I was sorry to read about the apparent suicide of an Israeli soldier at a ceremony to mark the departure of French President Nicolas Sarkozy from Israel at Ben-Gurion airport. I note the BBC states that “Mr Sarkozy’s visit was intended to improve relations between France and Israel.” Not quite sure how the BBC draws this conclusion given that he called for Israel to agree to have Jerusalem divided, with half turned over to pro-Jihad jew-hating savages that constitute the world’s most oppressed people . He also called for ethnic cleansing of the Jews living in the West Bank. I suppose the BBC views the serial handover of Israeli sovereignty as a good idea and hence finishes the report with holocaust denier Abbas praising France. Vive la Vichy.

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19 Responses to THE SARKOZY SCARE.

  1. Libtards for Jesus says:

    How dare the BBC suggest that Sarko’s visit might have a positive side?

    According to the usually-reliable Jerusalem Post, things are so bad between Israel and France that Ehud Olmert was reduced to the following:

    Olmert has termed Sarkozy “a true friend of Israel,” describing Franco-Israeli relations since Sarkozy became president as “not just a honeymoon but a true love story.”

    Still, nice to see you’re doing your bit to improve understanding, describing the Muslim inhabitants of Jerusalem as pro-Jihad jew-hating savages.

    Do try to restrain your diplomatic side. Sometimes straight talk works wonders.


  2. gus says:

    Although I like your new “troll name”, I find your contributions to this blog somewhat lacking.

    Please tell me more about Muslims. I’m dying to know more.


  3. Millie Tant says:

    Even Hillhunt can be funny sometimes. The username…heh heh!


  4. gunnar says:

    Hi David,

    Has Sarkozy muttered the unspeakable? A halt to settlement building in the West Bank (somewhat short of ethnic cleansing) and beat me, unlike the pinko-left Obama he stated that Jerusalem should be divided between Palestinians and Jews. Blow me. What an outrage! And to top it, this all accounts to a serial handover of Israels sovereignity. Lordie, lordie. I am slowly getting the drift of the language of moral clarity.

    Just imagine if the BBC had questioned Israels security clearings. Just for a minute imagine that the tables had been turned and Olmert boarding a plane in Paris and someone shoots himself. What would you have written about the french secret service? Probably all anti-semits, he? A failed plot?


  5. Sue says:

    Mrs Jesus Hoilin Chunt Ferret.
    Just do the names. Leave out the other stuff.
    We know you know, or know of, muslims who don’t blow things up. O.K?


  6. Sue says:

    Hi Gunnar,
    Well said!
    No doubt you were well taught in infancy the virtuousness of sharing.

    You write almost as if you knew something about the track record of East Jerusalem under caring sharing Jordanian control.
    Just a little more research to allow you to update your thinking, and your comments would be perfect!


  7. deegee says:

    If we give Jacques Chirac a 1½ out of ten for his support of Israel and (I’m willing to initiate a vote here) Sarkozy a 4½ out of ten that is still a huge improvement.

    Sarkozy seems to be determined to stay within the European consensus towards what they see as neutrality rather than attempting to be the propaganda arm of the Arabs in Europe.

    Is he naive in believing that the major problem is the settlements and the solution is their dismantling? Yes but he is not alone and no one in Israel was insulted. His message to Israel would seem to be no new initiative, no surprises and remember to include France.

    In this case, I don’t see too much to complain about in this BBC report.


  8. deegee says:

    Worth reading for comparisons
    Bouffee d’air pur for how the Jerusalem Post sees Sarkozy as an improvement.

    Sarkozy to Knesset: A nuclear Iran is intolerable ~ Includes video of Sarki addressing the Knesset. Emphasis on Iran.


  9. Avadu says:

    Ethnic cleansing of jews living in the West Bank??? Jesus Christ, David Vance,s stupidity knows no end, not only does he not seem to know about resolution 242 but he also uses the old Israeli stunt of refering to Palestinians as savages.What do you expect from a dyed in the wool, would,nt have a fenian about the place, loyalist, pick any topic and they,ll be on the wrong side of it.Shame on you, Iraeli soverenty indeed, you muppet


  10. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    My take on this was the BBCs ” Oh dear, his visits been spoilt by… (insert distraction). How disgusting is that? Oh, Sarkozy and Carla had to be hustled on board, duccked, ran for cover, anything like anyone would do on hearing an unexplained gunshot, but the BBC manage to make it “cowardly scared rabbit” how can we make them lose their dignity.

    Why? Ah, the visit was intended to de something supportive of Israel. Shame it was all spoiled by (insert distraction)

    Do they teach this sort “politics dressed up as reporting” in Meejah Studies I wonder. “Brownstuff delivered a sound and convincing explanation of his policies, however his explanation was marred by someone passing wind.The smell caused Gordon had to leave the room, thus making himself a laughing stock blah blah” BBC News, political analysis, its what we don’t do.


  11. Cockney says:

    Sarkozy has moved away from the kneejerk anti-Israeli tendencies demostrated by previous French governments, which is pretty brave considering their various business interests and post colonial ties in the ME and North Africa.

    The language on this post is ridiculous. I can see that expanding settlements might be a good populist move for an Israeli government and might enable them to expand wider security measures by stealth, but anyone who can’t see that its massively detrimental to the interests of the rest of the Western world is wearing blinkers a mile thick.


  12. deegee says:

    but he also uses the old Israeli stunt of refering to Palestinians as savages
    Avadu | 25.06.08 – 7:29 am |

    Provide some evidence that Israel routinely describes Palestinians as savages.. Simply providing evidence of Palestinian savagery doesn’t count.


  13. Greencoat says:

    Avadu – I’m a Fenian.


  14. notme says:

    Libtards for Jesus:

    describing the Muslim inhabitants of Jerusalem as pro-Jihad jew-hating savages.

    Libtards for Jesus | 24.06.08 – 10:20 pm | #

    Where does it say that???


  15. Jack Bauer says:


    I prefer to refer to “Palestinians” by their true ethnicity, which is mainly as Jordanian Arabs.

    I think their savagery has been well documented.


  16. Mugwump says:

    Even Hillhunt can be funny sometimes. The username…heh heh!
    Millie Tant | 24.06.08 – 11:38 pm | #

    I always said Hillhunt would become a born-again Christian before he’d admit to any bias at the BBC.


  17. gus says:

    I’ll bite. I think that the Palestinians prove themselves to be savages every single day.
    What with the Jihading, the Shelling, the kidnapping, the dancing in the streets when Israel is hit.
    I’m not PC friends.

    Savages fits.


  18. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Sarkozy’s visit really was intended to show French support for Israel. Even though he more or less had to roll out a couple of chestnuts to make it look nice to the rest of Europe (freeze on settlements, encouraging settlers to leave the West Bank – neither of which are exactly verboten subjects amongst Israelis either), he was most certainly showing more support for Israel than any other Continental leader. I realize Jerusalem is a problem, but again, nobody says that’s really going to happen. It’s just talk. We don’t have to like everything he says, but it’s much better than before.

    Just saying that France won’t accept a nuclear Iran is way more support than the rest of them combined. It wasn’t so long ago that the French Ambassador to England called Israel as “shitty little country”, and asked why the world should be in danger of World War III because of “those people”. And let’s not forget the amount of violence against Jews that got so bad for a while that even Chirac “Le Ver” had to take notice.

    Sarkozy is a breath of fresh air compared to that. He has to talk about the settlements, because they’re pretty much the only thing the rest of the world really has to hold over Israel’s head.

    Unfortunately, as far as I could tell, the BBC did minimal coverage of his visit, which makes the unfortunate suicide incident seem like the only thing that ever happened. Something like that would get big coverage no matter where it happened, of course. It’s just too bad that the BBC decided to play down what could otherwise have been a fairly important and interesting story.


  19. Bryan says:

    Seems like a head of state is guaranteed minimal coverage by the BBC if he visits Israel. George W’s two recent visits were barely mentioned by the biased little sh*ts at the BBC. And they claim to be journalists? They wont be worthy of that title until they put aside their bias and devote attention to events based on their significance.

    Since that will never happen, the whole rotten crew needs to be replaced, espcially that Middle East bunch.