemanding working environment), being a beeboid.
    The angst of the class structure, knowing that despite all your pretensions, you aren’t actually upper class, feeling smug about your disdain for middle class values but knowing thats what you are and despising the feral white working class, which really does clash with those faux socialist values you like to think are so fashionable.


  8. nrg says:

    Anon – because cars and the people who drive them are evil


  9. nrg says:

    Beeb seem to be downplaying Hillary’s latest lie. Despite firm video evidence and 100 jounrnalist witnesses they best they can muster is “Clinton pressed”. Astonishingly they quickly twist the story round to a pop at McCain

    The real story is here and on all US news channels

    This isn’t just propaganda, it’s BBC propaganda.


  10. funnylookingman says:

    BBC attempts cover up of terror arrests

    “It concerns last Sunday’s blog about four BBC journalists arrested in the Irish Republic in the company of a number of men suspected of terrorist activity.

    On the following Tuesday the BBC reported its take on the outcome of the arrests. The men being accompanied by its journalists in County Donegal were all from Londonderry in Northern Ireland.”


  11. Terry Hamblin says:

    I would like to praise the BBC. Lark Rise to Candleford has been a wonderful series on Sunday evenings and the No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency was as good as the books. The critics hated both, of course, but Joe Public loved them.


  12. Reimer says:

    I keep thinking someone really ought to thoroughly trawl the Beeb’s listings magazine ‘Radio Times’, so in keeping with the left-liberal all-hold-hands for-one-world schtick is it. (very keen it is too on depictions of degeneracy and/or licentiousness eg ‘Shameless’, ‘Skins’)Is the magazine a purely commercial thing, or does anything from the licence fee find its way in?

    Struck by this on p61 of 22-28th March issue: reviewing ‘A Mighty Heart’, the story of journalist Daniel Pearl’s abduction & murder, Sloan Freer describes his killers as “Pakistani extremists”.

    Missing word anyone?



  13. pounce says:

    The BBC. sleepless in Tuzla and half a story.

    Clinton pressed over Bosnia claimDemocratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has been challenged over claims that she came under sniper fire during a trip she made to Bosnia in the 1990s.

    So Hills went to Bosnia during the 1990s did she? While the BBC does say (later on) that she went in may 1996. What they don’t tell you is that the Dayton Agreement was signed in Dec 1995.

    Any of the BBC clones care to tell us all just what the Dayton Agreement really was?

    Mind you, it isn’t that bad. During my time at Assi the Station Commander had a medal parade in which he received his FRY UN medal. I asked him where he was based during his tour. He in charge of the Ground Crew at Aviano Air Base in Italy. Yup a real lightweight at least Hills went to the bloody country.


  14. pounce says:

    The BBC, Bevin boys and Jim didn’t fix it.

    ‘Rough, tough’ life of a Bevin Boy’
    Prime Minister Gordon Brown has paid tribute to the Bevin Boys, who were conscripted as miners during the war. Warwick Taylor may have been a Bevin Boy, but at the time he certainly was not happy about it.

    The BBC finds somebody in which to promote the image of harsh realities and the cruel injustice of getting conscripted during war time.

    “The horror of the war being fought in foreign lands was brought home to Mr Taylor as he lay on his sickbed, alongside five men who had been critically wounded in the fighting.”

    I wonder which war the BBC is referring to here? Anyway back to Mr Warwick Taylor who hated going underground. Hey all credit to the man (Or men) they served their country in a time of need. Strange how the BBC didn’t ask this other Bevin boy who had this to say about his time underground;
    “I went down as a boy and came up as a man.”

    The BBC, Bevin boys and Jim didn’t fix it.


  15. Atlas shrugged says:

    People have asked why the BBC seems to be supporting China more then the ordinary Tibetans.

    The answer is simple. So simple I am only going to give you two clues.

    The BBC is completely controlled especially when it comes to important matters by the British establishment. Which is a collection of Banking and financial institution based in the City of London.

    Many if not a vast majority of those enormously massive factories in China run on slave labour or virtually no labour at all. That have done such a fine job of destroying Britons own domestic manufacturing base. While keeping down inflation so the likes of Gordon Brown can really have us over its ‘3rd way,’ in other words, FASCIST barrel.

    Are part owned and almost entirely financed by the British Establishment based in the City of London. Along with plenty of contributions from Rome and New York.

    I do hope that has cleared things up for you all.


  16. Chuffer says:

    The Austrian pile-up involves cars (eeevil), Austria (right-wing, Jorg Heider et al), and Global Warming (snow).


  17. Allan@Oslo says:

    By simply running through the posts of this thread, one gets the complete story of items which the BBC showed itself to be incapable of reporting without omissions: I’m referring to the first post by DB and the Clinton-post by pounce. These did not come from a £3 billion money-sucker but from ordinary, articulate people who do a better job than the BBC’s ‘reporters’. It’s why I visit this site.


  18. Martin says:

    More BBC distortion of the facts. The link below is to the article about this bit of ice that has broken off in the Antartic. Now on News 24 a guy from the British Antartic Survey said that this ice shelf did NOT block a Glacier so there was no danger of rising sea levels caused by the Glacier being allowed access direct to the sea.

    However, play the video link (top right) and the dopey BBC bimbo says the complete opposite.

    Fact is, this ice breaking off will have NO effect on the environment in terms of sea level what so ever.

    Another BBC non story.


  19. Martin says:

    Atlas Shrugged: Actually the BBC supports China for two reasons.

    1. Communism = good in Beeboid eyes.

    2. The BBC is covering the Olympics and tens of thousands of Beeboids already have their 5 star hotel in down town Peking and 1st class flights booked. Oh and the expense accounts just ready for 6 weeks of being on the lash. They won’t dare want to endanger that.

    Take a look at this old BBC report.

    and another

    (Evil capitalist pigs at Microsoft)


  20. Martin says:

    Pounce: Yes and the BBC didn’t even mention that David Trimble has commented that Clinton did SFA in the Irish peace process either.

    Poor old Hillary, she was probably hoping that they “lie” about Bosnia would be spun by the likes of the BBC to make out SHE was a real war hero and that John McCain was a coward.


  21. Hillhunt says:


    Strange how the BBC didn’t ask this other Bevin boy who had this to say about his time underground;

    Oh but they did. Sir Jim had a starring role on the Today programme this morning.



  22. Damson says:


    The voice over has been removed now, just video.


  23. Roland Deschain says:

    Yes, I noticed the story on the 10 o’clock News about the ice shelf breaking off the Antartctic, and how the region was warming at “unprecedented rates”.

    Yet not long ago it seemed the Antarctic ice was at its greatest extent recorded. Why did I never see that reported on the BBC news?

    I would like to remain open-minded about global warming yet when I see the way the BBC only presents one side of the picture time and time again I can reach only one conclusion.

    Also on the same programme, a long article about the damage plastic makes to the environment, particularly plastic bags. What is the source of this anti plastic bag agenda, which has been going on for a few weeks?


  24. Martin says:

    Yes Roland. I’ve just watched a BBC report on the evil (not Aids, not war, not fammine, but plastic bags are the real evil in the world) that is the plastic bag.

    Did we really have to have 4 Beeboids reporting from places like China, India and the USA? Just how much CO2 was generated sending that bunch of BBC wasters half way around the world?

    Oh and the BBC are doing a “plastic special” all week. Oh how exciting. Forget Zimbabwe, forget Tibet, forget Afghanistan, lets talk about plastic.

    And why no report on the increasing ice in the Artic or the heavy snows in the Ski repsorts of europe? After all last year the BBC were crowing about the lack of snow!!

    The BBC are so biased here that no one even bothers to defend them anymore.


  25. Arthur Dent says:

    FOUR men were last night charged with membership of the IRA at a special sitting of the Special Criminal Court in Dublin as part of a renewed Garda crackdown on paramilitary activity in Donegal.
    The St Patrick’s weekend operation into alleged activities of dissident republicans in Co Donegal saw four BBC journalists being held in custody.

    The BBC said those arrested, who were held for 19 hours, worked for current affairs and were on an investigation with full editorial authority under BBC guidelines when gardaí took them in.

    We don’t use the ‘T’ word in the BBC or we might be accused of consorting with unsavoury types….I wonder what editorial guidelines permit the BBC to associate with paramilitaries (Terrorists to you and I) without alerting the Gardai?


  26. Martin says:

    In the BBC report on evil plastic bags, the BBC used the “claim” that the flooding in Mumbai was caused by plastic bags blocking the drains.

    However, snooping around yes there is a claim that plastic bags contributed to the blocking of the drains, but there were other causes as well. This was NOT mentioned in the BBC report.

    Here’s a quote about other causes

    “…Others argue that there are many more important factors behind the recent floods • an antiquated drainage system, irregular development and destruction of mangroves along the coast• but attention is being diverted by raising the issue of plastic bags.

    They also point out that it is management of waste that needs to be urgently tackled. Plastics account for only 4-5% of the waste in Mumbai. ‘The drains are not choked by plastic bags only but also other materials,’ pointed out the industry source…”

    The BBC and half a story again.


  27. Martin says:

    Ye gods!!!!!!!!!! Hold the front page!!!!!

    Check this out. I can’t believe it. Will the BBC REALLY run this story?


  28. Anonymous says:

    BBC snuck some of it’s anti-war bias into a programme about earthquakes with: 10 Things You Didn’t Know Earthquakes. About 40 minutes in, during the section on Greece, they told some story from Greek mythology about some ancient Libyan King that wanted to invade Persia (Iran). He did invade and he lost. The moral of this anti-war story was: don’t invade Iran. But what has this story got to do with earthquakes? Nothing. But the BBC always has to insert it’s political messages into all it’s output, it can’t allow a programme about earthquakes to be just that. The BBC could have chosen any number of stories from ancient Greece to pad the programme out, but they carefully selected one they could use to push their agenda. They also did some more obvious global warming stuff too.


  29. sutekh says:

    The BBC is suitably rewarded for crawly-bumlicking China:

    “Good dog, roll over for your master”.


  30. Cassandra says:

    Roland Deschain,

    The BBC ‘report’ is a classic example of Orwellian double speak.
    The worlds oceans have been cooling slightly which is at odds with the global warming dogma so in a shameless manipulation of the facts they try to spin that the Antarctic is warming when in fact the southern oceans have stayed the same in general apart from a few minor and natural variations. When the BBC propagandists tell you that the southern oceans are warming faster than all the other oceans what they really mean is that the temperature differentials between hemispheres are increasing slightly!
    What they ‘missed’ was that the new data gathering sensors are showing cooling in the vast majority of the worlds oceans BUT that does not fit the warming narrative and dogma so they choose to hide this uncomfortable truth!
    When the facts do not support the BBCs agenda they will always ALWAYS lie and distort the truth!
    I will repeat that a greater temperature differential is NOT proof of warming and it speaks volumes that the BBC are so desperate to hide the facts that they will resort to such low Marxist type manipulations.
    I feel sure that others who are more eloquent and learned can expand on what I have posted and I hope I have given you some idea of what the facts are.


  31. Cassandra says:

    What is the real truth behind the concerted effort by the worlds governments and media to push the man made global warming myth?


    The worlds governments are trying to get people to accept a massive increase in nuclear power. Margaret Thatcher saw the AGW theory as a perfect way to get people on board the nuclear bandwaggon! What a monster she created eh?

    I have often wondered just why the governments of the world have ignored plain and simple facts about the issue and now I can see that if the whole issue is about pushing nuclear power then it starts to make a lot of sense. The green/eco groups have been misled, bought off and manipulated so perfectly that when they do finally realise that they have been suckered into helping bring about a massive increase in nuclear power I would love to see the look on their faces!


  32. max says:

    Report accuses BBC of supporting Iran,7340,L-3523551,00.html


  33. Cassandra says:

    I listened to a very interesting interview on the TOADY SHOW about the decline in certain bird species in the UK.
    The RSPB guest firstly had some good news which annoyed Sarah Montague who tried to dismiss the good news and she then pressed for some bad news BUT the guest did not give the answers that SM was after so she tried her best to push the RSPB expert into saying that global warming was to blame but the guest was having none of it! Sarah seemed quite frustrated and annoyed that that her leading questions to implicate global warming were being ignored and I could almost feel her frustration. The whole tone of the interview was to push a certain agenda but it fell flat I think?
    The guest had the nerve to bring up the real reasons for the decline in certain species and they had nothing to do with the BBC induced global warming myth! I dont think the guest will be invited back on the TOADY SHOW again!

    The BBC, we push the agenda regardless of the truth and regardless of common sense!
    ITS WHAT WE DO WITH YOUR MONEY(and you had better pay up or we will send round our bully boy thugs to make you pay).


  34. Joel says:

    “People have asked why the BBC seems to be supporting China more then the ordinary Tibetans.”

    You simply cannot have been watching the same BBC as I have.


  35. Ryan says:

    This one is hilarious. A report from the BBC business section on how life is getting tougher for Brazilian immigrants into the US. Strangely it is titled “Brazilians shun American Dream” – even though it is actually about Brazilians getting deported as illegal immigrants! So perhaps “Americans shun Brazilian illegal immigrants” would have been a more apt title?

    But not content with spinning the story until its upside down the BBC can’t help but squeeze this bit in:-

    “Among those who were to leave from this region to seek a better life was Jean Charles de Menezes, who later was to be mistakenly killed by police in London during an anti-terrorist operation.”

    I’m not quite sure what the message is here? Maybe “Hey, the Brazilians may think it’s tough in the US but come to the UK and we’ll shoot you!”.

    The whole thing sounds like it was written by a 6th former that swallowed a copy of the Guardian.


  36. Anonymous says:

    Compare and Contrast

    “a deliberate and provocative act”

    “his conversion to Christianity have provoked threats on his life, and he is now protected by a police escort”

    “at a most unfortunate time when sincere Muslims and Catholics are working very hard to mend ruptures..”


    “asked Christians to forgive Libya’s leader for suggesting the Bible was forged”

    “told an Easter mass congregation to forget Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi’s remarks”

    “We should pray for such people”

    “let’s forgive him as Christians”

    Compare and contrast, the BBC, don’t make me laugh…


  37. George R says:

    Is Al Beeb sure that it has given enough prominence to this Muslim “scholar” and his denunciation of the Pope’s baptism of Italian Muslim convert to Catholicism, Mr. Magdi Allam?:-

    ” Scholar denounces Muslim baptism ”
    (A misleading headline: it’s a CHRISTIAN baptism, Al Beeb. And the “scholar” sounds like a professional Islamist to me.)

    In its ‘impartial’ and extensive reporting here of the Muslim views of the “head of Jordan’s Royal Islamic
    Strategic Studies Centre”, the counter-views of
    Mr. Magdi Allam are given short shrift by Al Beeb, of course, as they do not fit with Al Beeb’s ‘appeasing of Islam’ message. So, in the interests of fairness, these are some of the things which Mr. Magdi Allam has said about Islam:-

    “Magdi Allam: ‘Over the years my spirit has been freed from the obscurantism of an ideology that legitimises lies and deception, violent death that leads to homicide and suicide, blind submission to tyranny.'”

    And a critique of the Islamic reaction to Magdi Allam’s conversion:

    “Fitzgerald: Magdi Allam’s conversion and the reaction to it”


  38. George R says:


    Magdi Allam’s views:


  39. Chris says:

    According to Cryosphere Today sea ice area in the southern hemisphere is about 1.5 million square kilometres above the 1979 to 2000 mean and this is at the start of autumn!
    It does not quite square with the reports of disaster does it.
    The break up of the ice shelf is most likely to be due to a change in water currents around Antarctica and is not actually in the Antarctic circle but in the peninsular that juts into the south Atlantic.


  40. Hugh says:

    In view of the arguments we had over whether the religion of that priest’s attackers should be included in the reports, I thought this was amusing:


  41. Bryan says:

    The left comes to a belated and startling realisation of Israel’s humanity:

    Fascinating comments. Some quite good.


  42. Rachel Miller says:

    Hugh – yes, I saw this article too.

    Funny how the police are now referring to a ‘faith-hate attack’ and ‘religiously-aggravated bodily harm’ and yet the BBC *still* omits to mention the religious background of the attacker…


  43. Curbishly says:

    “to mention the religious background of the attacker”

    There is however, a clue in the assailants name….Babul Islam.


  44. Anonymous says:

    The BBC’s biased coverage of Somalia continues to be the crowning turd of all their biases, these freedom loving lads are driven to it by American lies aren’t they.

    Pathetic. The BBC has no shame.


  45. Hillhunt says:


    The BBC’s biased coverage of Somalia continues to be the crowning turd of all their biases, these freedom loving lads are driven to it by American lies aren’t they.

    Pathetic. The BBC has no shame.

    Boot’s on the other foot, nameless one. The piece couldn’t be clearer about what an unpleasant mob they are and what motivates them.


  46. Lee Moore says:

    If anyone understands how to do screen grabs, this one is worth grabbing

    “A horrible hoax………No question about it”

    Newsnight examines the case for war in Iraq

    All in letters at least twice as big as that reserved for trivial stuff like actual news headlines.


  47. Oscar says:

    Cassandra | 26.03.08 – 9:25 am | #

    I think this is a fair summary. The Toadies were desperate to push a global warming subtext and failed miserably. But it was Caroline Quinn – not Sarah Montague (I know they are pretty much indistinguishable) and there was a curious announcement at the end of the show. Dear Caroline is leaving. There was a strangely curt announcement by Caroline herself and no warm words from any of her colleagues. In fact Quinn quoted Blair “That’s it. The end”. Not hard to read this code – Quinn is being pushed out. These people treat each other very badly. They don’t just disrespect their audience – they disrespect each other. Vile vile BBC work culture. I have it on good authority.


  48. Hugh says:

    She’s making way for Evan Davis. Good news, I say. Still, shame Naughtie couldn’t go instead.


  49. Anonymous says:

    ” See Page 3 on BBC 3 ”

    ( ( The BBC is not dumbing down. )