It’s not so long ago that I put up a post asking for your favourite/most infamous example of BBC bias. The response was excellent and prolific and inspired an idea that I now wish to share with you.

It is our intention to publish a book which details in glorious technicolour the BBC bias we talk about here on a daily basis. Provisionally entitled “The Little Book of BBC Bias” the aim is to take twelve killer topics and demonstrate in an authoritative, detailed and excoriating manner the bias the BBC exudes. YOU will have a role to play in this since many of the best observations of BBC bias come from your side of things rather than from your humble correspondent. I will detail shortly how you can do this – and we will organise around each key topic. The book will allow us to get the topic of BBC bias to a wider audience, raise the profile of Biased BBC, and further the entire debate.

We have been working in the background on the mechanics of this exciting project and there are two challenges we have to face. The first is cost, the second quality content. We want this to be a well presented and well written book with a definitive take on the BBC. The archives of this site, combined with your own detailed referenced suggestions, and a sprinkle of some of my own thoughts, will deliver the content. The cost is the other issue! To complete the project – which we have costed – we need to raise 5k. I will shortly publish a PAYPAL contribution button for you to use on this site if you wish. I will also provide details as to how cheques for the project can be sent. I hope you think this is an evolution worth supporting since it will bring the best of this site into the published form and open up a new front on the BBC. I hope you are enthused by this project and look forward to your thoughts to follow. We ARE going to do this – hope you can be part of the team in nailing BBC bias in ALL it’s awful detail! I look forward to the BBC reviewing our book.

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