It’s The Policies, Stupid.

Now that we’re approaching the mid-term elections in the US, the BBC has been ramping up the rhetoric against those who don’t approve of the President’s policies. In fact, to hear it from the BBC, it’s not His policies at all, but rather evidence of bad attitudes, inadequacies, and racism among His opponents.

In the last few days, BBC North America editor Mark Mardell has told us that it’s not the President’s fault at all, because the unwashed simply can’t relate to His intellectual behavior. When critics say He’s aloof and people don’t feel like He hears them, it’s not that His policies and statements clearly go against what most of the public wants and believes, but that He just hasn’t communicated the message in a dumbed-down enough fashion for the masses to understand.

Mardell has made other posts highlighting the “anger” of people dissatisfied with the current Government’s policies, as has Katie Connolly, which is an easy trick to disqualify those voices from the start. When someone is presented as angry, that context automatically reduces their credibility. The thing is, it was okay for people in the US to be angry when Bush was in charge; the BBC never looked for nefarious forces underlying that anger. Yet they do spend an extraordinary amount of effort trying to make it seem to their audience as if racism and extremism are the only things which would compel someone to oppose the President. It’s never because of His and the Democrat leadership’s policies. It’s just “the economy”, which is of course not His fault as it was inherited from George Bush. Does that sound familiar?

This Narrative is spread across the spectrum of BBC broadcasting, from BBC World News America to Newsnight to HardTalk to The Culture Show (h/t Oliver on the Open Thread).

Of course, it’s only natural that the BBC would take this position, because they can’t understand why anyone would oppose anything He and the Democrats have done. Even Matt Frei is concerned that the Coalition Government in Britain is taking a “gamble” with these austerity measures, as opposed to the spending and debt-increasing policies of the US President.

The problem is that the BBC has focused almost entirely on the vox pops angle. Mardell and other Beeboids have been traveling around the country talking to various people about their personal feelings. The only other views presented are from Washington Post or Time elite (JournoList) media figures, who, unsurprisingly, support the BBC’s Narrative.

So I believe it’s important to inform people about something the BBC has almost completely ignored: the policies themselves.

I’m sure everyone will remember just how much time and effort the BBC spent promoting ObamaCare (called “Health Care Reform” by the White House and the BBC). Can anyone recall the BBC spending so much time on the domestic policy of a foreign country? Yet, now that many of the predictions of its opponents (including myself) are coming true, there’s total silence from the BBC. It was the announcement of the ObamaCare plan which lit the fire under the Tea Party movement well over a year ago, which was played down as racism, even though the same people were opposed to it back when it was called HillaryCare. Was it racism when Clinton was President?

At the time, many of us knew that this wouldn’t work as advertised, and that it would harm the economy. We’re seeing that now. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office even says that ObamaCare “discourages work” because it gives people an incentive to stay unemployed. Does that sound familiar?

ObamaCare is about to hit small businesses with higher costs over health care, so much so that at least one business owner is opting to give all his employees a raise of $3000 pa ($250 a month) instead of taking a bath, because the Affordable Care Act supporters promised us that private insurance was going to be “affordable” at last. Principle Financial, one of the country’s largest providers, is getting out of the business altogether because of costs. Are they racists? That was one of the primary talking points of ObamaCare, about which the BBC spared no effort in reminding you.

Unfortunately, it has actually increased costs already. The BBC chose to censor that news. Is
one of the top health care organizations in the country now run by racists? There’s also the question of whether or not it violates the Constitution by forcing people to purchase a product from specific, government-approved vendors, health insurance in this case. Several states are challenging the law, including Florida. Are they all racists?

And it’s not just ObamaCare. Other things the President has said and done have caused harm, and the citizens have taken notice. For example, just a couple weeks after He was inaugurated, the President scolded companies for having conventions in Las Vegas, and told them not to go there. Earlier this year, he made a similar scolding comment about how it was wrong to go to Vegas when people ought to be paying their bills instead. It’s no surprise that these careless statements have compounded the pressures of a struggling economy on the city, as well as the state of Nevada. Unemployment is over 15%, and the people are not happy. Senator Harry Reid, one of ObamaCare’s chief architects (the President had little input Himself: it was created by Congress and “experts”) is fighting against a newcomer to keep his seat because of it. Is Nevada racist now? In 2008 they weren’t, 55% – 43%.

The other chief architect of ObamaCare, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, is also getting hit. Even Democrats are making campaign ads positioning themselves against her and her policies. Are all these Democrats racist now? Do they not blame the current Administration’s policies for harming the economy and damaging our future?

People are calling for reform and reining in government spending everywhere. Even in New York where, while writing this, I got a robo-call featuring former New York City mayor Ed Koch – a lifelong Democrat – telling me to vote for someone who has signed on to the New York Uprising Reform pledge. The call was paid for by the Republican Party, but if Ed Koch is in on it, things must be bad. He supported The Obamessiah during the election, and called Sarah Palin “scary”. How much more BBC-approved can you get? Is Ed Koch a racist now? Are we all racists now? Or is it about the actual policies?

The BBC wants you to think it’s the former, and not the latter, because they are ideologically biased in favor of His policies, and cannot accept that His Administration has made poor decisions, so they color their reporting accordingly.

Bad Racism, Good Racism

Bad Racism, Good Racism

The BBC are worried about the Bradley effect.

The theory goes that some white voters tell opinion pollsters they will vote for a black candidate – but then, in the privacy of the polling booth, put their cross against a white candidate’s name.

And the fear among some supporters is that this could happen to Barack Obama on 4 November, when the country votes for its next president.

Now if it were true, it would indeed be sad. But what’s this ?

Other polls, meanwhile, suggest that white Americans have steadily become less reluctant to vote for a black person in the last few decades.

A recent Gallup poll suggested that 9% of Americans would be more likely to vote for Mr Obama because of his race, compared with only 6% who said they would be less likely to vote for him.

Brings a whole new meaning to ‘less reluctant’, doesn’t it ?

You could use the Gallup evidence to write a BBC piece suggesting that McCain is the victim of racism. I wouldn’t wait up for it though.


I was watching the BBC News last evening as it was in full Obama cheer-leading mode. One of the things that struck me was that the BBC instantly played the race card, showing images going back to the 1950’s of the discrimination faced by coloured people then. This was followed by images showing the rise of the Civil Rights movement. In the BBC mind, if Martin Luther King was John the Baptist, a President Obama would be Jesus Christ. It’s all about race and the enlightenment of (at least some) American people, or so the BBC would have you believe . However when the hated George W Bush promoted both Colin Powell and then Condi Rice to the very senior position of Secretary of State, I don’t seem to recall similar BBC euphoria. Then the skin colour did not matter so much. I read somewhere that people should not vote for Obama because of his skin. I fully agree. Not because it is black (which is neither here nor there for any civilised person) but because it is too thin. Obama reacts badly to any criticism and between now and November you can be certain that the BBC will flay those who point out his many defects. If only Obama was gay then I suspect the BBC would be in 7th heaven. Instead , when he is beaten byMcCain to the horror of the BBC, they will be in hell. Can’t wait.

It’s Obama time!

Been away all day so first chance to post. It’s Obama time at the BBC today with celebrations all around hailing Hamas/Fidel Castro/Jimmy Carter’s preferred Presidential candidate. The breathless tributes on BBC Radio 4 that have filled the airwaves from 6am this morning would lead one to almost believe Obama is already in the White House such has been the BBC refusal to engage in any substantive discussion on the GOP’s John McCain’s prospects – other than parroting the Dem line that he presents “a third Bush term”. The highlight for me was having Eddie Mair do the sign off from the PM programme tonight as follows “Tonight’s Barack Obama was Roger Sawyer, and Hillary Clinton was Fiona Leach” Thank you and goodnight! A black liberal who wants to talk to Ahmadinejad, who wants to run away from Iraq, who wants to socialise healthcare, and who worships at the shrine of Kyoto is the BBC dream candidate for the Presidency. Now if ONLY those white working class rednecks could see it in the same enlightened way…!


So, I’m sure you eagle-eyed B-BBC readers will have spotted that the BBC has been caught out trying to downplay the impact of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s association with the Obama campaign, as picked up by Janet Daly in the Telegraph. The key line is the expression that the BBC correspondent uses when suggesting that the Reverend Jeremiah Wright is a man “whom the US media depicts” as a racially inflammatory figure. This rhetorical device rather implies that Wright is a cleric more sinned against than sinning and that is the bad US MSM which thinks Wright is a wrong-‘un, not the American people. Well, maybe not empty-headed BBC correspondents who probably get themselves excited about Wrights’ vehement anti-Semitic anti-Americanism, but I believe that millions of ordinary Americans have been shocked by this preacher’s poison So please BBC , STOP trying to shill for Obama at every opportunity and STOP trying to ameliorate his dodgy connections, stick to the facts and the primary fact in these primaries is that Rev Wright IS a race-hustling demagogue, and up until a few weeks ago he was Obama’s spiritual guru who he could no more deny than his (white) grandmother.


. Tom Daschle, the Democrat who holds the distinction of being the first Senate party leader in more than 50 years to be voted out of office, was on BBC Radio 4 this morning to discuss the US Presidential election. Talk about being given an easy ride! Daschle is firmly in the Obama corner and got stuck into Hillary Clinton’s prospects. I was entertained when the BBC interviewer cooed in open-mouthed agreement at the “extraordinary power” Obama generates when he speaks. No bias there folks. There was plenty of discussion about how Obama can unite the American people and no talk of the Obama/Rev Wright debacle that has played out for some weeks now Stateside. The big concern raised was Iraq and the fear of US success. The BBC interviewer wondered how Obama could cope if “the surge” continued to work; the answer was that things had failed anyway and so getting out was the main priority. All these really weak points made by Daschle were let pass – no hard questioning and for one simple reason; the BBC is salivating at the prospect of a black liberal in the White House. This was an excellent opportunity to press Daschle on a range of issues such as Obama’s post-Iraq plan; Obama’s plan to counter Al Queda; Obama’s plan to enforce border controls, to manage a free-market economy; there were so MANY questions that could have been put across but in the end all we got was a cushy push for Obama the great. Listening to this wrapped in cotton-wool interview, one could be forgiven for thinking that no-one is running against the Democrats!


You have to admire the BBC’s devotion to Obama. Following the media firestorm ignited by the comments of Obama’s long standing spiritual guru, the Reverend “God damn America” Wright, the Senator has been forced into make further statements on his relationship with this raving bigot. Obama has desperately tried to dampen this down but has so far only succeeded in raising more questions. However the BBC drools over his speech with such comments as “It was a broad – some would say brave – point” and “it may have been too nuanced”. Best of all is the pay-off line “The Illinois senator is often accused of avoiding tough decisions; of skipping important votes. On this occasion, though, he did the presidential thing.” Pass the sick bucket! Obama has been forced into making these dissembling explanations. The idea that it is “Presidential” to damn America’s past may fit in with the endemic anti-Americanism motif that runs through the BBC, but were this a Republican candidate, does anyone think the BBC would be quite so charitable, quite so effusive in its desire to understand,? I don’t think so for a moment. The BBC is infatuated with the idea of a having a black left wing American President, (Although I can remember the BBC playing along with the idea that Bill Clinton was the first, wasn’t he?) and THAT is why it provides such gushing coverage of Obama’s shame.


When considering BBC bias, I am reminded of this old Sherlock Holmes story.

“Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention? said Inspector Gregory”To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.” said Holmes”The dog did nothing in the night-time.” said Gregory “That was the curious incident,” remarked Sherlock Holmes.

Now then, the BBC has been fawning over Barack Hussein Obama as the new messiah, I guess that figures since he is even further to the left than Hillary Clinton. So the question is WHY has the BBC kept mute over the startling revelations that Obama both met with and indeed raised funds at the home of two US terrorists William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. These two individuals were part of the “Weathermen” – a terrorist group that bombed U.S. government buildings, and whose leader (a declared Obama supporter) went on record saying he wish he’d targeted more! Apparently this is not news in BBC land? How odd!