I am sure we are all familiar with the curious incident of the dog in the night time from the Sherlock Holmes story.”The dog did nothing in the night-time.” said Inspector Gregory “That was the curious incident,” remarked Sherlock Holmes.

Interesting to read in the Telegraph and see on Sky News that the Conservative Party has opened up a massive 17 point lead in the opinion polls over dismal Mr Broon and his NuLabour ragbag collective. More interesting to scan the BBC’s politics page and see if you can find this news. They just can’t quite bring themselves to accept that the writing is on the wall for Labour, can they? I am no supporter of David Cameron and his lily-livered brand of conservatism BUT surely to goodness this lead over Labour is a major news story and deserves some degree of reporting prominence? My thanks to reader meggoman on another thread for putting me onto this. Maybe the BBC have reported it – but if they have it is far from obvious!

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  1. meggoman says:

    Don’t see this on BBC – 7.30pm – and if it is it’s hidden away
    meggoman | 24.04.08 – 7:37 pm | #

    Yes David. I have been checking the BBC news website since the story appeared on the Sky News website. Still nothing not even a ticker tape in the latest news across the top. Still you wouldn’t advertise Christmas if you were a turkey would you.


  2. David Vance says:


    You would think with ALL those highly trained journalists they MIGHT have picked up on it but nope, not a sausage. Unless it turns up in their environment page as further proof of man-made climate change?


  3. Oscar says:

    18 points David – 18 points! And the BBC is now putting it about they don’t ‘do’ opinion polls. Yeah right. They did them OK when Gordon had his 10 point lead last summer. They did them all the time then. This is truly pathetic. Their state of denial is getting to be pathological.


  4. Bob says:

    George Bush’s (& Blair’s) falling ratings were a constant during the BBC’s golden age of setbacks in the Iraq War… strange that! Funny how things that don’t suit the BBC agenda somehow get ‘forgotten’.


  5. Llew says:

    ITV’s teletext news pages carry it. The BBC’s ceefax doesn’t of course.

    Obviously not a Guardian poll then.


  6. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Yup, pathological is the only word for it. And I happy to report that I have been using this word about McLiebour and Al Beeb for years 😉 😉


  7. John Reith spins in his grave says:

    Yeah – of course the BBC don’t bother with trivia like opinion polls ………..unless………


  8. Peter says:



  9. Paul S says:

    It was mentioned on the BBC News channel (nee BBC News 24) at around 10.28pm this evening (Thurs).


  10. banjo says:

    Brief mention on the london `mares`debate too.


  11. Martin says:

    I’ve pointed this out numerous times. The BBC reported on the Guardian poll when McLiebour were only “6 points” behind. But the last two polls that put the corrupt failed socialist scum beind big time was ignored by the BBC.


  12. The Northumbrian says:

    As an overseas viewer of the BBC, I note that the current lead story on BBC World News is the usual pro-Hamas baloney about how those horrid Israelis are depriving Palestinian children of food because of the supposed fuel blockade. The BBC’s unrelenting hatred of Israel and its undisguised sympathy for plight of the Palestinians in Gaza, largely self-inflicted, makes my blood boil. I should add that I am British and not Israeli.


  13. Cameron says:

    This is indeed a scandal,but once again the BBC is the tax payer funded untouchable elephant in the room.

    Why arent the other news organisations shouting from the roof about this? particularly sky?

    scum BBC.


  14. northnorthwester says:

    Wrong thread I know, but look at the steaming piles of doubt the Beeb puts into this amazing story.

    ‘The US has made explicit allegations’
    ‘But the White House statement….raises many questions.’

    ‘As does the decision to go public just as international talks to try to roll back North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme have hit a critical stage..’ Oh no, th eIsraeli raid was a Zionist/neocon baragaining chip!

    ‘Many experts – not least in the US – were sceptical after the air strike, doubting that the target was actually a nuclear reactor..’ Such as who? What was it: a great big kebab shop? Women’s refuge?

    ‘If this was a clandestine nuclear programme, was it, as the administration contends, intended to develop a plutonium-based bomb?.’ Or just developing clandestine nuclear power to fuel the energy-starved ally of Iran?

    ‘But one key question concerns the impact that these very public US allegations might have on the six-party nuclear talks with North Korea..’ What, you mean people might start to beleive that Syria’s nuclear plan was for – gulp – non-peaceful purposes?

    ‘Reports suggest significant progress is being made, but that the US has agreed not to force North Korea to account for its alleged proliferation activities, notably in Syria. ‘ Nasty Americans, stifling significant progress and breaking a promise to the vituous and honest North Koreans.


  15. Oscar says:

    Peter – it’s actually an 18 point lead and obviously much too disturbing for the BBC to report. The Today programme has retreated to its comfort zone bigtime this morning – lots and lots of stuff about the evil Isra-ay-lis who for some unknown reason don’t seem to trust Hamas’ offer of a ceasefire. And of course the CIA pretence that Israel destroyed a Syrian nuclear reactor last September. Today are giving full credence to those ever so reliable Syrian sources that claim this is a fantasy dreamt up by the evil Americans and Isra-ay-lis. They’re comparing it to imaginary WMDs. No doubt the Isra-ay-lis actually blew up a Syrian kindergarten and pretended it was a nuclear reactor.


  16. Cockney says:

    hang on, this is an opinion poll story – how did we get onto ******* Israel/Palestine???


  17. Martin says:

    Actually Oscar it’s normally a “Baby milk” factoriy with hastily painted signs and then reported by the BBC as “fact”


  18. Oscar says:

    Cockney – I was talking about what the BBC suppresses (opinion polls) and what they promote instead – evil Americans and Israelis. This is what the Today programme did today. It’s this process of editorial selection which so continually skews the news agenda – directing people to the opinions the BBC wants to promote, while burying the bad news. Observing this editorial process is all important.


  19. Travis Bickle says:

    To be fair to the BBC John Humphreys did manage to ask the invited expert whether the great god named “global warming” would mean a resurge of Malaria in Northern Europe. Obviously forgetting the script said expert replied in the negative.

    So what’s an 18 point lead in the context of the great new religion adopted by the Beeb and its patron Saint AlofGore ?

    ps however expect any future poll suggesting lead has been cut to single figures to be the lead item on every BBC new item.


  20. David Vance says:


    Yes – I heard that as well and was amused when the expert replied in the negative re global warming. Not on message, eh?


  21. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    High temperatures per se have eff all to do with malaria. Check the world distribution of malaria: Australia has virtually none.


  22. Jeff Todd says:

    “Nearly Oxfordian:
    High temperatures per se have eff all to do with malaria. Check the world distribution of malaria: Australia has virtually none.”

    Absolutely – I read somwhere that the biggest malaria outbreak ever was in Siberia.

    Surely malaria has more to do with stagnant water pools that the little mozzie bleeders lay egs in – swamps and wetlands and boggy places


  23. Anonymous says:

    hang on, this is an opinion poll story – how did we get onto ******* Israel/Palestine???
    Cockney | 25.04.08 – 9:59 am | #

    You’ve been posting on here long enough to know how this happens.


  24. Cheeta says:

    Results for POLL under BBC news search for 28/04/08.


  25. Stephen says:

    They have eventually mentioned the poll lead – buried in this article:



  26. Bryan says:

    Observing this editorial process is all important.
    Oscar | 25.04.08 – 10:17 am |

    Unfortunately the BBC wont let me access “Today” anymore – unless there is something wrong with my computer, but I don’t think so. Maybe they don’t like people trying to access it from outside the country.

    hang on, this is an opinion poll story – how did we get onto ******* Israel/Palestine???
    Cockney | 25.04.08 – 9:59 am

    Relax, old chap, as long as the BBC obsessively tries to distort the Israel-Palestinian conflict by portraying the Palestinians as angels and the Israelis as brutes, some reaction to it here will inevitably spill over onto the wrong threads.

    If we really wanted to punish you, we’d try to dominate this thread with the info that, on the subject of polls, the BBC blared out the results the poll that concluded Israelis are racist towards Arabs as loudly and for as long as it could but is totally silent on the polls showing the majority of Palestinians favour blowing Jewish civilians to bits.

    But we wont.

    Looks like the BBC better not order too much champagne for the next UK election. I’ll certainly raise a glass to Labour’s richly-deserved defeat. And I don’t drink much at all.


  27. Bernard Sanderson says:

    Least anyone forget Michel Crick was on Newsnight two months ago asking why the Conservatives were only 7% ahead of the Labour party.

    I doubt very much that the BBC will allow any discussion on Newsnight over the latest in a long line of polls, after all I doubt that they wish to show how disastrous Brown and his cronies have become to Labours very limited chances of winning the next election.


  28. David Vance says:


    Yes, I think we are now in operation try and save Brown! (Impossible, in my view since he is going down faster than the Titanic!)