Had to laugh at the wriggling of Andrew Lansley on Marr this morning. We have to be honest here and acknowledge that assuming the Conservatives come to power next June, we WILL be hit with an instant increase in VAT, we will be stung with income tax rises, and Cameron will continue to shovel cash into the gaping maw of the NHS. All good reasons NOT to support such a minded incoming Conservative administration.

The more interesting question is why the Conservatives adopt such an anti-conservative set of policies. Perhaps the fact that it seeks to ameliorate criticism from the BBC is but one? Triangulating around a leftist position may help bring a victory for David Cameron but it then means that the BBC memes of “more cash for the NHS and “higher taxes for the middle class” continue regardless of who is in power. The biggest triumph of those like the State Broadcaster has been to emasculate the Conservatives to the point where the mushy ideology between it. Labour and Lib-Dems is almost indiscernible. Perhaps this sounds harsh to conservative-minded readers who may think that Cameron will change his approach when in power but media approval seems central for Cameron and the BBC lies (and boy does it lie) at the heart of this!

The fightback continues… against Boris

The BBC is leading the way in blunting the Conservatives’ revival with this special coverage of… well, what exactly about Ray Lewis? Headlined “Mayor’s aide in sex claims enquiry” it’s never clear what the sex claims are in fact. The article is filled with something else on the financial side apparently pursued by the oh-so-upright Church of England back in the 90’s. It’s basically a mess of conflation. The usual suspects, the rat pack of journos, can be heard on the BBC’s televised clip from Deputy Mayor Ray’s press conference- Jon Snow et al getting very snooty indeed. Boris is getting a going-over and the BBC is desperate to be in the vanguard.

I didn’t notice this level of zeal, or even any interest at all, in the case against Lee Jasper.


. Don’t know if you saw the BBC report on the 10 0’Clock news on the by-election caused by David Davis resigning on the 42 day detention charge issue. It was a complete stitch-up with the BBC reporter determined to convey the impression that the whole thing is a bit mad, eccentric and not of real interest to the local voters. Even when David Cameron turned up to support David Davis today, the BBC were there to suggest disharmony between the two men. I don’t know what Davis thought of this just broadcast coverage but it felt to me like a polished knife being stuck into his campaign to highlight the assault on our liberty led by Zanulabour and apologised for by the miserable BBC.


Following on from Nick Robinson’s onslaught against the Conservative Party tonight, (see previous post) I now see that the offensive against Caroline Spelman led by the BBC continues. It alleges that some (un-named) Tory MPs are calling for Pparty chairman Caroline Spelman to be sacked, after further evidence emerged about her payments to her nanny. Mrs Spelman’s secretary complained in 1999 that the Meriden MP was using Parliamentary allowances in this way, BBC Two’s Newsnight has learned. Well, it MUST be true then. Hey, look like we’re gonna party like it’s 1999 again – with the BBC remorselessly pursuing Spelman for her decade old alleged sins whilst the likes of Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper, not to mention the blessed Wendy Alexander, get a sympathetic hearing for their totally understandable financial accounting misunderstandings.


Well then, three cheers for now former Shadow Home Sec David Davis who has had the bottle to resign his seat and force a by-election on the issue of the 42 Day detention Bill. I caught the BBC’s PM coverage on this and reckon Eddie Mair must have been sneering all the way throughout the coverage. The BBC is stunned that a politician might, just might, do something on principle. Davis’s evocation of Magna Carta seemed to send the BBC into a particular spin this afternoon. Davis will need to be prepared to withstand attacks on his personality in the coming days and you can all be sure which broadcaster will lead the attack. Question Time should be interesting this evening as the “Get Davis” campaign gathers momentum. Brown’s pyrrhic victory, care of the DUP political whores, has been put in the BBC bag of our great leaders’ accomplishments but I trust that this new front opened up by Mr Davis causes Brown and his media courtiers a lot of anguish!


It’s like re-living the early 1990’s again with the BBC in its default position of leading the charge against the sleazy Conservative Party. The lead story today is actually located in the 1990’s with the shock horror! news that Conservative Party chairman Caroline Spelman has admitted using her MP’s parliamentary allowance for payments to her children’s former nanny. Spelman told BBC’s Newsnight that the money, paid in 1997 and 1998, was for secretarial work the nanny did. Following on from the revelations concerning Conservative MEP Giles Chicester, it’s like the good old days are back. A story that is TEN YEARS OLD is the single most important issue for the BBC this morning. Now I have no sympathy at all for our rapacious political caste and the fact that they abuse their expenses does not surprise me in the least but this is OLD news. I am sure the beleaguered Mr Brown will be thanking the BBC for doing all it can to shift the news agenda away from his serial woes. Naturally Labour MP’s are squeaky clean when it comes to their own use of parliamentary expenses. Mr Speaker Michael Martin is a good example of Labour financial propriety I suppose.


Sorry for the lack of output from me here these past few days but normal service is resuming! Hey – have you been following the BBC’s coverage of the Local Council and London Mayoral elections? Some hilarious stuff – did you see Jeremy Vine’s performances late last night? Cringeworthy! Makes Peter Snow seem good. These results must be such a nightmare for Al-Beeb as Labour are humiliated across the country and it’s looking like Boris is going to dethrone the gruesome Livingstone in London – fingers crossed. I’ve heard some very easy rides being given to those Labour Minister suckers forced to come to camera – Alan “Postie” Johnson was given the most gentle of interviews on the lunchtime news. Did you see it? Tonight should be great stuff as the dawn of the end of Ken becomes apparent and the BBC have to see their beloved Jihad supporting Mayor take a your highlight of the election coverage…!


Just as Sky News are making it clear that Boris will win, the BBC are still equivocating on the Mayoral result as of 10pm. The line being taken is that Ken Livingstone WON the last time despite Labour, now he “may” lose because of Labour! Looks like the BBC will berate Labour but still loves the IRA supporting Jihad understanding Jew hating Livingstone.

UPDATE TWO. It’s now 10.30pm and Newsnight are still in denial mode. The air of depression is obvious although I noted that the lead item was prefaced with the description of Boris being a clown, a joker and chat-show host. Better than being a terror-supporting anti-semitic goon, eh?

UPDATE THREE. It’s now 10.45 and Newsnight are now in full-on “Save Gordon” mode. Ruth Kelly, a vision in pink, is being allowed to talk tripe and commentator Michael Crick has been saying that in a way this was not unexpected.



I am sure we are all familiar with the curious incident of the dog in the night time from the Sherlock Holmes story.”The dog did nothing in the night-time.” said Inspector Gregory “That was the curious incident,” remarked Sherlock Holmes.

Interesting to read in the Telegraph and see on Sky News that the Conservative Party has opened up a massive 17 point lead in the opinion polls over dismal Mr Broon and his NuLabour ragbag collective. More interesting to scan the BBC’s politics page and see if you can find this news. They just can’t quite bring themselves to accept that the writing is on the wall for Labour, can they? I am no supporter of David Cameron and his lily-livered brand of conservatism BUT surely to goodness this lead over Labour is a major news story and deserves some degree of reporting prominence? My thanks to reader meggoman on another thread for putting me onto this. Maybe the BBC have reported it – but if they have it is far from obvious!


I see that Conservative leader David Cameron has caused a bit of a furore by threatening to make the BBC hand £250million of its (OUR) money to other broadcasters. The Tories plan to force the Corporation to give away part of its licence fee funds to create new competition in public service broadcasting. The move will break the BBC’s “monopoly” over programmes and guarantee more quality output in areas such as children’s television, the Tories claim. It’s an interesting idea coupled with a plan to scrap the governing BBC Trust and replace it with a more independent “public service broadcasting commission”. Naturally the BBC have reacted angrily to the Cameron suggestions..“Once you take away part of the licence fee you break the trust between the BBC and the licence-fee payer,” said a senior BBC executive. What trust? Wonder what you all make of Cameron’s suggestions?

David Cameron to relocate to Iran?

Conservatism may still be strugging to regain a meaningful presence in the United Kingdom but boy is it alive and well in Iran! he BBC’s bizarre obsession with the alleged forces of conservatism in Iran reappears today in its coverage of the Iranian parliamentary elections. This time round though it’s not the 13th Iman’s dining pal and holocaust denier President Ahmadinejad that is the “conservative” – no, it turns out that it is his critics – the uber-fascists – that are now designated “conservatives”! It’s as if the BBC staff-writers have set themselves the objective of labelling the biggest Islamofascists around as “conservatives” in some puerile attempt to demonise that very term. The radical Islamist regime that pollutes Iran can be called many things but as I said yesterday, and as I repeat today, it is in no way conservative. The international left of centre MSM of which the BBC is such a central element, may seek to designate the term conservatism to the Khomeini legacy but the truth is that it is a Nazi-like Islamic theocratic tyranny which curiously enough has created close links with favoured LEFTIST regimes such as Venezuela and Cuba. How long before Hugo Chavez is defined as a leading conservative politician?