Touching to read this report from the BBC in which Red Ken Livingstone praises Mr Broon, absolving him of any blame for his defeat at the hands of Boris Johnson. It really is a gushing little tribute to Brown from the odious Livingstone – all part of Operation Save Gordon which is now a central part of the daily BBC agenda at the moment. I laughed at the last line in this report where Livingstone shrills about Brown “there will be a record of delivery.” Quite right – Brown will deliver a Conservative government in 2010 and all this pathetic shilling from the State Broadcaster will do NOTHING to change that.

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17 Responses to KEN HEARTS GORDON.

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I think Elmo from Sesame Street could have done a more in depth, probing interview. Marr even laughed on cue at every joke, smiled and cooed at every bon mot, like a young woman in a Jane Austin novel flirting with a suitor. I’ve seen him do much better.

    Not a single eyelid batted or eyebrow raised at any of Red Ken’s swipes at Boris Johnson, or a single finger raised in question at Ken’s generous description of his own legacy.

    Come on defenders of the indefensible, was there any point to this other than to polish Ken’s turd?


  2. Jason says:

    Mr Livingstone – who has fallen out with Mr Brown in the past – said he needed to shift to the left and tax the rich more to have any hope of winning.

    Incredible! It’s just astounding to see how dated and out of touch and plain wrong old die-hard socialists like Red Ken are.

    They still believe in class warfare, obviously. They are tribalists who see everything through the prisms of class, race and gender. They think that the job of the state is to punish the rich for being rich, and that the “masses” will hoot and cheer in response like medieval peasants.

    What they don’t understand is that the ordinary person wants to be rich, aspires to wealth and has aspirations of economic mobility, the inspirations and incentives for which are dampened every time they see the state penalize the rich for their success.

    It’s incredible that socialists still don’t realize that general prosperity is achieved by the creation of wealth and that everything they stand for discourages the creation of that wealth.

    I agree, the interview with Ken is a disgrace and just proves beyond doubt that the BBC is completely ignorant of its own purpose as a public funded media outlet.


  3. Jason says:

    I’m sorry for my last comment. The BBC has no legitimate purpose, obviously. A slip of the tongue.


  4. Chuffer says:

    There was a rather touching report on the Radio 2 ‘News’ at 7 am abour Mr Livingstone and his future career in radio. Very much done as ‘Good on you, plucky and unlucky loser.’


  5. Cockney says:

    Not sure about that at all Jason, sadly I think a clear majority of the population have a bee in their bonnet about ‘the rich’
    not being taxed enough in the UK – they’re not broadly seen as national heroes who deserve to be cheered all the way to Bond Street. Funnily enough though ‘rich’ is always defined as something about 50% more than what the complainants earn, whether they’re a binman or hedge fund manager.

    What Livingstone fails to understand is that however much people dislike having an effective tax rate less than Lakshmi Mittal’s they’re far more pissed off at giving their money to the undeserving underclass, which I would guess is the other side of his cunning plan for more tax unless he’s going to keep it all in a jar on the mantlepiece. Philip Green might be a bit of an irritating fat bloke who seems unaware that Kate Moss doesn’t really fancy him, but at least he doesn’t swear on the bus.


  6. Cockney says:

    Anyway, as someone who thought that Livingstone did a reasonable job as London mayor and that those who hysterically criticised his every move either didn’t live here or were too ideologically blinkered to recognise reality I’m delighted to say that Boris has been ace so far. Even ‘Time Out’ has been reduced to the odd sulky snide remark rather than the all out abuse we had to put up with throughout campaigning. Sadly this seems to have gone unreported on the BBC.


  7. Andy says:

    Excellent points, Jason.

    As Churchill (allegedly) said:

    “Anyone who isn’t a liberal by age 20 has no heart. Anyone who isn’t a conservative by age 40 has no brain”.

    It’s a real shame Red Ken felt the need to take pot shots at Boris Johnson, who in his acceptance speech was warm and graceful towards his defeated rival .

    It’s all so typical of leftists I guess, who cannot seem to let go of their envy, bitterness and spite towards the successful and wealthy.

    Leftists are like snakes, treat them kindly yet they’ll still turn around around and bite you.


  8. Jack Bauer says:

    There was a rather touching report on the Radio 2 ‘News’ at 7 am abour Mr Livingstone and his future career in radio. Very much done as ‘Good on you, plucky and unlucky loser.’
    Chuffer | 30.06.08 – 8:45 am | #

    He’ll start off as stand in “host” for professional Jew Hater Galloway on Talksport. Seriously, you watch out.


  9. adam says:

    Jason, there are loads of those people. I talk to them on other forums/blogs. If you think Ken is bad u aint seen nothing.


  10. Martin says:

    Jack Bauer: I believe you. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised to see Livingstone take over the 10-1 slot on Talksport.


  11. Nick Brown says:

    I saw Ken Livingstone at a nearby table in Scotts Resaturant in Mount Street last Thursday. He looked immensely pleased with himself as he tucked into the outstanding seafood and impressive wine list. And why not? I’m sure they have the same standards of living in Venezuela.


  12. Andy says:


    It has not gone unnoticed that many socialists lead bob vivant lifestyles: Benn, Mandelson, Galloway, Prescott, Charles Clarke, Al Gore…

    I’ve nothing against those who like good grub, nice holidays and so on but what does annoy me is when the same people criticize the private sector and those who have worked their backsides off and EARNED their money. Or advocate lifestyles that minimize carbon emissions.

    This kind of hypocracy is prevalent amongst socialists. Livingstone and his ilk want to tax us and tell us not to drive or fly, and generally expect modes of behaviour from others that they surely don’t follow themselves.


  13. Martin says:

    Andy: Spot on. The BBC continually wanks on about climate change and how aeroplanes are killing Polar Bears. But what does the BBC do to help towards the cause it continually promotes?

    Sweet fanny adams. The BBC sends hundreds of journalists (in particular that twat Harrabin) off around the world, when the BBC couldu se local journalists (as Sky does)to cover the story.

    The BBC fails to carry out any Carbon offsetting scheme (even though it continually spouts on about it) and I wonder how many 4X4’s we’d see in the BBC car park?


  14. Andy says:

    Oops sorry about the typo, that should have been “bon vivant” – or ‘good living’.


  15. Jack Bauer says:

    And why not? I’m sure they have the same standards of living in Venezuela.
    Nick Brown | 30.06.08 – 9:03 pm | #

    Let them drink oil…. Marie Kentoinette Livingstone.


  16. Jack Bauer says:

    Kentoinette really puts the ode into odious

    “Let them eat sh+t”… it’s the socialist way.


  17. BaggieJonathan says:

    I’m not really that up on English local government for a small portion of the UK.

    So it was Livingstone then Johnson, eh?

    Seemed a lot of national coverage for something I have no vote in.

    I was wondering how much attention was paid to all the other mayoral races put together.

    Tumbleweed rolls…

    Crickets chirp chirp chirp…