Only on Today …

Written an amusing pamphlet comparing the United States government and its foreign policy choices with those facing the Corleone mafia clan from 1972 gangster classic The Godfather ?

“… the ageing Don, Vito Corleone – emblematic of a declining hegemony …”

“… when he’s shot at the fruit-stand this is in many ways a parallel to what happened to the United States on September the 11th …”

Take 10 minutes of primetime breakfast listening.

You couldn’t make it up.

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8 Responses to Only on Today …

  1. George R says:

    And timed to be part of a BBC ‘Today’ celebration of the USA on the 4th of July?


  2. Rachel Miller says:

    What amused me most was that the author of the pamphlet, one Wess Mitchell, appeared to be suggesting that both Barack Obama and John McCain should try to follow the example of Michael Corleone (played by Al Pacino in the film) in order to bring new hope and direction to US foreign policy.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but by the end of the film, doesn’t Michael Corleone betray the principles he had in the beginning and become even more ruthless than his father ever was? Doesn’t he stage a bloody mass assassination of all the Family’s enemies to take place at the same time as his nephew’s christening? Doesn’t he also agree to be godfather to his nephew so that his brother-in-law won’t suspect that he too is to be murdered in retaliation for previous offences? Is this really how Mr. Mitchell wants Obama or McCain to act, once in power?

    I think Mr. Mitchell must have slept through the end of the film!


  3. DB says:

    The timing of this silly item is odd given that the original article was published two months ago. As see-dubya pointed out at the time on Hot Air, where’s the pathetic, weeping, gun-fumbling turncoat Fredo Corleone in this analogy? Isn’t he a closer representation of the cringing, Ahmadinejad/Castro/Chavez-loving Democrats?


  4. will says:

    Today’s Times leader deals with a US “foreign policy choice” which must have the Beeboids spitting nails

    Even President Chávez of Venezuela, whose hostility to Mr Uribe is matched only by his despicable public and covert support for Farc terrorists, was forced to acknowledge the mood in Latin America and “join the jubilation” as well as calling for the release of the remaining 700 captives. If even Mr Chávez has had to recognise that the insurgency has no legitimacy, popular support or prospect of success, the turnaround in Colombia over the past four years has indeed been spectacular.

    Mr Uribe came to office with a reputation as a hardline rightwinger, determined to eschew the negotiating tactics of his predecessor and deal with Colombia’s intractable problems of narco-terrorism through tough military confrontation. He has been helped by unstinting support from the Bush Administration


  5. thud says:

    I am currently enjoying my summer sojurn in California…as an englishman I’d just like to say happy 4th of July and sod the beeb.


  6. Niallster says:

    You are correct Rachel and the final shot shows him totally alone in all senses of the word hated and feared in equal measure.

    Kind of like Gormless Gordon then.


  7. Fleur says:

    …they’ve pulled it…


  8. Susan says:

    And don’t forget that in Godfather II, Michael murders his own brother.