It’s Obama time!

Been away all day so first chance to post. It’s Obama time at the BBC today with celebrations all around hailing Hamas/Fidel Castro/Jimmy Carter’s preferred Presidential candidate. The breathless tributes on BBC Radio 4 that have filled the airwaves from 6am this morning would lead one to almost believe Obama is already in the White House such has been the BBC refusal to engage in any substantive discussion on the GOP’s John McCain’s prospects – other than parroting the Dem line that he presents “a third Bush term”. The highlight for me was having Eddie Mair do the sign off from the PM programme tonight as follows “Tonight’s Barack Obama was Roger Sawyer, and Hillary Clinton was Fiona Leach” Thank you and goodnight! A black liberal who wants to talk to Ahmadinejad, who wants to run away from Iraq, who wants to socialise healthcare, and who worships at the shrine of Kyoto is the BBC dream candidate for the Presidency. Now if ONLY those white working class rednecks could see it in the same enlightened way…!

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  1. Chuffer says:

    Another classic slip from Steve Wright, today (Wednesday), 49 mins into the show. He’s interviewing Kevin Sullivan, the Washington Post’s man in London, about the Obama/Clinton situation, and what happens now. They discuss her being a running mate for Obama.
    “If he picks her as a running mate, that doesn’t neccessarily mean she’s the VP, does it?” asks our man.
    “No, they still have to win the election,” points out the wise American. Our Steve obviously hasn’t considered that point.
    There’s an echo of “When we win the election”….
    Chuffer | 04.06.08 – 7:49 pm | #


  2. thud says:

    Obambi has a long way to go yet…plus if ellected I think the realities of the job will cause him to seriously disappoint the beeb and it’s lunatic fellow lefties in America and Europe.The desire for a second term plus American interests will cause no end of upset for the fawning beeboids..if he wins it should be fun to hear the crys of betrayal.


  3. dave s says:

    Many years ago I travelled on a night train to Atlanta with a black law professor.He said that white European liberals somehow saw black Americans as not really truly American.He said that they were first and last Americans and laughed at the European delusion.If elected I suspect Obama will be first and foremost Mr President and his colour will be irrelevant.Cue for massive beeboid disillusionment I fear.


  4. Oscar says:

    Since the tragic fall of their hero Gordon Brown, the BBC is seeking new leftwing icons. Faced with the dreaded prospect of a Conservative government here they’re now in full transference mode – Obama will Save the World – Obama is the Good American who will conquer nasty racist capitalist imperialist America. If the man gets elected this will probably last until this time next year – by which time Obama will be another fallen hero. You do have to pity the BBC sometimes; in thrall not only to terminal bias, but also utter self delusion.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Check out the current photo accompanying al-Beeb’s story on Obambi:

    Full on pro-Obama all the way until November for al-Beeb.


  6. John Reith spins in his grave says:

    Five live this evening.

    Peter Allen interviewing our Justin on McCain v Obama, Justin says (paraphrasing):-

    “I watched McCain with that funny old blue hat he wears talking to some republicans – jus a bunch of old men inn old men’s clothes…….How than that compare with smart, sharp Obama addressing sixteen thousand of Michigan’s (Massachusett’s???) coolest, brightest young people……………”

    Puke Puke Puke

    Despite the huge amounts of our cash that Justin & colleagues spend traipsing the length and breadth of American – they clearly have no feeling at all for the vast bulk of its citizenry.

    Taking the country as a whole, there are infinitely more old guys in battered baseball caps living in Nowherevilles across the land than there are of the cool, E&W coast metropolitan yuppy Obama nuts that Justin loves.

    And they’ll all get around to voting……………………………………but not for Obama.

    The beeb are in for another big disappointment in November


  7. Will Jones says:

    Growing up in the 60’s America, and joining marches for civil rights, I looked forward to the day when qualified black candidates would reach the highest elective offices. Now we face an unqualified candidate and the saddest thing is that when we reject him we will just be tarred as rascists as if there would be no other reason to reject him.

    Makes me nostalgic for when we rejected Kerrey and the world just said we were stupid.

    Off Topic, I’m begging you to please rescind Frei’s passport and get him out of our country.


  8. Martin says:

    Yes the BBC told some utter lies as well.

    That Obama voted against the war. No he did not. Even the turds at the BBC know we won’t fall for that lie.

    Obama didn’t get into the Senate until 2005

    Then when the BBC were looking at the differences between them, the BBC stuck in climate change (yawn) but failed to mention two bigger issues that Americans are more concerned with, those being immigration and health care.

    Oh and the BBC failed ot mention McCain opposes the use of torture and wants Gitmo closed.

    Obama knows he won’t be needing to buy any toilet roll for the rest of the year, not with Matt Frei and Justin Webb sticking their tongue’s up Obama’s arse and licking as if their lives depended on it.

    Also interesting that when white people refuse to vote for the black man that’s seen as racist. But black people not voting for the white woman is not.


  9. Martin says:

    Oh and another BBC lie. Here’s the full quote, you won’t get it on the BBC.

    “….The charge results from comments McCain made at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire in January. After a questioner told McCain that President Bush has talked about staying in Iraq for 50 years, McCain said, “make it a hundred.”

    He continued: “We’ve been in Japan for 60 years. We’ve been in South Korea for 50 years or so. That would be fine with me, as long as Americans are not being injured or harmed or wounded or killed….”


  10. Martin says:

    Can we also kill this myth off that Obama will have Hillary as his running mate? Watching the US news most people there think he won’t do it for a variety of reasons (not least he’d have to employ a food taster and check his car brakes every day with the Clintons around) but the BBC just seem to spout this nonsense.


  11. Martin says:

    Oh and BBC Newsnight have just hsd the human ‘turd’ on.

    For those that don’t know who the human turd is. Link below


  12. WoAD says:

    At least Obama is an open enemy of America, unlike McCain who pretends to be a patriot.

    In any case, in a few years, it wont matter who runs America when the EU style North Amercian Union gets going.


  13. LogicalSC says:

    The BBC can let go of the delusion that Obama is ever going to be elected President.

    Sure he will get 100% of the media vote and 99.9% of the black vote to add to the small percentage of ignorant leftist vote, but the rest of America has already started to reject this anti-semite racist with his anti-Americanism.

    Being called a racist is better than having this disaster and moron as President.


  14. Martin says:


    Richard Bacon on 5 lite trotted out the usual shite about McCain voted for the war in Iraq and Obama against it.

    An American guest pointed out (and I’ve been emailing the BBC all day to correct arseholes like Peter Allen) Obama wasn’t around in 2005!!!

    DUH! BBC.

    Oh and Bacon just said that in a poll, the Brits would vote 49% to 14% to Obama over McCain. All that shows is the bias in the media towards Obama (google MSN and NBC over Obama arse licking)


  15. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    “Also interesting that when white people refuse to vote for the black man that’s seen as racist. But black people not voting for the white woman is not”

    Black trumps woman.

    Now, if Obambi could only be a black lesbian one-legged female unemployed unmarried teenage mother … 😉


  16. Martin says:

    NO: I’m sure if the Dems could find one…………….

    But this issue does piss me off. Obama gets something like 90+% of the black vote, but when Clinton says she gets the white working class, those people are seen as racist.

    What makes me laugh is when black Democrats are questioned on this, their answer is usually along the lines of “blacks just see Obama as more like them..” What rich liberal lawyers? I think not. It’s skin colour and there is as much racism from black to white as the other way around.

    Interesting is that a lot of Democrats appear (like the youtube link I posted with the rabid man hating feminist shouting about Obama not being fit to be President) have these racist tendencies, yet Bush has had Condi Rice and he had Colin Powell in his Government for years, but I don’t ever remember any Republicans saying they wouldn’t vote for Bush “coz he had a couple of negro’s in his cabinet” But it’s always the white American Republican that is seen as racist.

    But of course left wing liberals can’t be racist can they? I mean the BBC racist?


  17. gharqad tree says:

    One of the most interesting books I read while living in the US was this:

    It contains a chapter on liberal media bias in the US, and a chapter simply entitled “Blacks are more racist than Whites” – which is packed full of concrete examples of public figures who are black saying or doing things that would be considered sufficiently hateful and racist to all but end the career of any equivalent white figure who would dare say anything as stupid or racially malicious.

    The author is a black Libertarian. (Not that his colour matters: the facts he cites are either true or false, his reasoning sound or unsound, regardless of his colour.)


  18. Philip Pennance says:

    Obama — in his own words

    “Aborting babies alive and letting them die violates no universal principle.”

    “Babies who survive abortions are not protected by the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution.”

    “A ban to stop aborted babies from being shelved to die would be burdensome to mothers.”

    “Aborting babies alive and letting them die is a doctor’s prerogative.”

    “Aborting babies alive and letting them die is a religious issue.”

    —Barack Hussein Obama

    See also the video Barack Hussein Obama – Jedi Master at:


  19. Jason says:

    The American left is as dumb as the left anywhere in the world. Living over here I’ve followed the Obamamania fanaticism closely and to be honest it scares the shit out of me with its unashamed stupidity.

    Fully grown adults are walking around New York with badges which say “Obama Rocks” pinned to their lapels. All they ever talk about is the now famous “hope and change” slogan, but ask them about Obama specifics and they blank out.

    The long and short of it is that blacks will vote for him purely because of his skin color, and white liberals will vote for him because it offers them the best opportunity they’ve ever had in life to “prove” that they’re not racist. It’s perhaps the greatest mockery of democracy in US history.

    Yet in gushing support for an unqualified black man whose ideological and political intentions they are largely clueless about, white liberals show for the nth time that they’re the most racist people of all. The overwhelming impression I get of their intentions is “aww, let’s help the poor black man get into office and show black America that we whites mean well“. It’s like the ultimate symbolic form of affirmative action to them, and they want to do everything they can to be able to say “I had a hand in it”.

    What you won’t hear from the American left are sound arguments outlining the ideological specifics by which Obama will be good for America. What you will hear are comments like that of previous election failure leftist John Kerry, who said he thought Americans should elect Obama because his Muslim sounding name might warm Muslim hearts to America. So to recap, leftists are quite prepared to support and elect one of the most naive and unqualified presidential candidates in US history because of:

    1) His skin color
    2) A slogan
    3) His name

    If this isn’t a mockery of the democratic process then I don’t know what is. Hell, they might as well elect him based on his record collection.

    The real stinker is that leftists in America never shut the hell up about conservatives being “sheep” and about Bush “destroying democracy”. They have also consistently accused the right of “fear mongering” over the last 8 years, while in all this time they have mongered more fear than anyone, many times over. Bush is the devil. The Neocons are fascists. We are this close to becoming a fascist state. Bush is about to reinstate the draft…and then of course there’s the constant fear mongering over global warming and “economic meltdown”.

    Meanwhile, it is generally accepted among liberals, especially Obama himself, that anyone who criticizes him in any shape or form whatsoever is a fear monger who is “trying to divide us”. Obama becomes the first presidential candidate in US history to declare that everyone should just shut the hell up about him and let him win unchallenged.

    In doing so, Obama proves that his skin is the best reason for not electing him – not because it’s too black, but because it’s too thin.

    I seriously think that someone should elect to monitor and record and analyze every last bit of the BBC’s coverage of Obama and the election, because this could well be the straw that broke the camels back and offer us undeniable proof of the BBC’s ideological bias. As if we needed any more – but you know what I mean. There are still some who claim up is down and left is right.


  20. Terry Johnson says:

    I find it incredible that the anti-Christian hacks at Al-BBC haven’t picked up on Obama’s attempt to invent himself as the black Jesus. If Bush had said (as Obama did yesterday) that he was going to “heal the world” then the Korporation would have gone apeshit, with those creeps Frei and Webb leading the screeeching BUT when Obama says it ….not a peep.


  21. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Jason | 05.06.08 – 2:57 am |

    The American left is as dumb as the left anywhere in the world. Living over here I’ve followed the Obamamania fanaticism closely and to be honest it scares the shit out of me with its unashamed stupidity.

    And well it should. I’m nearly as afraid of what might happen if Obama loses as I am of what will happen if he wins.

    Good analysis of the rest of it as well, especially your last para:

    I seriously think that someone should elect to monitor and record and analyze every last bit of the BBC’s coverage of Obama and the election, because this could well be the straw that broke the camels back and offer us undeniable proof of the BBC’s ideological bias. As if we needed any more – but you know what I mean. There are still some who claim up is down and left is right.

    I seem to recall you saying you now live in the US. If so, Matt Frei’s low-budget propaganda puppet show should be your primary target. Worse, BBC America is now doing a three hour block of what I think is a News 24/World Service medley. (I haven’t caught any of it yet, just seen the ads. I should be able to check it out tomorrow morning or the next day.)

    If the BBC actually broadcasts the enormous amount of pro-Obama propaganda I think they will, then there is grounds for legal action against them. Or, at least, legal action against the joint venture between BBC World and their US partner, Discovery Communications. I believe it is illegal for an organization connected to a foreign government to attempt to meddle in any official US proceedings, especially elections. (Never mind international law, since United Statesians will lose by default in that forum.)

    BBC World is still beholden to the Charter and Agreement – as are all Auntie’s departments and wholly owned subsidiaries – which makes the BBC an official voice of Her Majesty’s Government (or words to that effect). And then there’s that pesky impartiality clause. In short, any pro-Obama propaganda broadcast in the US by BBC America – produced by BBC America, World or the mother ship – is both illegal and a violation of the Charter and Agreement.

    This really ought to be documented.


  22. gharqad tree says:

    I don’t understand – who is this “John McCain” person everyone has been mentioning here?

    I thought Obama was the new… President…

    Is some old guy seriously trying to stop this transparently stylish African American from beginning his Presidency? I think we should be told, BBC.


  23. Martin says:

    Obama has no chance of winning. This guy is going to screw up so much before November that nothing will save him.

    Hillary will not go near this dude with a barge pole.


  24. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I have been saying all along that the BBC didn’t really care which Dem wins, as long as a Dem becomes President. Sure, there are individual Beeboids with a preference (I’m looking at you, Frei. And stop slouching!), but by and large they just want an end to George Bush.

    The BBC dopes who report on the US elections – both for BBC America specifically and BBC World in general – pretty much all read the same American Leftoid rags, and get their information and analysis from them. One can almost set one’ watch by the amount of time it takes from an opinion piece to appear in The Nation, or The Washington Post and that very opinion appears as analysis on a BBC report, or Justin Webb’s blog.

    As a result, the BBC has bought into the same narrative as the rest of them: John McCain is really just another 4 years of the Bush wars. Which is completely f**king stupid, since McCain had been practically snubbed by the Bushies for the last eight years.

    McCain is hardly part of the Conservative hardcore elite. In fact, much of the reason for McCain’s prominence over the years is because he very much isn’t. But don’t let that stop you from spreading fables, BBC.

    Early on in the campaign for the nomination, the BBC theme was that the US was too racist to elect a black man. Not just a few pockets of unenlightened bigots, but the country as a whole. For the first three or four primaries, nearly every BBC report (on air, I mean) either began with or soon mentioned their concern that the US was too racist. The US media plays that game as well, and Obamamaniacs have used the race card non-stop and will continue to do so. So the BBC is really just parroting what they see their US friends do. They all pretty much think alike anyway, so no surprise there.

    Beginning now, the “US is too racist” motif will be a main feature of the BBC’s reporting on the US election. They will also campaign very hard against McCain, making sure you all know that he wants US troops to be in Iraq for 100 years, and that he will continue all Bush policies 100% as if he were a de facto member of the current Administration, and that he is dying to start a new war with Iran.

    The BBC will poison the minds of British viewers, preparing you for peace and joy on the one hand, and war and fear on the other. They have also upped the ante in their war against the minds of us fool United Statesians.


  25. Martin says:

    David Preiser: Yep, the BBC just seem to want to think of McCain as another thick white American. Fact is the thick white people work at the BBC.

    Americans are WELL aware of John McCain’s battles with Bush over the years (as are those of us in the UK who don’t listen to the shit pumped out by the BBC)

    When the BBC mentioned policy differences between McCain and Obama they never mentioned issues like healthcare and immigration.

    Not only that but it looks like McCain may go for someone like Mitt Romney for VP who I uderstand is seen as quite a safe pair of hands with the economy.

    Who is Obama going to take? Hillary!!! That would be funny.

    You are also right that the BBC continually let people spout the “In Iraq for 100 years” without ensuring the FULL quote is given. Nothing new year as the BBC also do this with Thatcher’s “no such thing as society” quote

    Also, the BBC keep stating that Obama voted against the war in Iraq. You well know that’s a lie as Obama didn’t enter the Senate until 2005. The BBC refuse to correct this lie they put out.


  26. Oscar says:

    I had to laugh at the contortions al beeb were going through last night on R4s News at 10, trying to reconcile the content of Obama’s speech to AIPAC – complete with a declaration that ‘Jerusalem must be the eternal undivided capital of the Jewish State’ with Obama hero worship. Now if George Bush had said that – can you imagine how they’d be frothing at the mouth? As it was they had to content themselves with a mild observation that it was ‘unhelpful’. I wonder how they’d report it if President Obama ever decided to invade Iran?


  27. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Martin | 05.06.08 – 5:09 pm |

    Unfortunately, too many people in the US are not aware of McCain’s problems with Republican leadership and the Bushies. Far too many on the far left really don’t know all that much about reality. They have not actually paid attention to anything in the last eight years except for their anger at Bush. I mean, the every day goings on in Congress is just not important compared to fighting against the horrors of what Bush has done to this country (or whatever).

    I’m here to tell you that far too many of your average Leftoid, or even “Liberal” people really don’t know much about McCain’s political situation other than the POW angle. All they remember is that he was a “maverick” for some reason or other and that last election he supposedly had a bad temper. I have heard way too often from people I know and from a vast array of talking heads on television that McCain really is just another 4 years of the Bush wars.

    I wish people were more aware of their surroundings than they are, but I know too many ignorant people who think they’re above it all.

    If the average idiot over here thinks that, you can well imagine that the BBC has it inscribed upon their hearts. I can deal with US media spreading lies, but not when the official broadcaster of a foreign country actively does so with the specific intent of “informing” me and my fellow citizens.


  28. BaggieJonathan says:

    From what I have seen McCain is essentially a democrat running on the republican ticket and Obama is no socialist saviour and would want two terms in office so would ‘sell out’, don’t expect there to be the radical differences between either of the two the BBC would have you believe.

    Clinton was more different from Bush than those two and yet they still actually had many similarities.

    And do not confuse the American system with the British one, a US president without congress cannot force through what a British government can – its a big myth.
    And the US has the good sense to devolve its powers protected to its states and the constitution, there is not the scope for the US executive branch that there is for the centralised UK executive branch.