Just ten minutes this morning into the “Today” programme on BC Radio 4 and I had to turn it off.

Just before the 7 a.m. news we had an item on “social cohesion”and the racial tensions that are evident in places like Dagenham. The spectre of the rise of the BNP was raised by the BBC interviewer and all agreed that this “far-right” abomination was undesirable. The solution to “divided communities” appeared to be “arts-based” social initiatives! Tell it to the Jihadists and those within the Muslim community who support them and who refuse to integrate within our communities. The BBC can’t even see the problem but instead fulminate against “the far right”.

Meanwhile, just a few minutes later and after a weekend which saw John Prescott, Cherie Blair and Lord Levy all expose Gordon Brown’s dysfunctional personality, the BBC then ran an item clearly designed to bolster Brown. The loathsome Denis McShane and Lance Price were allowed to explain why all this tittle-tattle meant nothing and said more about those who indulged in it than it did about the Great Leader. It seemed to escape them that all this invective against Brown was coming from within the Party, from senior figures. Operation Save Gordon seems in full swing and it should prove hugely entertaining to watch the BBC explain away what looks set to be a rout of Labour in Crewe in but a few weeks!

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  1. Chuffer says:

    Radio 2 ‘News’ almost reading out Gordon’s complete speech which he ‘will be making within the next hour’. Full of marvellous warm caring consultative considerative cooing.


  2. Iain says:

    Incredibly clever and well-resourced organisation, this BNP. Apparently able to foment trouble in otherwise peaceful communities from Dagenham to Bradford.


  3. Cassandrina says:

    Totally agree with your comments.
    I also turned off the Today programme at hearing the odious McShane and Quinn lauding a man who has such inherent basic social flaws.
    One can only praise Blair for keeping him out of the PM’s office for so long – but on the other hand was so weak that he continued to employ him.


  4. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Blair could have fired him after 3 months. What would McBean have done – organised a PLP coup, with his obvious social skills and organisational skills and political nous? And the PLP would have rallied behind him and risked the existence of the first Labour (well, OK, faux-Labour) government in 18 years? I don’t think so.
    Leaving Bean in charge of our economy for 10 years is only another one of Blair’s many examples of utter contempt for this country: his personal convenience taking priority every time over the good of the party, never mind that of the country.


  5. knacker says:

    “arts-based” social initiatives…
    Oh those restive peasants. Sport might calm ’em down quicker. How about midnight cricket?


  6. Alex says:

    I don’t see the bias David. First you complain that they mentioned “social cohesion”. And then, when a subject came up that pretty much all mainstream politicians agree on, the BNP, you’re outraged that all the contributors agreed.

    Then you complain that they let some people defend the PM, after a week of widespread bad-mouthing. Once again your idea of bias is a normal person’s idea of there being two sides to the story. Would you prefer your political gossip without counter-balance?


  7. George R says:

    There is a biased and misleading BBC report, under headline:

    “Call for focus on ethnic tensions”
    ( by Dominic Casciani).

    Here is the opening extract:-

    “Councils must work harder to target ‘hot spots’ caused by rising migration and diversity, the government will say.

    “The Department for Communities, which will launch guidance on monitoring local tensions, says more work needs to be done to prevent local disturbances.”

    “The guidance comes a year after a major report urged ministers to do more to improve community cohesion.”

    The BBC report fails to identify:

    1.)the Labour Government’s past, present and future commitment to MASS IMMIGRATION, which is causing ethnic tensions;

    2.)the specific ETHNIC TENSIONS, e,g, there is no reference to Jihadist violence against British people;

    3.) the huge SOCIAL COSTS to local councils of Labour’s uncontrolled, under-financed immigration priorities.


  8. korova says:

    Er…..which channel gave Lord Levy the chance to stick the knife into Gordon Brown????


  9. Martin says:

    The BBC and McLiebour are so far removed from reality it beggars belief. Having said that, nothing would surprise me if in the run up to the Crewe by-election if we don’t get Panorama uncover some “tory Scandal”

    On another matter, the really vile Victoria derbyshire was interviewing the mother of the boy who had his throat cut at the weekend.

    When the mother brough up her faith (she’s a Christian) it was like a red rag to a bull. “How can your faith help you here, when your God didn’t stop this… blah blah blah…”

    Now I’m no fan of religion, but does anyone think she’d have attacked a “Moozlum” mother about her faith.

    Needless to say they’had a few complaints about the interview (including from me) and they’ve read out a couple of them complaining about the interiew.

    Derbyshire is just a vile woman.


  10. Chuffer says:

    I don’t see the bias David.”

    Well, knock me down with a feather….


  11. Jack Bauer says:

    martin — that jerkette Derbyshite actually said THAT???


  12. Jack Bauer says:

    “social cohesion”… Oh is that the nu-Lab euphemism for

    “social justice” which used to be…

    “welfare state” … which used to be…

    “redistribution of income” …

    which used to be…

    “socialism” which still is



  13. nrg says:

    If you had listened on you would have heard about restorative justice, a plug for left wing playwrite Harold Pinter and a lesbian couple and their right to have children and the bad days of having to have fathers.

    Meanwhile on the Beeb website, “Johnson dismisses Field’s attack”, as ever the official Labour rebuttal, is more important than the original embarrasing story.


  14. NotaSheep says:

    Victoria Derbyshire (VD) at around 10:30 asked a student at Birmingham University studying politics, who he thought would win the next General Election. The student replied that he could only see it going one way and VD was very keen to point out that there was still two years to go and anything could happen; which is true, but you could hear the near despair in her BBC/NuLab voice.


  15. thud says:

    Ah yes!…I can see it now..ahmed and joe bloggs united by a little socialy inclusive art…perhaps a touring production of the black and white minstrels…I love the beeb!


  16. WoAD says:

    Don’t you know that ethnic tension is caused EMOTIONAL REPRESSION. We needs to lose ourselves in beautiful self-expressive art, and in that we will realise that we all love each other.

    “When the mother brough up her faith (she’s a Christian) it was like a red rag to a bull. “How can your faith help you here, when your God didn’t stop this… blah blah blah…”

    But God has intervened.

    John 3:16: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


  17. Barnetpete says:

    If the BBC wants New Labour to win the next general election (and it does) shuld they not be helping it rid itself of its unelectable leader?
    It is going to regret this blatant attempt to help him gain popularity.
    I say the longer they keep this up the better.


  18. bert says:

    I am still waiting for someone to tell me the vile nasty policies of the BNP.
    Easy to say something against someone and deny them a right of reply.
    Over the years we have seen an emerging pattern of a certain grouping of words in the news to associate them with the Marxist twits that use this tactic to smear! Love em’ or loath them the BNP are NOT a white supremacist group by any means!


  19. Travis Bickle says:

    Why does Brown need to make any speeches anymore when they are always pre-announced in detail on BBC News bulletins?


  20. Allan@Oslo says:

    Bert, I suggest that you visit the BNP’s website to see how evil its policies are and make up your own mind as to whether the BNP or the BBC is a bigger threat to the UK.


  21. Stop Common Purpose says:

    Common Purpose BBC at work again.

    Stop Common Purpose

    If you don’t know what Common Purpose is, I suggest you find out.

    Common Purpose is a corrupt organisation which must be stopped:

    In particular, consider how Common Purpose has corrupted the British media:


  22. Reversepsychology says:


    Been there done that! – All of the information that we could ever find on Middleton and her insipid organisation is posted here: t…mon_purpose.htm


  23. Chuffer says:

    Where can we find Victoria Derbyshire’s “Where was your God?” comment? If true, this is massive.


  24. Reversepsychology says:

    Aunti Pravda’s Social Cohesion, and the negatively suggested tone that follows the briefest mention of the initials B.N.P.

    So – How many people have the B.N.P. slaughtered over the years? Are they a tyrannical dictatorship that have usurped power from the unsuspecting public?

    You know – like this man!!!

    And where is al-beebs condemnation of both Ahmadinajad and chairman Brown over this little cowardly fiasco – in fact – the BBC have yet to mention Browns cowardice at all!!!!

    I personally don’t vote for the B.N.P. because their foundations come out of an extreme ideology. – I don’t need the outright manipulation of Nu Liebour and the BBC to work this out for myself.

    However – Al-Beebs Marxist propaganda wont wash either!!!

    And Gordon Browns Nu Liebour?

    Well!!! – At least, once upon a time, Robert Mugabe was democratically elected by his own people. – And the B.N.P. have not refused us a say on the largest evil of our time – The despicable E.U. Super state!!!

    But hey – with al-beeb these facts are no more than minor irritants to be washed away by ignoring them completely.

    The B.N.P. however!!!!!

    Well thats a more pressing evil of our time all together…


  25. Lady of the Lake says:

    Well I can see nothing on the BNP site that I personally would consider evil. In fact there is a lot here (see extract below) that many people would like to see. I consider some of their policies naive, eg reducing foreign imports as an answer to our manufacturing decline, but as the EU have strong trade barriers it’s not ‘evil’.

    What is evil, is calling for gays to be killed, is to bomb people on the tube for not good reason, to make women second class citizens with no hope of escaping the religion that treats them thus. To hand over our country to a non democratic institution in a foreign land. To steal pensions. To give away honours to political doners. And on, and on it goes. Now who does this? And the BBC exposes little to none of it.

    Your comment of ‘evil’ with no further explanation is ‘bias’ in itself. Either you are as bad as the BBC or have been brainwashed by them.

    Selection from BNP website under polices.
    To ensure the British people retain their homeland and identity, we call for:-
    * an immediate halt to all further immigration,
    * the immediate deportation of criminal and illegal immigrants,
    the introduction of a system of voluntary resettlement whereby those immigrants who are legally here will be afforded the opportunity to return to their lands of ethnic origin assisted by a generous financial incentives both for individuals and for the countries in question.
    * We will abolish the ‘positive discrimination’ schemes that have made white Britons second-class citizens.
    * We are opposed to the Single European Currency, and support the overwhelming majority of the British people in their desire to keep the Pound and our traditional weights and measures.
    * At the same time, we are for the best possible relationship with our European neighbours and believe that the nations of Europe should be free to trade and cooperate whenever it is mutually beneficial, though without being forced into a political and economic straitjacket – political unification
    * We support the re-introduction of corporal punishment for petty criminals and vandals, and the restoration of capital punishment for paedophiles, terrorists and murderers as an option for judges in cases where their guilt is proven beyond dispute
    * We will end the practice of politically correct indoctrination in all its guises and we will restore discipline in the classroom, give authority back to teachers and put far greater emphasis on training young people in the industrial and technological skills necessary in the modern world.
    * We will also seek to instill in our young people knowledge of and pride in the history, cultures and heritage of the native peoples of Britain.


  26. Martin says:

    Jack Bauer: Yep, she sure did.


  27. Andy says:

    Re Victoria Derbyshire “Where was your God?”

    I hope the silly bitch gets her backside kicked. Expect a grovelling apology or some kind of ‘I was just being ironic’ type excuse…


  28. HSLD says:

    Arts based – that’ll be patronising young black men by making the assumption that they couldn’t possibly want to be anything except a DJ, filling the church hall full of taxpayer funded mixing desks and supplying a drippy yoof worker to preside over the whole farce.


  29. backwoodsman says:

    So sweet of Toady to obligingly fail to point out that todays spiel on the pm’s listening exercise on the cost of social care, was A CYNICAL REBRANDING EXERCISE AIMED AT MIDDLE ENGLAND.
    If the bbc was doing what it takes money from the gullible ostensibly to do, which is to be even handed, it could have pointed out that scrapping the Barnet Formula, would allow English pensioners the same treatment currently available to scots, paid for by us.
    The bbc, spinning for nulab, its what we do.


  30. Allan@Oslo says:

    Lady of the Lake | 12.05.08 – 1:23 pm |

    I think you didn’t quite get the irony of my previous post against which you are raging. The BBC is a clear and present danger to the UK: the BNP is not. I hope that’s clearer.

    Before anybody reads further, I am not attempting to sneak in favourable references to the BNP but I will assume that adults can be left alone to make up their own minds. On the BNP’s website, there is an article which claims that BBC personnel had attended courses on Common Purpose – the post-Marxist doctrine on elimination of the nation state.


  31. David Vance says:

    I think this Common Purpose angle is interesting because it might explain the BBC’s hatred of our country whose name it bears!


  32. Adrian Peirson says:

    Hey, I can’t see anything on the BNP website I disagree with apart from the death Penalty.

    Has someone been lying to us.

    Come to think of it, when was the Last time a BNP memeber was done for Terror offences, it hasn’t happened, they keep spouting on about the Nail Bomber but he was kicked out after a few months, it turns out he was also a memebe of the Conservative party.


  33. Reversepsychology says:

    Re Adrian Peirson:

    You disagree with the death penalty eh?

    Well take a look at this – from the E.U. treaty, via the back door. (this website explains fully, what our government and their minions will NOT, regarding the coming E.U. super state)

    Obviously this article has never seen light of day at the BBC – wonder why?


  34. Jonathan M. Scott says:

    Hey, David, the thing is that the public doesn’t believe the BBC any more; most consider it a “Labour mouthpiece” and “PC rubbish”!


  35. GCooper says:

    Saving Gordon, indeed!

    And, as you’d imagine, the hapless Nick Robinson is in on the act, too:

    And to think, some twit on another thread suggested “goggles” Robinson wasn’t a ZaNuLabour fanboy!


  36. koop says:

    talking of the bnp,its funny how the mainstream media seem to be ignoring this little story…


  37. Greencoat says:

    Well said Woad:

    …but God has intervened.

    John 3:16: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


  38. BaggieJonathan says:


    Absolutely correct.

    Thank the Lord for his Grace.

    However the BBC’s inherant anti Christianity is shown up as much as its diabolical lack of respect for a grieving mother of whatever faith she is.

    I doubt this would have been asked even of the mother of a suicide bomber by ms Derbyshire.


  39. smallheathen says:

    NotaSheep@| 12.05.08 – 11:15 am

    I heard that too and came to the same conclusion. VD clearly trying some damage limitation.

    btw her name is an anagram of Dreary British Voice.


  40. Peter says:

    “When the mother brought up her faith (she’s a Christian) it was like a red rag to a bull. “How can your faith help you here, when your God didn’t stop this… blah blah blah…”

    Pity the lady is a Christian,she could have smacked the impertinent cow Victoria Derbyshire in the mouth.


  41. George R says:

    The BBC never did name this ‘man’ in its non-story:

    “Man detained in anti-terror probe”

    The ‘Manchester Evening News’ (stablemate of the BBC’s chum ‘The Guardian’) named the ‘man’, AS LONG AGO AS SATURDAY as that Muslim, of Jihadist fame, none other than HASSAN BUTT.
    Why the BBC silence on the identity of this Islamic ‘man’?


  42. George R says:

    Compare this report on Hezbollah in Lebanon with that of
    Al Beeb’s Bowen:-

    ” Lebanon’s ‘300’”

    (by Walid Phares).


  43. Ron Todd says:

    Arts based? Mixer decks

    That will be misogynic homophobic hate filled rap ‘music’

    The type of stuff that would get me arrested by the thought police.

    The BNP web site might sound reasonable, after all new Labours policies seemed reasonable to a lot of people in the last three elections.

    If all the immigrants did not choose to leave what further steps would they take.

    An isolationist protective industrial policy is not going to work in a country that is self sufficient in neither energy or food.


  44. David Preiser (USA) says:

    For just a moment, I suspect we’re all wrong about the BBC and its slavish support of Brown and Labour.

    Fraser Nelson has this to say on the Spectator website:

    The Tories minimised their exposure to anti-Thatcherism by knifing Thatcher and Major won the next election. The hot question at Westminster is whether Labour can and will do the same. My hunch is not: there’s no mechanism, no candidate. And Labour always keeps bad leaders for too long. It had Foot for three years and Kinnock for nine. A former Blair-era Cabinet member told me that this explains the otherwise inexplicable 49% support for the Tories • the Tories have supplanted the LibDems as the repository of anti-Labour votes. And for as long as Brown stays, the more resentment there will be against this PM whom no one elected. This is why Brown’s survival is vital to Tory chances at the next election. Anti-Brownism is a force very much out there in Britain and I suspect his sofa offensive will only reinforce the public’s reservations about him. So the Tories had best be careful how they do in Crewe: I know more than a few Shadow Cabinet members who would see victory there as a mixed blessing. They have their eye on a new formula, more important: the longer Brown stays in the current climate, the greater Cameron’s majority will be.

    It’s at the bottom of this post:

    The writing’s on the wall

    So are they just blinded by ideology at Broadcasting House, or secret admirers of “Call Me Dave”? It’s probably just that they must have Labour at all costs, and damn the consequences, but still…..


  45. Peter says:

    ” Anti-Brownism is a force very much out there in Britain and I suspect his sofa offensive will only reinforce the public’s reservations about him”.

    The public detests the entire miserable crew.The party may want to hold together until a successor can be found,but who amongst this motley crew would appeal to the voters.Miliband,the Manchurian Candidate,Ed Balls the fake prole,Mr Stravinsky,any of the halfwitted Blair babes?
    Sorry,the celestial toilet has flushed,New Labour are down the tubes.


  46. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Who is Stravinsky?


  47. Martin says:

    Peter: It was an utter disgrace what Derbyshire spouted out this morning. Vile cow.


  48. Trot Watch says:

    korova | Homepage | 12.05.08 – 9:49 am |

    Sod off back to Lenin’s Tomb and take your Che poster and your Marxist Lenninist shite with you.
    You made a clown of yourself on this blog earlier last year.


  49. Chuffer says:

    Right, here’s the V Derbyshire question (6 min 20 seconds into Monday’s show.)

    Aftre asking the grieving mother how important Faith is to her (answer: very), VD asks:

    ‘There will be some – even Catholics, I think – who will be thinking, [sigh] you know, if God was really looking after your family, this wouldn’t have happened.’

    ‘That’s their choice’ is the dignified reply.