Two, no three, quick links

  • “And what is your concern about Boris?” London Assembly member James Cleverly writes that “This was the question which greeted callers into Dotun Adebayo’s show on BBC Radio London last night.” His criticism related to the person answering the phones, not to the show itself.
  • The link above came via Iain Dale, who also says, “So in the most successful week for the Conservatives since 1992 THIS WEEK doesn’t have a single Conservative on the programme.”

  • From EU Referendum, a post about Re-inforcing a worldview:

    The Australian: “Rain brings hope for bumper crop.”

    BBC: “‘Big Dry’ hits Australian farmers.”

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    65 Responses to Two, no three, quick links

    1. Martin says:

      Phil: But the Morning Star only had a circulation of 40!!!!! Brilliant. Go Boris go Boris go Boris!!1

      Even Fox News was talking about red Ken getting a kicking from Boris.


    2. will says:

      TPO 5.08pm So just where did the BBC garner all of these far left trots for the QT audience? They`re certainly not a fair representation of the local populace.

      There was a text message shown on Ceefax p155 during the programme, saying something like “I have lived in Dorking for 40 years but have yet to recognise a single person in the audience.”


    3. Grimer says:


      When it comes to the issue of swearing in blogs, I defer to the thoughts of the indomitable Stanislav:


    4. gordon-bennett says:

      We know that prospective members of the QT audience are required to fill in a questionnaire and that this is used as the basis for “balancing” the audience.

      If this process is being done for correct reasons then let’s have the details published so that we can see that all is above board.

      If the beeb refuses to publish the data then I think we can draw our own conclusions.


    5. Archie Opterix says:

      QT is in my area soon. Looks like I shall need to apply as a tree-hugging eco warrior marxist to have any chance of getting on.


    6. Nearly Oxfordian says:

      “I presume they mean Tim Berner-Lee who as anyone with a brain knows only really developed the idea of the web browser and HTML that gave us the WWW”

      ROFLMAOWMP. ‘Only’ … sorry, I really have to say it again:


    7. Martin says:

      NO: ‘Only’ was used in relation to the fact Berners-Lee gave us the WWW, not email or FTP or Usenet etc.

      Many people think of the “intenet” as the WWW which it clearly isn’t.


    8. Nearly Oxfordian says:

      OK, fair enough 😉


    9. beness says:

      Gibby Haynes:
      …and to make matters even worse (for the BBC anyway), the internet was invented by the Americans. And to make it worse still, it was invented by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), an agency within the US Department of Defense charged with developing technology to be used by the US military.
      Gibby Haynes | 09.05.08 – 5:13 pm | #

      I think your correct Gibby. As i understood it when learning about it(some 10 years ago so I’m going from rough memory)the arms race has a lot to do with the internet being developed.

      America wanted to be able to pass a message around the country without a chance of all communication being lost. IE: every radio tower being put out of service by strategicaly placed bombs.they came up with a form of computers that could be dispersed every where needed that did not need a chain but rather independent connections to each other. From this came the ARPANET and now the INTERNET.
      Far to much to go into and I wont try to bore you all with the details most of wich I have forgotten.


    10. Nearly Oxfordian says:

      There is a mindset that thinks the Americans (a nation I admire) invented everything, starting with the kitchen sink. But England has produced a huge number of fundamental innovations, and can be proud of it.


    11. beness says:

      Nearly Oxfordian:
      There is a mindset that thinks the Americans (a nation I admire) invented everything, starting with the kitchen sink. But England has produced a huge number of fundamental innovations, and can be proud of it.
      Nearly Oxfordian | 11.05.08 – 12:10 pm | #

      Indeed we can and being part of the industrial revolution probably paved the way for the so called civilised world. we still use water power and advanced forms of steam today.


    12. George R says:

      Will we have to put up with less of the BBC’s sympathetic reporting of the Greens’ advocacy of ever higher diesel and petrol prices for a while?:

      ” The Greenies are worried ”


    13. Nearly Oxfordian says:

      … and a lot of electronic inventions that originated within these shores, mate.


    14. amimissingsomething says:

      TPO | 09.05.08 – 5:08 pm |

      could this be worthy of an official complaint to the governors, with a question as to whether or not anything was learned in the wake of the stacking of a certain audience in the aftermath of 9-11?