A silver haired boost for Obama?

Following DV’s post below, the topic of Joe Biden raises its head. The title above is borrowed from this BBC story (the question mark is added). In it they describe Biden as “a silver-haired veteran of American politics”.

This would be an unimpeachable description of Biden were it not for one little detail- it’s not real hair. Well, not as those unaffected by hair loss know it, anyway. I don’t know what conclusion to draw from this- we live in a world of appearances that are ever more manipulable, but it seems to me our cynicism about this has not caught up with the technology of appearance and that opinion-makers take advantage. Not that the BBC would cooperate in any of that. Oh no- they’re impartial don’t you know?

You can check out Biden a little more as nature made him here.

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31 Responses to A silver haired boost for Obama?

  1. Anon says:

    Most of it is real (back and sides) as nature intended.

    The bit on top may or may not be real. If it has been created by hair plugs then it is real.


  2. Mark says:

    The IQ statement was appalling, but the clip doesn’t show what it was in response to. I suspect that the preceding bit has been edited out in order to make Biden look even more of a braggart than he is.


  3. Martin says:

    On BBC’s Up all Night, the BBC peddled the usual lie that white people who don’t vote for Osama are racists. No mention of all the black people who won’t vote for a white candidate of course.


  4. JohnA says:

    Radio 4 news this morning is still putting the Biden choice as second main item of news. Ridiculous.

    They are saying his selection has been “broadly welcomed”.

    I think the biggest welcome has been on the Repub side – they see him as a potentially serious mis-step by Obama.



  5. Martin says:

    The way the BBC are talking about Bin Lie Den you’d think he was the second coming.

    The BBC thinks Osama has it in the bag.

    Oh dear, I have news for Osama.


  6. James says:

    martin this isn’t about bin laden it’s about senator obama, think there might have been a misunderstanding?


  7. Scott says:

    James: “martin this isn’t about bin laden it’s about senator obama, think there might have been a misunderstanding?”

    I think you may have mistaken Martin’s comment as something serious, whereas I don’t think he meant it to be. I can see why you may have had trouble, though: the lack of any humour in it does make it harder to identify it as a joke.

    I suppose, of course, that Martin may just have a problem with his keyboard and confused his ‘b’ with his ‘s’. We’ll know if that’s the case if he comes out with any more sull bhit.


  8. Martin says:

    Come on guys lighten up. I know his real name isn’t Osama. It’s Obritney.


  9. David H says:

    Biden is the character who plagiarised a Neil Kinnock speech! If that isn’t the height of desperation, I don’t know what is!


  10. JohnA says:

    And of course Biden has nil exec experience.

    He has never run anything apart from his Senate office.

    The US normally looks for exec experience in its President – eg being a governor, or having a military background. Just check the names since Roosevelt.

    Now the Dems have a candidacy pair with nil exec experience. A “community orgamiser” /part-time lawyer/ gasmouth, supported by a loose-cannon old gasmouth.

    Watch McCain choose someone with exec stature – Romney for example. Double whammy.

    Can’t the fools at the BBC see the train wreck that could happen to the Dem campaign, to their Chosen One ?

    Probably damn-all bounce in the polls from the VP announcem,ent – and the Convention won’t help much either if Clinton is cool. Any moderate bounce would be immediately overwhelmed by McCain’s VP announcement and Convention.



  11. Martin says:

    Biden is a failure. Just how many votes did he get in the primaries this time aroung?


  12. James says:

    the number of votes that biden got isn’t the single qualification necessary. i mean, would you rather john mccain chose whoever got the most delegates in the gop primaries? who was that, huckabee?


  13. Martin says:

    James: Huckerbee did well in some of the religious parts of the bible belt, but McCain still got the most votes overall.

    McCain attracts the centre ground and also many Democrats.


  14. David Preiser (USA) says:

    James | 24.08.08 – 7:20 pm |

    Actually, I think it was Mitt Romney. He’s probably the name tossed around most right now.

    McCain should choose a female, preferably a governor or former governor, in my opinion. That should bring over many of the MOTR Hillary supporters.


  15. Martin says:

    David Preiser (USA): Do you really think Hillary supporters care David?

    They will vote for McCain simply to ensure Osama is beaten and that Hillary gets another shot in 4 years.

    They couldn’t care less if McCain ran with a chimp, they will still vote for him.


  16. slacker says:

    I wish McCain gets Condoleeza Rice.


  17. James says:

    no, huckabee came second in the race with 280 or so delegates, and romney had about 270


  18. Rapix says:

    Martin | 25.08.08 – 1:31 am

    They will vote for McCain simply to ensure Osama is beaten and that Hillary gets another shot in 4 years.

    Only a minority will do that.

    Many Hillary supporters were blue-collar, unionized working stiffs. Biden people, for sure.

    Then there were the rabid, ball-crushing radical feminazis.

    They’ll do whatever Hillary or their hormones tell them.


  19. Martin says:

    James: Are you mad? What are you on about? We’re talking about McCain here. He wiped the floor with the other candidates.

    Huckerbee did well in some religious parts of the USA.

    Biden was a joke. He wasn’t even a front runner.

    The idea that this is a great man is nonsense.

    AS Sean Hannity pointed out last night on Fox News, he voted for the war in Iraq. Osama NEVER did.


  20. mister ed says:

    change change change change change change change change change change change chan,.,,

    oh wait.. lets pick a white old guy DC insider as VP…

    the gall and hypocrisy of the Obama camp is just utterly breathtaking.


  21. mister ed says:

    in a lot of British MSM coverage , i note that the lazy MSM just superimposes the Tory/Labour divide on top of the American system – with Dems being “Labour” and Repubs being “Tory”.

    thats not the way it works over there.
    for starters, their political history is totally different to the European one.


  22. James says:

    no, the suggestion was that biden shouldn’t have been picked because he got few delegates, so i concluded that following that, mccain should automatically pick whoever has the highest delegates as his vp, which is huckabee


  23. Martin says:

    James. It depends. Are the pro Huckerbee voters in marginal states? If not, it makes no sense to pick him.

    VP’s are sometimes picked if they can help win a swing state or they bring something else to the party.


  24. James says:

    the ability of a vp to affect the results in states is over-rated, even in his home state


  25. JohnA says:

    Another poll suggesting no boost for Obama from the Joe Biden announceent that the “BBC” was trumpeting ll weekend :


    Unctious coverage on the World Service of the Ted Kennedy and Michelle Obama teleprompter speeches.


  26. JohnA says:

    Three days after the Joe Biden announcement the “BBC” kept trumpeting, Gallup is showing that Obama actually slipped baCK :


    Chances of this being reported by “BBC” “reporters ” after all their frothing about Biden – no chance or fat chance.


  27. Martin says:

    JohnA: Yes, the fact that Osama is going backwards in the polls in the middle of his convention and Hillary Clinton (and Bill) have yet to lob their hand grenades into the area doesn’t say a lot does it?

    McCain has now redone Hillary’s 3am advert. Not that the BBC will show it.


  28. Susan says:

    Biden doesn’t do anything for Obambi, either ideologically or geographically. For one, he’s another legislator, just like Obambi, and for another, he’s another ultra-liberal from a blue state, also just like Obambi. Barry-O needed a Southerner, a moderate, and a governor or other non-legislator. In addition Biden has tried to run for president himself several times, and elicited no support whatsoever. He just doesn’t connect with voters nationally, and he’s a loose cannon too, who can be counted on to say many idiotic things between now and November.

    Additionally, as mister_ed noted, it absolutely destroys Obambi’s “change, change, change” mantra for him to pick a Beltway insider who’s been in the Senate for more than 30 years. On the whole, a very poor choice for the O-Ring, and evidence that he lacks political savvy and judgement.

    It’s just absolutely laughable to hear that al-Beeb has been big-upping Biden. As usual their grasp of US political matters is very weak to non-existent. In addition to Biden’s many other deficits, he’s at a disadvantage because Americans tend to be very snobby about small, unimportant states, and a guy from Delaware is just not going to cut it nationally unless he’s a cut above, which Biden definitely ain’t.


  29. Martin says:

    Susan: All that matters to the beeboids is that Osa’s butt tastes nice and that he is Jesus Christ.


  30. Billy Joel says:

    How do you know what his butt tastes like Martin?