When you look at this video and then you read this BBC story, you wonder if we are living on the same planet. BBC staff should don Keffiyehs when reading out every story on Israel as the visual cue for what is a patently underlying contempt for Israel and a cloying support for whatever trash the Palestinians put out.


When I open the Biased BBC mailbox each morning, there are always really good emails. And then there are the droolings of the moonbats who send me the likes of this;

Elders of Zion

Message*: I realise that British people who are not traitors long ago gave up bothering to read the inane rubbish on your pathetic “Voice of Tel Aviv” website,but is it not time we asked what would have happened if a group of westernised Arabs had “returned” to the ME after a few thousand years and kicked a settled community of Jewish people of their land with the assistance of the sort of Wall Street vermin who have wrecked the global economy twice (1929 and 2008)?
Would the loyal and diminishing band of ignoramic Zionist imbeciles who post on your “Loyalist” (loyal to whom?) grovel to the power of global organised crime be gibbering about their “right to exist”? 

I assume that this series of lunatic mails have been prompted by the fact that this site rightly and persistently flags up BBC imbalance of the coverage of Middle East affairs. So, i just wanted to say to the individual concerned that we shall continue to hold the BBC responsible for how it treats stories from the Middle East and we thank you for your interest.


I was reading Al Beeb’s latest bit of propagandising on behalf of the Great Leader and note that it says he is going to the “occupied territories”. I assume this was a typo and what the BBC meant to say was the “disputed territories” since the term they employ would otherwise be seen as little more than pathetic pro-Palestinian bias. And when we’re at it, maybe when dear Gordon is seeking to dispense even more money to the Palestinians, perhaps the BBC could ask why such savages who cheer-lead the release of child-killer Samir Kuntar deserve so much as one penny of our cash?

“Israel bulldozer driver shot dead.”

David Vance posted about how the BBC declined to describe the Palestinian who killed Israeli civilians with a bulldozer as a terrorist. Here are three more posts about BBC coverage of that act of terrorism that speak for themselves:

See also: Active Israelis, Passive Palestinians.


I was sorry to read about the apparent suicide of an Israeli soldier at a ceremony to mark the departure of French President Nicolas Sarkozy from Israel at Ben-Gurion airport. I note the BBC states that “Mr Sarkozy’s visit was intended to improve relations between France and Israel.” Not quite sure how the BBC draws this conclusion given that he called for Israel to agree to have Jerusalem divided, with half turned over to pro-Jihad jew-hating savages that constitute the world’s most oppressed people . He also called for ethnic cleansing of the Jews living in the West Bank. I suppose the BBC views the serial handover of Israeli sovereignty as a good idea and hence finishes the report with holocaust denier Abbas praising France. Vive la Vichy.


I was reviewing the BBC’s coverage of Richard Falk, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on human rights in “the Palestinian territories”. Now I guess Richard is the kinda guy that the BBC just loves. He has already proven his credentials by comparing Israel to Nazi Germany and thus seems uniquely qualified to occupy this key role as UN human rights rapporteur. No hint of bias there at all, right? The thing is that Richard has also stated that he would like to investigate whether “some sort of controlled explosion from within” destroyed the Twin Towers on 9/11. Now I know he said this on Fox News in the States but I would have thought that the very fact that such a senior UN figure was a 9/11 Truther might have warranted some coverage by the BBC – but apparently not. The State Broadcaster remains mute on the bizarre ramblings of scum like Falk because he is an advocate of pro-Palestinian anti-Americanism – two sacred cows for the BBC.

You will recall that BBC reporter Alan Johnston was kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists

You will recall that BBC reporter Alan Johnston was kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists in the Hamas stronghold of Gaza. He was held captive for four months and then released as an act of “goodwill” by the deranged Palestinian killers – a group that the British government had been in “dialogue” with leading up to his release.

The question NOW being asked if the release from prison this week of Abu Qatada – a radical Islamic cleric once described as Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe – part of a deal that Britain made with Gaza-based terrorists for the freedom BBC reporter Alan Johnston?
Speaking from jail last summer, Abu Qatada himself offered to help mediate the prisoner exchange. Hamas sources and Israeli diplomatic sources familiar with the Johnston release talks confirmed to WND last summer there were third-party discussions between Gaza’s Hamas rulers, a mediator and the British government for the release of Johnston. A second track of negotiations were opened between Hamas and the Army of Islam kidnappers, the sources said. Also, the BBC was in direct contact with Hamas, said the sources.

Palestinian sources involved in the Johnston negotiations said Hamas passed to the British government the Army of Islam’s demand for the freedom of Abu Qatada. They also warned if Hamas stormed the Gaza compound in which Johnston was known to have been held, the BBC reporter likely would have been killed during any rescue attempt.
Abu Oubaida, a spokesman for Hamas, would not confirm any deal was reached. The British embassy in Tel Aviv did not return calls for comment on the issue. Officials from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ office said they believe a deal was made for the release of Johnston. They also accused Hamas of paying off the Army of Islam.

So, is it possible that the British government and the BBC have colluded to engineer the release of a BBC journalist by doing a shoddy deal that gets an alleged Islamic terrorist mastermind a “get out of jail free” card? I think we should be told, don’t you? Can we trust the BBC to tell us?


. I see that the BBC have been revelling in showing what they allege to be the actions of four Jewish settlers (That’s if you think people on their own land can be settlers!) beating up Palestinians in Judea and Samaria aka “West Bank.” A group of extreme left-wing Israelis – B’Tselem – provided 100 video cameras to Palestinians to help them capture the innate wickedness of the Israelis. Funnily enough the world’s most oppressed people were able to get evidence of Israeli violence very quickly, to the BBC’s evident approval. In fact the BBC were singled out to be given this “exclusive” footage. I wonder why? I also wonder why the BBC cameras NEVER manage to capture the barbarity of the savages that live in Judea and Samaria? Odd, isn’t it?


This glowing report of life in Ramallah in the “occupied” West Bank by BBC reporter Aleem Maqbool is well worth a read for anyone who thinks the BBC is no biased. Is Aleem a BBC employee or does he by chance work for for Fatah? I’m sure the next of kin of all those Israelis murdered by the Palestinian Jihad spawn that infest modern downtown Ramallah will greatly appreciate Aleem’s chilled out report. Maybe they’ll join him for a cool ice-cream at Rukab’s?